Debut: August 15, 2020
Nick Names:
  • "Londrick"
Also Known As:
  • Londrick
Team Members
Team Moves
  • Dropsault (London) / Sunset flip (Kendrick) combination
  • Get Well Soon (Reverse STO (Kendrick) / Jumping enzuigiri (London) combination)
  • Kendrick performs Sliced Bread #2 but remains on his knees afterwards, allowing London to jump off Kendrick's back and perform an aided shooting star press
  • Tower of London (Sitout powerbomb (London) / Sliced Bread #2 (Kendrick) combination)
  • Assisted standing moonsault
  • Double dropkick
  • Double flapjack
  • Double Japanese arm drag
  • Double superkick
  • London performs a hip toss on Kendrick, throwing him on to a prone opponent in the style of a front flip senton
  • London throws Kendrick overhead, allowing Kendrick to perform a double dropkick on two prone opponents
  • Double hip toss