WCW Slamboree 1998

WCW Slamboree 1998WCW Slamboree 1998

By NWK2000
From May 17, 1998

Going into the PPV, my thoughts

An interesting week this has been. I fully expected to review Uncensored 1998 and hate it, but it's turned into me watching three additional WCW Pay Per Views. Although this one has som questionable content on it given the Network synopsis (Eric Bischoff challenging Vince) there's enough here (Bret vs Savage with Piper as the special ref) to have me excited to go into this. And so, here we go.
We get a promo from Bischoff saying that Vince will not be appearing. Eric says that they're having the match anyway (?)
The head of WCW security says that McMahon isn't here at 3 and the fans are rabid.

Chris Benoit vs Fit Finley for the TV Title

-A great match and Booker T distracts Benoit to allow Finley to pick up the win

Lex Luger vs Brian Adamns w/Vincent

-The NWO put Rick Stiener in the hospital and Luger wants to take it out on Brian Adams
-Props to Luger for working Adams' arm.
-Brian Adams stupid ass falls sideways on a piledriver.
-Ooooh different variation of the Torture Rack

Saturn cuts an alright promo, hyping his match with Goldberg and against Raven

Cruisierweight Battle Royal for the #1 Contendership to the title.
Super Calo, Chavo Guerrero, Siglo, Damien, El Dandy, El Grio, Juventud Guerrera, Marty Janetty, Kidman, Evan Kourageous, Lenny Lane, Psicosis, Silver King, Johnny Swinger, Villano IV and Cyclope

-Totally worth watching just for Jericho's ring announcing
-You can win this by pinfal or being thrown out of the ring in general, cool concept
-Cyclope and Juvy are the last two guys, and Juvy just eliminates himself, and reveals himself to be Dean Malenko. I'm sure this got a pop from the crowd, but why did Dean not just enter the Battle Royal.

Dean Malenko vs Chris Jericho for the Crusierweight Title

-Nice on WCW to have Malenko and Juvy work together because they're both pissed at Jericho
-Hahaha there's a sign that reads "Juricho sucks dick" you stal classy WCW
-Not as "good" as they other Jericho/Malenko matches but there was more of a story, more emotion there.

There's a limo outside, creating the illusion that it's Vince. Tony says, "If Jim Ross carries his bags you know it's Vince. Hahah ouch
Raven vs DDP in a Cage Deathmatch

-Tony Schavone calls bulls**t on Raven being in the Bowery, saying that he was probably some spoiled rich kid. Which is hilarious because that's exactly what would happen with the gimmick.
-Raven also has swat team members because he's been attacked by fans and sights an unsafe working environment. This causes Heenan to sing the Cops theme
-Raven gets hung off the cage briefly holy s**t
-VCR shot!
-The riot squad prevents a Flock interference along with Van Hammer, then they go in and beat up on DDP cause they were the other two members of the flock that weren't there
- Raven hits a Diamond cutter but DDP gets up and hits a Diamond Cutter.
-The third squad member cuffs all of the Flock, and it's Mortis, but he unmasks and it turns out he's the guy who's been attacking Raven

Ultimo Dragon vs Eddie Guerrero, if Ultimo wins, Chavo is free

-Eddie calls Chavo's attention to a "Free at Last" sign and rips it up.
Great match, but in the post match, Chavo beats up Dragon. Eddie pulls him off and offers to take a free shot and can't do it.

Saturn vs Goldberg for the United States Championship

-Typical Goldberg match

Bret Hart vs Randy Savage (Roddy Piper is the Special Guest Ref)

4/10 Not for the World Title like I thought it was and an overbooked piece of crap.

Sting and The Giant vs Hall and Nash for the WCW World Tag Team Champion

-It pisses me off that the fans wanted Sting to join the NWO, like he hadn't just been fighting them for two months
-The Outsiders work over Sting, then Sting tags Giant, Giant fucks up a top rope splash, so Nash tags in Hall.
-This leads to Nash setting up the jacknife on Giant, and he gets waffled with the belt by Scott Hall, Giant makes the pin, and the match ends on the cliffhanger of "Will Sting join the NWO?"

Final thoughts

This PPV had significantly less goofy crap than Spring Stampede, unfortunately the majority of it was in the main events, which is essentially what the crowd pays to see. Plus it broke up the Outsiders and further mismanaged the Wolfpack, which makes my inner booker mad. Might Reviewing Great American Bash 1998 next.

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