NXT Takeover

NXT Takeover

By NWK2000
From May 29, 2014

NXT Takeover
We get the most abrupt opening video package ever. Adam Rose comes in from outside the NXT arena. The crowd pretty much drowns out his music, The NXT crowd proves that Adam Rose will be over in WWE someday. There's a Lemon party sign.

Camacho vs Adam Rose

-Party Pooper chants
-Camacho looking legit annoyed at Rose screwing around is great.
-Camacho cutting off Rose's comedy stuff gets him heat.
-Sick underhook
-Adam Rose Hulks up but Camacho cuts it off.
-Rose wins, but Camacho looks good, I hope to see him in more feuds.
6/10, great opener, got the crowd hype.

Regal legitimately looks like he's having a great time.

Sami Zayn video package- Great, really sells Sami Zayn as a top, hungry babyface.
Regal marking out because Tyler Breeze entered the building is amazing

El Locale and Kalisto vs The Ascension for the NXT Tag Team Titles

The crowd chanting "Yah" makes the Ascension seem like some sort of badass gladiators and I love it.
-Too bad the Luchadores aren't actually over but it actually sounds like we have "New Champ/Ya" chants going on, if only more people were doing it that would sound so cool
-Dat double uppercut to block the suicide drives
-Kallisto's doing some great babyface in peril with Kalisto
-SchoolBou into a kick
-Jesus that STO sell
-I hope we get more Ascension/Luchas matches, even if Locale didn't look as good as they should have.

Tyler Breeze video package. Awesome, Tyler Breeze is an amazing heel, then again in my mind this style of interview makes anyone look great.

Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn, winner becomes the #1 Contender for the NXT Title

-Not sure how I feel about Sami Zayn's new theme. On one hand it's more "Ole" esque but on the other hand it sounds like the orchestra that did the Price is Right theme did a cover of "Turning Japanese"
-It pisses me off that the commentators have never acknowledged the Ole chants.
-Crazy ass spiny armdrag by Zayn
-Zayn made it looked like he actually slipped and fell out of the ring on accident there, good work.
-Dat turnbuckle facebuster
-Fucking hell that powerbomb
-DAMN counter for counter
-Genre savvy by Tyler Breeze moving out of the way of the Helluva Kick
-Controversial finish, will definetly further the feud
9/10, Zayn is consistantly the best performer in WWE

Lana promo. I like Rusev standing at attention as Lana cuts a promo. She also laughed as the people booed Putin's picture. Lana is on a level, in my opinion, that some managers can only dream of.

Mojo Rawley vs Rusev w/Lana

-Mojo comes out with an American Flag and cuts a very 80s style promo, telling him that "Someone needs to stick that flag up you Poot" nyuck nyuck nyuck
-He runs to the ring and immediately gets f***ing murdered
-Immediately splash and Acolade synch in.
-Lana never actually left the ring, but still
-He synchs the Acolade on Rawley on the ramp, plants his foot on Mojo and raises his arm, jesus.

Paige promo- Cuts a prom othanking the crowd, this would be out of place except she never got a proper sendoff. She puts over the belt and what you need to have it and how important it is.

Charlotte w/Ric Flair vs Natalya w/Bret Hart for the NXT Diva's Title

Lots of chain wrestling so far
-Ric Flair being a douchebag at ringside
-They're putting on a great match and all I can see is Charlotte's freaking mole.
-Brutal head stomp by Nattie
-Unique leg apron leg whip
-Apparently only hurting yourself when you go up top is a genetic thing because Charlotte just missed a moonsault
-And both women get dad's submission off. I've always liked the Figure Four because it's one of the few submission holds you have to roll through and you can't get to the ropes with.
-Charlotte mocking Natalya in the figure four as she tries to slap her way out is fantastic.
-Oh s**t, marked out for the hanging figure four Charlotte's doing.
-Oh s**t, Charlotte uses a sharpshooter
-She needs a different finisher than Bow Down to the Queen, it looks weak.
- Charlotte looks like a huge babyface here, which is weird, considering she's a heel. Everyone hugs at the end.
7/10, probably the Diva's match of the year.

Okay, soapbox time. I went into this match especially critical of Charlotte, I spent most of the afternoon lamenting that the spot should've gone to Sasha Banks, but Charlotte proved herself to me tonight, I hope that she can put on good matches now.
Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd victory package: Alright, Tyson sounded heelish, and we didn't get an interview with Tyson

Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd for the NXT Title

-Tom Phillips says that people have said that Tyson has nothing to lose but Tyson will tell you he has everything to lose. Who said Tyson has nothing to lose? How did it not occur to that hypothetical person that yes, Tyson has stuff to lose, like....the championship perhaps?
-Tyson looks heelish.
-Lots of oneupsmanship here
-That crossbody collision looked brutal.
-Jesus, that flip. Props to Kidd for selling surprise.
-That out of the ring Suplex bump, s**t.
-The seamless transition from the Sharpshooter to the Dungeon Lock is amazing.
-Tyson not shaking Adrian's hand makes me hype that Tyson will turn heel and we'll see another round of tem.

Final thoughts

One of the most consistently good shows this year. I look forward to following NXT for the next few weeks and see how this is built upon.

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