CHIKARA King of Trios 2014: Night 3

CHIKARA King of Trios 2014: Night 3

By Big Red Machine
From September 21, 2014

CHIKARA King of Trios 2014: Night 3
CHIKARA King of Trios 2014: Night 3 (9/21/2014)- Easton, PA

KING OF TRIOS SEMIFINAL MATCH: The Flood (Jimmy Jacobs, Eddie Kingston, & Volgar) vs. The Golden Trios (Icarus & The Throwbacks)- 6/10
Surprisingly uneventful.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT- the babyfaces free the Lithuanian Snow-Troll… who immediately turns on them. The heels beat the babyfaces down. Kingston tries to grab the Grand Championship, but Jimmy Jacobs stops him, telling him “not yet.”

KING OF TRIOS SEMIFINAL MATCH: 3 Peck 0 (Archibald Peck & 3.0) vs. The Devastation Corporation (w/Sidney Bakabella)- 6.75/10



They got rid of the early matches quickly, s they had time to focus on the real meat, which was the Osirian Portal valiantly fighting. They got to four points just in this match alone, only to get screwed in the end.

THE SUMISSION SQUAD vs. THE SWAMP MONSTER, CHUCK TAYLOR, DREW GULAK, & ORANGE CASSIDY- A comedy match that the crowd loved, but I wasn’t into at all.

SHYNRON PROMO- yeah… he needs to work on his promos.

REY DE VOLADORES FINAL: Shynron vs. The Great Sanada- 7/10
Great action!

Very disappointing for a King of Trios Finals. Probably the worst one ever.

POST-MATCH ANGLE- we get a big schmoz between the Flood and the CHIKARA guys. Jimmy Jacobs tells Icarus that he can either hand the Grand Championship over to Eddie Kingston and there will be peace, or they will beat him up and keep beating the CHIKARA guys up and just take it from him.
Icarus hands the title over. He says he is doing it because there is no CHIKARA Grand Championship if there is no CHIKARA. Icarus urges Eddie to prove that he is worthy of the title, because if he doesn’t all he will be is “the king of ashes.” Kingston then gives the title back to Icarus and turns babyface. This, of course, changes the tide of the battle, and CHIKARA soon sends the Flood running. Kingston tells Icarus to “keep it warm” and doesn’t join in the big celebration. So basically... we’re right back where we were a few months ago.
Kingston is a babyface again, but he is on his own and he wants the Grand Championship. There was no pay-off to Prakash Sabar and Sean Waltman being in the same building, Solider Ant and Delirious are still being controlled by the Flood. No one has earned enough points to challenge for either title. Nothing happened.
The only real new thing that happened here was that Jigsaw is also off on his own… doing the same thing as Kingston, except without the obsession with the Grand Championship that makes Kingston non-generic. Oh. And Deucalion killed two nobodies.
For a long time now, we have been waiting for the next chapter in this big angle, and a lot of fans (myself included) were hoping it would come at King of Trios, CHIKARA’s biggest weekend of the year. But nothing happened. A disappointing show, and a very disappointing weekend for CHIKARA.

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