ECW Wrestlepalooza 1998

ECW Wrestlepalooza 1998ECW Wrestlepalooza 1998

By NWK2000
From May 03, 1998

Joey Styles starts the show with his usual "Welcome to ECW" then channels his inner Goldust and tells everyone "You will never forget the name Wrestlepalooza after tonight."

The FBI (Little Guido and Tracy Smothers w/Tommy Rich) vs The BWO (Meanie and Nova)
-Tommy Rich gets on a mic and tells the crowd they'd better shut up, or they're going to beat everyone up, everyone.
- The crowd starts chanting "Where's my pizza" and, keeping in character, Smothers dances to the beat of the clapping.
- Nova does some super athletic stuff, like bulldogging Rich while leg dropping Guido
-They have a dance contest mid match. God bless Blue Meanie for just dancing his heart out.
-A series of miscommunications by the FBI, including Blue Meanie essentially forcing Guido to double elbow drop Smothers with him
-The ref is one of the stars of the show, who after doing the cabbage patch in the dance contest, slams Guido, covers him, and causes another miscommunication between the FBI.

7.5/10, great comedy stuff that went into some great tag team stuff.

*We get a video package about how Mikey Whipwreck was injured by Justin Credible for breaking his undefeated streak and since his return, Justin has been trying to break Mikey's leg again.

Mikey Whipwreck vs Justin Credible w/ Chasity and Jason.
-Mikey sells being pissed by immediately attacking Justin
-Sick Russian Sweep by Mikey into the guard rail.
-Whipwreck dodges a table spot by Justin on the guard rail by throwing at him, but instead it misses Credible and hits a few people in the front row.
-Catapult into a chair on the turnbuckle.
- Everyone eats a Whipper Snapper (Chasity taking an off the top rope one)
-Mikey teases hitting hitting That's Incredible on the chair, but Justin reverses into That's Incredible to pick up the win.
6/10, would've been a 7 or maybe even a 7.5 if they did ANYTHING with the "leg snapping obsession" storyline, or if Mikey had won.

Joey Styles is running down the last match, furthering the angle that Mikey couldn't take out Credible, then who should show up but everyone's favorite trash wrestlers, Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney (did they go through some kind of MTV name generator game to pick their ring names?) Anyway, they're pissed about Candido and Storm running away from them. Rotten says that Candido is whipped, and Lance just can't handle them. Axl says he beat them both by himself. He calls them out.
Lance and Chris come out, Lance steps in the ring, Chris walks back through the curtain, demanding to have his own entrance, and gets it. Candido flips when he doesn't get top billing when he and Storm are introduced. Now we get....
Candido and Storm vs Rotten and Balls for the ECW Tag team Titles.
-Axl and Chris start by actually going hold for hold, not what I expected
- Lance ends up accidentally crossbodying Candido on the outside.
-Random Sunny interferences
-Balls takes a missle dropkick and the chair he's holding hits him in the face, Lance goes for the cover, but Candido breaks it up to get the pin for himself. Candido and Storm brawl to the back.
5.510 Great "dysfunctional tag team" stuff by Storm and Candido, other than that completely average, which is good, given what I expected.

Joey Styles introduces some Georgia legends, including my favorite (not) Junkyard Dog, Dick Slater, The Masked Superstar, and Bullet Bob Armstrong, very nice tribute segment.

Joey now introduces Shane Douglas, who has a shit-ton of injuries, He comes out. He cuts a promo about how the legends of the business wrestled with many injuries, and how in WCW people work with guaranteed contracts and use any excuse to take off. He shoots on Shawn Micheals (UGH) mentioning the WWF by name and how Douglas was handed the IC belt, by HBK during his tenure in WWF. He then buries the WWF Intercontinental title (and, in this reviewers opinion' buries himself, by not putting over the belt he held) And now he's burying Ric Flair again, telling the audience that he "sucks Bischoff's ass" (he really couldn't come up with a better insult?) He said he's been calling Ric out for FOUR YEARS and that Ric is too chicken to answer his challenges. He says he's going to wrestle tonight because it could be the last match of his career before he gets surgery. He tells us that we will tell future generations about how great he was. And Taz interrupts. Taz tells Shane that instead of whining, tell them who beat him up (Taz) and is the uncrowned champion Douglas gets heated but Taz says he's not leaving until he gets the belt handed to him. Taz ends up choking out Douglas, being led out of the ring by security, and being ambushed by and brawling with Bam Bam Bigelow. They end up cuffing him and leading him through the crowd. Douglas spits up blood, and Taz kicks out the window of the police car Alright segment, but it could've don without the Douglas shoot.

Joel Gertner introduces the Dudleyz, but is cut off by Sandman/Dreamer, Joey sells us on the fact that the 3D put the four people it was used on in the hospital, including Sandman, so now we get...
Sandman and Dreamer (w/Beulah) vs Bubba Rey Dudley and D-Von Dudley (w/Big Dick, Sign Guy, and Joel Gertner)
-Sandman, who is working injured, gets re-injured, and carted off.
- Tommy gets destroyed until Spike Dudley shows up and starts kicking the crap out of the Dudleyz.
- We get a Tommy Dreamer Plancha, and a two person Poetry in Motion before Spike gets destroyed, then Sandman comes back, and they hit stereo cane/chair shots on the Dudleyz and then a double DDT for the win.
7 out 10 for a great hardcore brawl.

We get a video package explaining that it was supposed to be Sabu vs Bam Bam for the TV Title, but RVD beat Bam Bam for the title,so it's....

Rob Van Dam vs Sabu for the TV Title (both managed by Bill Alfonso somehow)
-Joey Styles is pissed that Jeff Jones (the ECW's attempt at a corrupt referee) is refereeing the match.
-Styles is also convinced that because Alphonso came out with Sabu, he's managing Sabu, even though he had just said in a promo that he was managing both men.
-Rob Van Dam comes out looking blazed as fuck
-They tease a Bash at the Beach 2000 style lay down, but Sabu double crosses Van Dam during an attempt to Poetry in Motion Jeff Jones.
-Other than that, exactly what you'd imagine from a Sabu/RVD match, except the darn thing ends in a time limit draw.
6.5/10, would've been much much higher, if not for Styles building up the crooked referee angle and then having very little come of it, the swerve at the beginning, and the draw.

Shane Douglas promo and blah blah blah blah
-Shane Douglas video package, hyping Douglas throwing down the title, him doing heelish things with the Triple Threat, and oh by the way, Al Snow is the number one contender.

Al Snow cuts a standard babyface promo about how he's worked for 16 years and has been held back, and while Shane's talented, this is his moment.

Shane Douglas w/ Francine vs Al Snow for the ECW Title.
-Okay, the "strobe lighting/Styrofoam head thing was REALLY cool
- Really great match, so much so that the entire locker room empties to watch the match, really fun match, until an anti-climatic block of a sunset flip ends it for Douglas. The entire locker room celebrates with both guys, which I'm not sure how I feel about it.

7/10 would've been a 7.5 if not for the finish.

Final thoughts
There was nothing on this card that was abysmal, nor a 10 star match, but ECW is just unadulterated fun throughout, especially here, so I would recommend watching to anyone reading this.

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