WCW World War 3

WCW World War 3WCW World War 3

By Big Red Machine
From November 26, 1995

WCW World War 3 (11/26/2014)- Norfolk, VA

They were advertising a "live electronic chat with the WCW Superstars" on COMPUSERVE. Wow. This sh*t is old.

HULK HOGAN PROMO- Hogan says that if it weren't for all of his Hulkamaniacs, he might have taken that final step to the dark side, but he's all better now and knows that Sting and Savage are his best friends... but Hogan was still dressed in all black. Following the symbolism that WCW has been using, shouldn't be dressed in red and yellow again now?
Oh. There we go. He just tore the black clothes off to reveal his red and yellow underneath. To emphasize the pint more, Sting threw his black bandana out into the crowd, then picked up his black shirt and emphatically spiked it into a nearby garbage can. Then the garbage can SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTED, scaring the crap out of the Macho Man. Hogan said that he and his pals would "burn the Dungeon of Doom." I'll assume he is talking about the cave, not the actual people.
Hogan then revealed that Randy Savage's recent arm injury had all been a work, which annoyed me as a fan because one of the angles used to sell this show was "can Savage overcome this arm injury and win the title." What the point of working this injury was is never explained. They just decided to do something to take drama out of their main event for no reason.
Oh dear G-d. I just figured this out. Hogan then pulled out a dirt sheet and said that it was wrong. That explains why he was so upset about people thinking that Macho had a "legitimate" injury. He also railed against the dirtsheet for claiming that Giant would win the title tonight. In fact, he said that he, Sting, and Savage would "steal" it (the title, not the dirtsheet). All of this silliness just to tell the people that the dirtsheets are wrong. That's kind of egotistical, don't you think?
Hogan also said that the dirstsheet was "a dinosaur compared to the internet." Prophetic words from Hulk Hogan.

TV TITLE MATCH VIDEO PACKAGE- the focus here was entirely on DDP and Diamond Doll. Apparently the Diamond Doll feels that DDP is treating her like a slave and taking her for granted and that he only cares about the TV Title ... so she will put herself up as "a prize" for the winner of this match. Her delivery was great and the words were great, but the message behind them were not. If she feels like he is treating her poorly, why can''t she just leave him? Why does she need to rely on some other man to free her from DDP so he can claim her as his "prize?"

AH! She's got a name now. That was probably a good idea. We wouldn't want the woman who is putting herself up "as a prize" to look like she's nameless property, now would we?
This was a very good opener with good babyface vs. heel stuff and good use of the Diamond Doll to get over her part in the story. They also did a Charlie Brown spot that made me laugh my ass off.

MEAN GENE PLUGGED HIS HOTLINE- he said he had "late breaking news" that was "from Wednesday." It was Sunday. That's not "breaking" anymore. The news was about the WWF steroid scandal.

MEAN GENE INTERVIEWS JOHNNY B. BADD & KIMBERLY THE DIAMOND DOLL- Johnny asks Kim to be his manager, but tells her to think about it overnight because he only wants her to manage him if that is what she wants to do. He wanted her to fulfill her dreams. Kim thanked him for the offer, said she was overwhelmed, but that she would make a decision. She also put Johnny over as "the better man," so I'd guess she's going to stay with him instead of go back to DDP.

TAPED FIST CHALLENGE: Big Bubba Rogers vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan- 5.5/10
The only way to win this match is by pinfall or knockout. Duggan, the babyface, jumped Bubba from behind. Other than that, this was pretty decent. They did a very good job with the stip. Some of those punches looked stiff as hell, too.

RIC FLAIR PROMO- He says that his master plan has been to get Hogan, Sting, Savage, and Luger all "together under one roof" and that has finally happened tonight. Doesn't that happen at basically every show?

Mike Tenay came out to help on commentary for this match. Has anyone in the history of pro wrestling ever had crazier hair than Bull Nakano?
The height difference made this match really hard to watch, as the heat felt like two grown women beating up on two fifteen year-olds. Ozaki's selling wasn't good, and I hated the fact that the bayfaces decided to just ignore the idea of making tags once they were on the offensive. The heels looked so much more impressive than these generic babyfaces. Houto's heel antics in particular were great. It was the sort of really douchy stuff you'd see Kevin Steen do, like putting an abdominal stretch on in the babyfaces' corner and grabbing the opponent's hand to make her reach out for a tag just out of reach.

MEAN GENE INTERVIEWS JIMMY HART & LEX LUGER- Lex was so shiny that he must have actually bathed in oil before this promo.

WCW UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: Kensuke Sasaki(c) (w/Sonny Onoo) vs. Chris Benoit- 7/10
Because of the timing of this, I like to imagine that Sonny Onoo was Sasaki & Hokuto's travel agent for their honeymoon, and he tricked them to going places and then booked them in wrestling matches instead of letting them hang out on the beach or go sight-seeing or whatever.
This was a great, hard-hitting wrestling match. Heenan and Sonny Onoo had a conversation on commentary about their business dealings in which Heenan told us he knows that money doesn't mean anything to the great, righteous Japanese People, and he says that money doesn't mean anything to him, either. Then he winked to the camera. Heenan is awesome.

MEAN GENE INTERVIEWS THE DUNGEON OF DOOM- All three guys (Sullivan, Hart, and Giant) were good, but Giant's attempts to look mean and scary during the other guys' promos were laughter-inducing.


MEAN GENE INTERVIEWS RANDY SAVAGE- Savage was good. Mean Gene asked him if he was concerned about his injured arm. Mean Gene has a short memory.

"MACHO MAN" RANDY SAVAGE vs. LEX LUGER (w/Jimmy Hart)- 4/10
Luger wins when Savage passes out from the pain in an armlock. Luger refuses to break the hold, but Sting comes out and convinces him to do so. To cement his babyface-ishness, Sting tells Luger to go to the back and then stays out in the ring himself to check on Savage.

STING vs. RIC FLAIR- 6.5/10
It was at thing point that I realized that of the three PPVs WCW has put on since the first Nitro, they have used more than one ring in two of the three. And speaking of that, remember those hypothetical questions I asked in my review of Fall Brawl about how the rules work when you have multiple rings? Well these two were kind enough to give me some answers: ALL RINGS ARE LEGAL!
The match was Flair vs. Sting. We’ve seen it all before, and it’s mostly the same. Too much no-selling for my taste.
Colonel Robert Parker and Sister Sherri came out to watch this match. That was random and went nowhere. I guess they figured we needed a reminder about an angle that hasn’t been mentioned on Nitro in a month.

MEAN GENE INTERVIEWS HULK HOGAN- standard babyface Hogan promo. He builds up the possibility of himself, Sting, and Savage being the final three. Also, “Hulkamania is the greatest power in the universe.”

First let me go out of my way to say that WCW really, really tried here. They had three commentary teams (one for each ring), and one camera focused on each ring. They did what they thought would make this work.
Unfortunately for WCW, this was just a downright miserable viewing experience. There were just too many bodies in the rings and the action was impossible to follow until about the final ten or so. To make matters worse, the small snippets that they were really able to focus on were the brawls between Savage and Luger, Sting and Flair, and DDP and Johnny B. Badd. You’ll notice that those were the three undercard matches with the most promotion. As a result, it made the undercard matches feel pointless in retrospect.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT- really felt like it undercut Savage’s win… which was the point, of course, but there’s only so long you can hear Hogan and Savage repeat the phrase “watch the film” before you get annoyed.

A very bad show from WCW. Don't ever watch it.

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