Team 3D

Team 3D
Debut: February 01, 1997
Nick Names:
  • "Those Damn Dudleys"
Also Known As:
  • Dudley Boyz, The
  • Dudleyz, The
  • Team 3D
Team Members
Former Team Members
Team Moves
  • 3D - Dudley Death Drop / Deadly Death Drop (Flapjack (Devon) / Cutter (Ray) combination, sometimes putting an opponent through a table)
  • 3D II - Dudley Death Drop II / Deadly Death Drop II (Belly to back suplex (Ray) / Neckbreaker (Devon) combination)
  • Dudleyville Device / Deadly Device (Diving clothesline (Devon) / Electric chair drop (Ray) combination)
  • Whassup? (Ray holds a prone opponent while Devon hits a diving headbutt low blow, after which Ray yells at Devon to go and "Get the tables!", which he proceeds to do)