Osirian Portal, The

Osirian Portal, The
Debut: September 22, 2007
Also Known As:
  • Osirian Portal, The
Team Members
Former Team Members
Team Moves
  • Eyes of Horus (Simultaneous 450° splashes)
  • Osirian Sacrament (Simultaneous diving leg drop (Ophidian) / diving splash (Amasis) combination)
  • Bearhug by Escorpion Egipcio followed by a diving crossbody by Ophidian
  • Mummification (Double ranhei)
  • Pyramid-Plex (Ophidian leaps onto Amasis' shoulders with the opponent on the top rope and superplexes the opponent down with Amasis falling to his back)
  • Simultaneous jumping heel kick (Amasis) / chop block (Ophidian) combination
  • Slave Initiation (Ophidian performs a split-legged avalanche to a cornered opponent and then rolls back to perform a wheelbarrow arm drag on Amasis, which gives him momentum to perform a spear to the cornered opponent)