Kings of Wrestling

Kings of Wrestling
Debut: February 20, 2005
Also Known As:
  • Kings of Wrestling
  • Kings of Professional Wrestling
Team Members
Former Team Members
Team Moves

  • Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli
    • European uppercut to the back of an opponent's head (Castagnoli) / Rolling elbow to the face (Hero) combination
    • Hero's Welcome Kings of Wrestling Edition (Aided rolling cutter)
    • Helicopter Crash / King Swing (Giant swing by Castagnoli followed by a running dropkick to the head by Hero)
    • KRS ONE - Kings Reign Supreme Over Nearly Everyone (Hero and Castagnoli flip the opponent in the air before dropping them into a sitout scoop slam piledriver)
    • KRS TWO - Kings Reign Supreme The World Over (Hero and Castagnoli grab the legs an opponent seated in the corner before flipping them in the air and dropping them into a release powerbomb)
    • Royal Bomb (Double straight jacket sitout powerbomb pin)
    • Royal Power and Glory (Modified Power-Plex, with Hero hitting a moonsault)

  • Hero, Castagnoli and Super Dragon
    • Super Curb Stomp (Hero holds the opponent in a reverse Indian deathlock with Castagnoli holding the same opponent in a surfboard while Dragon hits a diving double foot stomp to the trapped opponent)