Briscoe Brothers 2000, The

Briscoe Brothers 2000, The
Debut: May 20, 2000
Nick Names:
  • "Dem Boys"
Also Known As:
  • Briscoe Brothers
  • Briscoes, The
  • Midnight Outlaws, The
  • Briscoe Brothers 2000, The
Team Members
Team Moves
  • Cut-Throat Driver (Mark) / Diving leg drop (Jay) combination)
  • Shooting star press (Mark) / Diving leg drop (Jay) combination
  • Spike Jay-Driller (Springboard spike double underhook piledriver)
  • Springboard doomsday device, sometimes with Mark doing a 180° turn in mid-air
  • Briscoe Bottom (Double sitout side slam)
  • Redneck Boogie (Crucifix powerbomb (Mark) / Neckbreaker (Jay) combination)
  • Double forehand chops using both hands to an opponent in the corner
  • High elevation double hip toss
  • Three-point stance followed into a double shoulder block
  • Pendulum backbreaker (Jay) / Diving knee drop (Mark) combination