Lacey's Angels (C&C)

Debut: January 28, 2021
Also Known As:
  • Up In Smoke
  • CloudLee
  • Incoherencito
  • Miracle Ultraviolence Connection, The
  • Lacey's Angels (C&C)
Team Members
Former Team Members
Team Moves
  • Thunder and Lightning (Diving shining wizard by Cloudy followed into a powerbomb onto the knee by Cheech)
  • Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Cheech (Simultaneous tiger feint kick (Cloudy) / running dropkick (Cheech) combination to one or two opponents draped over the middle rope)
  • Aided snap swinging neckbreaker
  • Tidal Wave (Cloudy stands on the shoulders of Cheech, who then flips him to perform a senton bomb on a grounded opponent)