Ghetto Blasters, The

Ghetto Blasters, The
Debut: July 13, 1989
Also Known As:
  • Harlem Heat
  • Ebony Experience, The
  • Ghetto Blasters, The
  • Huffman Brothers, The
  • Harlem Heat 2000
Team Members
Former Team Members
Team Moves
  • Big Apple Blast (Elevated bearhug (Stevie) / Harlem Sidekick (Booker) combination)
  • Heat Seeker (Electric chair (Stevie) / Missile dropkick (Booker) combination)
  • Heat Bomb (Powerbomb (Stevie) / Diving elbow drop (Booker) combination)
  • Towering Inferno (Backbreaker (Stevie) / Diving leg drop (Booker) combination)