By Bulletclubfan2014
From July 26, 2014

Rocky Romero vs Tommaso Ciampa: **3/4 Good opener with some fun dives striking and hard hitting maneuvers nothing else really of note in this one

ACH vs Cedric Alexander: ***1/2 This match took a while to get going for me but once it did it got great and was the usual awesomeness you see from these 2 whenever they wrestle in a 20 minute match (even if the ending felt a little flat to me)

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent?) vs The Unbreakable F'N Shebangs (Michael Elgin and Johnny Gargano):****1/4 This match was AWESOME!!! this was basically a fast paced sprint for 25 minutes with some awesome spots and great team work from both teams and a crazy finish that made me go WOAH!

Trevor Lee vs Kevin Steen: ***1/2 This was a good match the story of Trevor Lee getting the crap kicked out of him for most of the match and being toyed with cuz Steen didn't want to end it so he could spend as much time on his last PWG show before he goes to Mexico only for it to bite him in the ass and cost him in the end was great also Trevor Lee has a lot of potential as well I could definitely see him being a star in the Indies very soon
Post Match Promo by Kevin Steen: He says he's leaving PWG to help El Generico take care of the orphan's because they've gotten too out of control. SWEET great promo (which now we know that's a lie I kinda feel bad for the orphans)

Frankie Kazarian vs Brian Kendrick: *** This is both men's return to PWG after a multi year absence the fans very much were into both guys but I just didn't feel it it felt more like a match were it was high spots and down time in between not saying the highspots weren't cool there was just nothing in between I felt

PWG World Title No. 1 Contender's match Roderick Strong vs Adam Cole: ***1/2 Good stuff Cole went after Roddy's legs Roderick went after Cole's back it produced some good action in the time it got really my only problem with it was these 2 probably deserved more than just 13 minutes for this match

PWG World Title Match Kyle O'Reilly vs Chris Hero: ****1/2 I feel this match was very similar to Hero's matches with Claudio in 2011 for the PWG World title (which is not a bad thing) in the sense that they produced an amazing 30+ minute clinic in technical wrestling with them both working over a body part (Hero's arm and Kyle's leg) and systematically destroying it and that is what ends the match at the end (mixed with some really hard and stiff sounding Strong Style striking here and there). This match proved too things to me 1 Kyle is just as great as a singles champion as he is a tag champion and 2 while Chris Hero may have put on some weight and look out of shape he can still put on an amazing 35 minute match better than most wrestlers on the Indies
Post Match: Roderick comes out to congratulate Kyle then he sick kicks him and hits him with the End Of Heartache to send a message that he's coming for him

Guerrilla Warfare Match for the PWG World Tag Team Titles World's Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan and Candice Lerae) vs Thee Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson): ****1/2 THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!! This may very well be the Hardcore Match Of The Year this was just 20 minutes of violence really I was considering giving this a full five star rating but the stuff with the gummy bears and Super Dragon mask made me take half a star off. Except for that this was possibly the best Guerrilla Warfare match of all time and really put over WCTT as being deserving of winning the belts
Post Match: Mount Rushmore comes out to check on the Bucks but they triple super kick Kevin and leave which is pretty much just an excuse so Kevin can get 1 final standing ovation from the PWG crowd before he leaves


Overall Rating: 10/10 This might be my favorite PWG show I own nothing was bad and at least half of the show was great to amazing I would very much recommend you purchase this match

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