TNA Hardcore Justice 2014

TNA Hardcore Justice 2014

From August 20, 2014

TNA Hardcore Justice 2014
Hammerstain Ballroom, NYC

Stairway to Janice Match
Bram vs Abyss - 6.5/10
Straight up gonna say it, i like the name of the match, it's cheesy, but it work, and more about that in a minute. This was a really really good match for the really really short amount of time it got. Bram is a monster, he's such a psychopath that he makes Abyss look PG, I'm liking a lot the direction and build Bram is getting considering he kinda came out of nowhere. Bram taking the barbwire board without any protection or shirt or anything made me scream out loud! Only small issue i had was that the match was won via pinfall, considering there were ladder match and object on a pole match things going on. But THAT is why it was called Stairway to Janice and not a ladder match or janice on a pole match.

ECII and Co. - Good for what it was.

Bram & Magnus - short but awesome.

ECIII, Spud, and Rhyno Segment - Awesome
Not really liking that ECIII and Rhino are going separate ways, but the idea of them feuding is mouthwatering, Bit worried where Spud is on this, hopefully they don't decide to turn him face, because that would be the most stupid move TNA has done since giving the TNA/NWA title to Ken Shamrock. I also love a pissed off ECIII.

Samoa Joe Promo - good for what it was, but i kinda feel he's been saying the same thing over and over. But he got his match with Ki over.

Hardyz' stuff - ok

X Division Title Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs Low Ki - 8/10
Amazing match, go watch it. it's free.

Mr Anderson Promo - good, but it lead to awesomeness. Shaw interrupts and they start brawling, which leads to

I Quit Match
Mr Anderson vs Samuel Shaw - 7/10
Awesome brawl, loved that it started from the interview and it just continued, yet unfortunately for us, we had a commercial break in between, but it had me cheering for Shaw all the time. I liked that they kept their brawl weaponless, since we already had the Abyss/Bram match. I liked that Anderson used a submission to win the match, and it actually looked quite painful. The Gunner/Anderson stare off at the end was great too, should make up for a good feud later on.

Team 3D/Hardyz/Wolves stuff - So Hardyz and Team 3D want the title, Wolves just said, "OK, we're on". but nothing was set on stone. so bad segment really.

Storm/Sanada thing - Weird, but I like the content of Storm's promo. I have high hopes where this is going. The Great Sanada will be ready for BFG in Japan and it will be amazing!

Knockout's Title Last Woman Standing Match
Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim (c) - 6.5/10
"BETTER THAN THE DIVAS!! BETTER THAN THE DIVAS!!" chants and well deserved. Great woman's brawl, some good spots. Velvet's involvement kept me wishing for Terrell to come out and take her out, but unfortunately didn't happen. Gail looked strong as hell defending the title here, there were some points where I really wondered if the title was changing hands.
Side Note: I would really love to see Taryn and Velvet start an actual feud while Angelina and Kim continued theirs. Velvet and Taryn could eventually fight for the No 1 contendership.

Kurt Angle Announces a "Best Of' Series between the Hardyz, the Wolves, and Team 3D. Winner picks stipulation - OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!
If this is even as good as Beer Money vs MCMG's Best of Series, we're in for a freaking great month of amazing matches!!!

MVP, Lashley, and Kenny King Promo - AWESOME!

Six Sides Of Steel/#1 Contender Match
Austin Aries vs James Storm vs Eric Young vs Bobby Roode vs Magnus vs Gunner - 7/10
Kinda made me wondered why Gunner was there, but I'll let it slip, he had a good showing in the match. Everyone was really hot in this match, and really aside from Austin Aries, I thought everyone had a good chance to win the match since the defense i take will will happen in the No Surrender show. Some cool spots here and there. The finish was perfectly timed, and will either get another No 1 contenders match between Young and Roode, or we get a triple threat match which i'm not opposed to either. Show ended abruptly.

Just to put it in perspective. RAW had a good main event, TNA had an AWESOME SHOW! The streak continues for TNA. I really don't know why this isn't getting more ratings.

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