WCW World Heavyweight Championship

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Since: January 01, 1970

Days Held: 18451 Days

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December 09, 2001
0 days
The championship was unified with the WWF Championship and the combined championships become known as the "Undisputed WWF Championship".
November 05, 2001
34 days
The championship is referred to as simply the "World Championship" on November 19 after the demise of The Alliance.
October 21, 2001
15 days
August 19, 2001
63 days
July 30, 2001
20 days
July 24, 2001
6 days
Became the first person to win the WCW Championship on WWF programing.
March 26, 2001
120 days
Won on the final edition of WCW Monday Nitro. WCW was purchased by the WWF on March 23, 2001; championship was simply referred to as "WCW Championship" afterward.
November 26, 2000
120 days
Won in a "Straight Jacket steel cage match".
October 02, 2000
55 days
Defeated Jeff Jarrett in a "San Francisco 49ers match".
October 02, 2000
0 days
Russo decides he is not a wrestler and he does not want the championship.
September 25, 2000
7 days
Won in a steel cage match.
September 17, 2000
8 days
Won a Caged Heat match.
August 28, 2000
20 days
July 09, 2000
50 days
After the controversial Hogan/Jarrett match, head writer Vince Russo announced that Jarrett would defend the championship in an impromptu match against Booker T.
July 09, 2000
0 days
On orders from Vince Russo, Jarrett laid down in the ring and allowed Hogan to pin him for the championship. After which an argument ensues between Hogan and Russo.
May 29, 2000
41 days
May 29, 2000
0 days
Nash gave championship back to Flair.
May 23, 2000
6 days
Defeats Jarrett and Scott Steiner in a Triple Threat match.
May 22, 2000
1 days
Awarded by Vince Russo.
May 22, 2000
0 days
Vince Russo stripped Flair of the championship.
May 15, 2000
7 days
May 07, 2000
8 days
Won in a Triple Cage match that also included Page.
April 25, 2000
12 days
Arquette pinned Eric Bischoff in a tag team championship match also featuring Diamond Dallas Page and Jeff Jarrett; the wrestler who scored the decisive fall would be declared champion.
April 24, 2000
1 days
Defeated Jeff Jarrett in a Cage Match
April 16, 2000
8 days
Defeated Dallas Page in tournament final.
April 10, 2000
6 days
All WCW championships were declared vacant by Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff after WCW was rebooted.
January 25, 2000
76 days
Defeated Nash and Ron Harris in a handicap match by making Nash submit. Aired January 26, 2000.
January 25, 2000
0 days
Awards himself the championship. Not listed by mistake in the championship lineage at WWE.com.
January 25, 2000
0 days
Stripped by Commissioner Kevin Nash due to Sid pinning the wrong Harris Brother.
January 24, 2000
1 days
Defeated Kevin Nash after defeating the Harris Brothers for the right to wrestle Nash for the belt.
January 17, 2000
7 days
Benoit forfeits the championship and leaves for the WWF after dispute with management.
January 16, 2000
1 days
Defeated Sid Vicious.
January 16, 2000
0 days
Hart vacates the championship due to injury.
December 20, 1999
27 days
Defeated Goldberg in a rematch.
December 20, 1999
0 days
Hart vacates championship because of controversial match with Bill Goldberg at Starrcade 1999.
November 21, 1999
29 days
Defeated Chris Benoit in a tournament final.
October 25, 1999
27 days
Sting is stripped of the championship after losing a non sanctioned match against Goldberg and attacking referee Charles Robinson at Halloween Havoc.
September 12, 1999
43 days
July 12, 1999
62 days
Hogan originally won the championship under his nWo style "Hollywood" gimmick, but midway through his reign reverted back to his classic, red & yellow "Hulkamania" gimmick.
July 11, 1999
1 days
Savage pinned Nash in a tag team match also featuring Sid Vicious and Sting; if Nash was pinned or if he had to submit he would lose the championship.
May 09, 1999
63 days
April 26, 1999
13 days
Defeated Sting, Kevin Nash, and Goldberg in a No Disqualification Fatal Four-Way match.
April 26, 1999
0 days
April 11, 1999
15 days
Defeated Flair, Sting, and Hollywood Hogan in a four-way match.
January 14, 1999
87 days
Won a First Blood Steel Cage match.
January 04, 1999
69 days
Nash laid down for Hogan with the 'Finger Poke of Doom'.
December 27, 1998
8 days
July 06, 1998
174 days
Also held WCW United States Championship and was undefeated in WCW
April 20, 1998
77 days
Won a no-disqualification match.
April 19, 1998
1 days
February 22, 1998
56 days
Defeated Hogan in a rematch.
January 08, 1998
45 days
Held up due to controversy over finish of December 28 and December 29 matches.
December 29, 1997
10 days
During this rematch from last night's Starrcade referee Randy Anderson was knocked unconscious and Nick Patrick came down, counted Sting's shoulders down and awarded the championship to Hogan. After the match a brawl ensued during which Anderson came to thinking the match was still going on and attempted to award the bout to Sting. But no bell could be heard as the match had already officially ended when Patrick called for the bell. Sting however left with the belt while Hogan still claimed to be champion. The ending of this match was not shown on TV until the following Thursday.
December 28, 1997
1 days
Hogan first pinned Sting but guest referee Bret Hart accused the first referee Nick Patrick of making a fast count and restarted the match. Sting won by submission.
August 09, 1997
141 days
August 04, 1997
5 days
August 10, 1996
359 days
April 22, 1996
110 days
December 27, 1995
26 days
Won in a Steel cage match.
November 26, 1995
31 days
Won in a World War 3 match.
November 06, 1995
20 days
The Giant was stripped due to controversial finish of Halloween Havoc match.
October 29, 1995
8 days
Won in a match where the championship could be changed by disqualification. The Giant defeated Hogan by disqualification when Jimmy Hart interfered.
July 17, 1994
469 days
This was Hogan's first match in WCW.
April 21, 1994
87 days
Defeated Steamboat in a rematch.
April 17, 1994
4 days
championship held up after Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat results in a double pin. This occurrence is unrecognized by WWE, who considers Flair a six-time WCW Champion, his first reign being an NWA reign extended to WCW.
December 27, 1993
111 days
March 17, 1993
285 days
March 11, 1993
6 days
December 30, 1992
71 days
August 02, 1992
150 days
Became first African American World Heavyweight Champion.
July 12, 1992
21 days
February 29, 1992
134 days
July 14, 1991
230 days
Defeated Barry Windham in a steel cage match.
July 01, 1991
13 days
Flair left for the World Wrestling Federation and was stripped of the championship.
January 11, 1991
171 days
Defeated Sting for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. WWE recognized it as an NWA reign extended to WCW, but it is not considered as one of Flair's 16 world championships, which are made of 2 WWE championships, 6 WCW championships and 8 NWA championships.