CHIKARA The World Is Not Enough

CHIKARA The World Is Not Enough

By Big Red Machine
From July 20, 2014

CHIKARA The World Is Not Enough
CHIKARA The World Is Not Enough (7/20/2014)- Revere, MA

3.0 PROMO- great!

3.0 vs. THE ODDITORIUM (Oliver Grimsley & Qefka the Quiet)- 3.75/10
A standard tag match in five minutes.

THUMB-WRESTLING SEGMENT- all the riveting excitement of watching random schmoes have a fun war so that people who aren’t me can win prizes.

Props to the Angel in the blue for sniffing Ashley’s scarf and then sighing in quiet ecstasy. That was fantastic. They then proceeded to have the best comedy match I’ve seen all year (although, admittedly, I haven’t seen many).

ICARUS, THE OSIRIAN PORTAL, ULTRAMANTIS BLACK, & HALLOWICKED vs. THE FLOOD (Dr. Cube, Kizarny, Max Smashmaster, Flex Rumblecrunch, & Blaster McMassive) (w/Sidney Bakabella)- 5/10
Icarus apparently has some sort of injury that he is working through so the other guys on his team want him to be careful. He is eventually pinned by Max Smashmaster, presumably setting Mr. Smashmaster up for a shot at the CHIKARA Grand Championship.

Shynron basically squashed Missile Assault Ant, which was very surprising.

2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH FOR THE CHIKARA CAMPEONATOS DE PAREJAS: Pieces of Hate(c) vs. The Throwbacks- 7.5/10
A GREAT match! It was similar in some ways to Ricochet vs. Kota Ibushi from this year’s NJPW Dominion 6.21, where there was a one spot where the idea of the Throwbacks winning the titles suddenly went from a remote chance to a very real probability.

EDDIE KINGSTON PROMO- sometimes saying nothing at all says more than any words ever could.

EDDIE KINGSTON vs. JERVIS COTTONBELLY- no rating. Awesome segment.
Jervis has injured ribs after receiving a giant splash from Tursas last night. Kingston is wearing street clothes instead of his gear, including a t-shirt that says “I hope you suffer.” This doesn’t look good for Jervis.
Kingston has NO interest in this match. He throws Jervis off of him whenever Jervis tries to lock something on, but other than that, he just stares off into the crowd. Jervis gives him some forearms, and that gets Kingston to fight back a little. He goes for a Saito suplex, but seems to give up mid-move and lets Jervis down. Kingston goes to stare off into the crowd again, and while he does so, two of Jimmy Jacobs minions who have been watching the action come into the ring and beat Jervis up for the DQ.
Kingston heads towards the back, but stops when he hears Jimmy Jacobs voice through the loudspeaker. Jimmy tells him that the Eddie Kingston he has seen since losing the Grand Championship is not what Eddie Kingston should be. Eddie Kingston should be a badass killer. Jacobs wants Kingston to prove that he is still the Eddie Kingston of old by beating the crud out of one of Jimmy’s acolytes. By doing this, Jacobs will know that Kingston will be able to protect him- “and if you can protect me, you can protect her, and if you can protect her, she’ll love you once again” (“her” in this case refers to the Grand Championship, which Jacobs has promised to held Eddie regain if Eddie joins The Flood).
Kingston is clearly conflicted, but eventually destroys the acolyte. He is still clearly conflicted afterward, and walks right out of the arena.

Another short match that was pretty much a squash, although Arctic Rescue Ant did get a bit of offense in. I really don’t like a near squash in what should be a grudge match based off of the history of Worker Ant deciding to leave The Flood and joining CHIKARA.

Hopefully this dull feud is now over. I get the feeling that the other six characters in this feud were created for the purpose of making the Estonian ThunderFrog feel less out of place (a strange thing to say in CHIKARA, I know) and to help establish him because he (or more specifically, his Hammer of Peace), was necessary for The Flood storyline (he killed Tursas with it last night, and according to the commentary, had killed one other person with it before that- so I assume that it will play a big role in someone finally being able to defeat the Titan of Titor).
I wouldn’t be surprised if the other characters all disappear soon now that their purpose has been fulfilled, and the booking of this match certainly seems to support that theory (or at least the idea that all of this was really designed to help get the ThunderFrog over). I could see the Proletariat Boar of Moldova maybe staying around because he is getting over, but the others will probably disappear soon (they’re all masked guys, and we know that at least the Latvian Proud Oak is played by someone already on the roster, so it is entirely possible that most or all of the others are as well).
After the match, the heels abide by the stips, then slink dejectedly to the back.

SHOW-CLOSING SEGMENT- The Flood show up and lay a quick beatdown on the Baltic Siege (as revenge for Estonian ThunderFrog killing Tursas last night). Then the Deucalion, the Titan of Titor showed up and gave the ThunderFrog the Chokebreaker of Death. Huh. Maybe I was more right than I thought, and only the Hammer of Peace, which ThunderFrog did not have with him tonight, is really important to the story.
I don’t know if anyone has noticed this before (I’m sure someone has), but Deucalion had “Abyrgo” written on the back of his shirt, right above the waist. Anyone have any ideas what it could mean?

An okay show from CHIKARA. It had quite a few disappointing matches (the ones involving the Colony: XTreme Force guys in particular), but it did have one great match, and some important storyline moments. I just wish CHIKARA would give us better wrestling to go along with this Titor Conglomerate/Flood storyline.

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