Colony, The

Colony, The
Debut: February 25, 2006
Also Known As:
  • Colony, The
Team Members
Former Team Members
Team Moves
  • Tag Team Moves
    • Ants Go Marching (Simultaneous sitout powerbomb / neckbreaker combination, with theatrics)
    • Revenge of the Ants (Stereo diving double foot stomps)
  • Triple Team Moves
    • Ant Hill (Soldier Ant and Worker Ant / Green Ant hold an opponent in place between them while Fire Ant climbs onto their shoulders and performs a splash onto the opponent)
    • Super Ant-apult Splash or Super Holy Diver (Fire Ant and Soldier Ant form a platform with their hands, while standing on the second rope and then catapult Green Ant to perform a diving splash to an opponent)
    • Ant-apult (One Ant is catapulted into a somersalt plancha to an opponent on the outside of the ring)
    • G.I. Ant (Fire Ant and Worker Ant / Green Ant perform a delayed double flapjack on Soldier Ant, who is dropped into an aided diving splash)
    • Simultaneous double baseball slide (Fire Ant and Worker Ant) / battering ram (Soldier Ant) combination to a cornered opponent