Impact Wrestling ReDefined

Impact Wrestling ReDefined

From August 30, 2018

Impact Wrestling ReDefined
ReDefined Cold Opening - Great stuff. Big take out is that Moose cut a promo saying that Aries gave him a concussion on their title match and thus had been missing.

X-Division Championship Match
"Weapon X" Brian Cage (C) vs Fenix w/Pentagon Jr - 7.5/10

This was the smaller flippy Fenix vs the huge Cage, both pulling off some extremely athletic spots, Fenix having a slight speed advantage, but not by a lot. They went back and forward from the start of the match, but they gave Fenix more offense at first since we have to believe that most of Cage's offense can put you down, but later on, Cage had some offense to show you that Fenix doesn't just give up. Way too many spots to call them all, but the finish was a top rope powerbomb for the pin. Great opener, lots of great action.

Post-match - OVE run down the ramp and attack Pentagon and Fenix. Cage hints not helping the Lucha Bros, but he has second thoughts, returns to the ring, and clears the ring. Cage and the Lucha Bros stand tall together at the end.

Fans are chanting "We Want Jericho" and Josh and Callis acknowledged it.

Scarlett Bordeaux Arrives - Parking security won't allow Bobo to get in, Scarlett makes things happen.

GWN Moment of the Week - It was Drew Galloway's debut. I had totally forgotten what great shape Al Snow was during his Grado feud.

OGz Promo - Prior to the promo, Josh gave us an update on that LAX kid, now called Richie, that got ran over by OGz, well, he's going to make a full recovery. Cool

In their clubhouse, Hernandez is being all wimpy about running over a kid. King tells them they need to toughen up. King gets a phone call from someone, he doesn't say anything other than "Don't make a move until I give you the green light"

Impact is promoting a show for Wrestling Mediacon with Impact vs The UK. Callihan vs Havoc, Lana Austin vs Su Yung, Sydal vs Swann vs Trevor Lee, LAX vs Fleisch and Storm, and Drake vs Hendry.

Tessa Blanchard Interview - She says that she lives under pressure of being a Blanchard, and tonight, she makes them proud.

Eli Drake Promo - Eli brings out the two geeks that defeated The Cult of Lee last week, Mr. Atlantis and Brandon Tidwell. Fans chanted 'They are dummies, YEAH". They're local guys and the local crowd hates them. Drake tells them that he is gonna give them a chance on a match against himself tonight, and if they win, he'll put in a good word in for them.

Eli Drake vs Brandon Tidwell - Squash

It was a one move match, Drake wasn't even wearing wrestling gear. After the match, Drake dropped Atlantis with the Gravy Train.

Moose & Eddie Edwards Interview - Moose is all fired up, Eddie is more calm, still kinda crazy. Eddie left Moose hanging with a high five.

Impact Knockout's Championship 3-way Match
"The Undead Bride" Su Yung (C) w/The Undead Bridesmaids vs Allie w/Kiera Hogan vs Tessa Blanchard - 6.5/10

They did a great job at having a proper 3-way match with all three women doing spots together in the ring, but at the same time, they told a great story showing that Yung was kept out of a lot of the match by the other two, telling us that in a one-on-one, Su Yung could had retained. Allie and Tessa looked great here and there, and at the end, when Yung was about to submit Allie, Tessa got the roll up on Allie for the pin and crown herself the new KOs champ.

Gama Singh is walking around looking for the DHS to punish them with a broom, when he finds them, he hits them over and over. I thought this was going to lead to The Smoke Show, but it didn't.

Aries and Kross Interview - Kross cut a great sounding promo, but I'm not sure what he was talking about. Aries cut a promo saying that tonight, they take out Moose and Edwards again. Kross is a really underrated promo, he just needs better content.

LAX Promo - They're all torn for little Richie. Santana and Ortiz want revenge. Konnan gets the same call that King got saying "Yes Sir". Konnan gives the same order, no green light, don't do anything. Santana wants to strike now regardless. Ortiz tells him to chill. Plot thickens!

The Smoke Show w/Grado, Katarina, and Joe Hendry - Even Katarina is flabbergasted with Bordeaux! Hendry says that for next week, he wrote a song for the Desi Hit Squad that will explain everything. Bordeaux flirts with Grado making Katarina actually jealous. Grado and Hendry leave, Katarina warns Scarlett to not mess with 'her boys', but Scarlett already did. Not much happened here I think, but it was really funny.

Rich Swann vs Petey Williams - 7/10

Good match for both men, but I have to believe they can do better. It was all back and forth from the beginning, a really athletic match. Story was that Petey had the upper hand, but the set up of the Canadian Destroyer was a big opening for Swann to turn around, and so at the end, he took the win landing a standing SSP.

Post-match - Swann cut a promo backstage saying that he's gonna start ranking up wins to get himself an X-Division title shot. Sydal interrupts him telling him that Rich doesn't know what it takes to be an X-Division champion, but Sydal does, so he wants to help Swann open his third eye. Swann tells him that he doesn't need him, but he is suddenly interrupted by the screeching screams of Alisha, who has found a dead Moose (the wrestler) with Kross's signature card next to him.

Austin Aries & Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards & Moose? - 7/10, but an awesome segment overall

Edwards actually came out looking a bit worried, he got his ass kicked the last two times he was in the ring with both men. Eddie took on them both at first, but it wasn't long for Aries and Kross got control of him and worked over him. Eddie had some hope spots here and there against Aries, but Kross was always there.

When Eddie was in his weakest, Moose came out and got the hot tag, Kross drops down from the apron and it looks like he has turned on Aries, but out of nowhere, MOOSE SPEARS EDWARDS!!

Moose, Kross, and Aries all gang up on Eddie Edwards as they Pillmanize his head against the ring post. Alisha comes out and slaps Moose, he threatens to hit her and Callis immediately says "Go to break!". Aries, Moose, and Kross stand tall as a new dominant stable. This stable has an awesome look and as LAX and OGz head into the next level of their story, a tag team reign of Kross and Moose would be awesome.


Great show by Impact, good action top to bottom and that main event angle was awesome. We got some interesting developments in some of the other storylines too.

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