CHIKARA King of Trios 2014: Night 2

CHIKARA King of Trios 2014: Night 2

By Big Red Machine
From September 20, 2014

CHIKARA King of Trios 2014: Night 2
CHIKARA King of Trios 2014: Night 2 (9/20/2014)- Easton, PA

CHUCK TAYLOR PROMO- are we sure this wasn’t taped for PWG but accidentally got put on a CHIKARA DVD?

REY DE VOLADORES FOUR WAY ELIMINATION QUALIFIER: Chuck Taylor vs. Rich Swann vs. Shynron vs. Tigre Uno- 8/10
Well… that was kind of awesome.

KING OF TRIOS QUARTER-FINAL MATCH: Gekido (17, The Shard, & Jigsaw) vs. 3 Peck 0 (3.0 & Archibald Peck)- 7.75/10
Jigsaw looked very dejected during the entrance, which makes sense after the events of last night’s match, where 17 injured Jolly Roger after Jigsaw refused to do so. They did a good job of paying off of that throughout the match. After the match, Jigaw turns babyface by super-kicking The Shard.
Or not…
Quack makes a plea for Jigsaw to come back to his “family” at CHIKARA, but Jigsaw shoves Quack’s cane out of his hand and leaves the arena, shouting “I’m the best wrestler in this building! I don’t need anybody!”
I don’t like this very much. The reason that Jigsaw joined the Gekido was because he thought that it wasn’t cool for Quack to just give up on them as students, and that he thought he could reform them. The path that Worker Ant (who used to be AssailANT, remember) has taken seems to have proven that Jigsaw was right in some cases. The actions of The Shard and (especially) 17 last night showed that they couldn’t be reformed (or at least 17 couldn’t), so if Jigsaw breaks away from them, he should have come back to CHIKARA. Declaring that he doesn’t need anyone’s help because he is the best wrestler in the building doesn’t seem to fit in with the storyline at all.

JUAN FRANCISCO DE CORONADO vs. ROCKSTAR SPUD- no rating. Very god comedy match.
A “Battle of the Bowtie” indeed.

GREEN HORN MILITIA PROMO- Kid Cyclone says that if Deucalion won’t come to them, they’ll take a page out of his book, and attack him when he’s not ready.

KING OF TRIOS QUARTER-FINAL MATCH: Team UK vs. The Devastation Corporation (w/Sydney Bakabella)- 6.5/10
I can definitely see others going up to 6.75 or even 7, but I just wasn’t into this match at all early on.

REY DE VOLADORES FOUR WAY ELIMINATION QUALIFIER: AR Fox vs. The Great Sanada vs. Orlando Christopher vs. Amasis (w/Ophidian)- 7.25/10
CHIKARA is great with their own storylines and all, but apparently not so much with everyone else’s. They introduced Sanada as “the Great Sanada,” but still referred to him as “a protégé of The Great Muta.”
Good action and good storytelling here. Everyone looked impressive.


SPIRIT SQUAD IN-RING PROMO- they turn heel on the fans for not having enough spirit. It was fun. The fans responded by chanting “BACK IN THE CRATE!”

KING OF TRIOS QUARTER-FINAL MATCH: The Spirit Squad vs. The Golden Trios (Icarus & The Throwbacks)- 7/10
A good combination of action and fun.


Yoshi Tatsu got a great response from the crowd, and you could tell that it meant a lot to him. Juan Francisco de Coronado was on commentary and said that his German Suplex was better than everyone else’s. When Remmington hit his German Suplex, Coronado interfered for the DQ.

KING OF TRIOS QUARTER-FINAL MATCH: The Colony vs. The Flood- 7/10
The Flood had the chained-up Lithuanian Snow Troll at ringside. The Snow Troll gets Worker Ant to unchain him, but this distracts the ref, allowing Deucalion to bring Solider Ant out and have Soldier Ant attack Worker Ant. This led to Kingston hitting Worker Ant with the Backfist to the Future and Jacobs to get the pin.
POST-MATCH- there was a brawl. Green Horn Militia came out. Deucalion murdered Equinox III and Create-A-Wrestler II. Kid Cyclone managed to escape with his life, but not with his cape, which Jimmy Jacobs took.
A great show from CHIKARA. MUCH better than last night, and with some storyline developments this time, too!

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