NXT ArRival

NXT ArRival

From February 27, 2014

NXT ArRival
NXT ArRival
February 27, 2014

Triple H Introduction - You can tell this is Triple H's pet indy promotion, he was quite proud. Nice opening promo.

Antonio Cesaro vs Sami Zayn - 7.5/10
This match was a whole lot more cleaner than the 2-out-of-3 falls match, but not as good. All match was Cesaro and a slow build, where the fans kinda annoyed me for chanting 'this is awesome' while Cesaro was only damaging Zayn's knee. That European Uppercut counter to Zayn's Tornado DDT through the ropes was beautiful. Cesaro pulls a Stretch Muffle on Zayn, Crowe must be quite pissed in the back. I'm still not accustomed to hearing things like Helluva Kick, Exploder, or Blue Thunder Bomb in WWE. Fans chant Match of the Year, what low standards these fans have, it was a great match, but it was pretty much one sided, great opener tho. Code of Honor followed, that was nice, but Cesaro should have raised Zayn's hand. Ole chant after his deceased trainer, wouldn't it be awesome, if Zayn stared point to the sky like Sabu after his trainer?

Mojo Riley Promo - I wasn't really familiar with Mojo, now i don't wanna be.

CJ Parker vs Mojo Riley - 3/10
As i read somewhere before, Jojo should manage Mojo and call themselves Mojo Jojo. I can't believe i'm rooting for Parker, oh god. Bad, i really don't see what people see in Mojo, and why would they book this crap on a show trying to showcase NXT for the first time to the WWE Universe? i don't know...

Emma promo - Awesome. Kinda sucks that she's paired up with Santino in the main roster.

Ascension promo - Awesome promo if this was your first exposure to them, otherwise, you'd know that all that dominance is against local jobbers.

NXT Tag Team Title Match
The Ascension (c) vs Too Cool - 5/10
I love that new song, lasers, and entrance, it works better for them. Too Cool on the other hand....jikes. S2H looks weird bald. It annoyed me that they're selling the Ascension as the longest reinging tag champs, i mean, they're like the 3rd or 4th team and they rarely defend them against credible teams anyway.Too Cool had a descent showing, Ascension seemed weaker than usual.

Paige getting ready - Pink room, sexy music, is she a stripper now?

Paige promo - ok

Stephanie McMahon - 'You Still Got It' chants. I agree. She introduces the Divas title match, just as Hunter, she sounds proud of their little project.

NXT Women's Title Match
Paige (c) vs Emma - 6/10
Steph dancing was awkward as fuck. Diva like, but that was a pretty good start to the match. Actually, the whole match was pretty good, there is the potential that this will be the diva's match of the year for WWE, at least until Paige debuts in the main roster and challenges AJ for the title. Emma-tista chants after the powerbomb, not sure if funny or insult. Finish submission was beautiful. Too many hugs in this show, but this was good.

Adrien Neville Promo - good. He asked to show him someone that could fly higher, sent him a video of Ricochet.

"I stole Brodus Clay's Song' Xavier Woods vs Tyler Breeze - No Rating.
I just wanna point out Breeze has the best Twitter handle ever. Ivan Drago...i mean Alexander Rusev interrupts and attacks them both.

Bo Dallas Promo - Awesome! BO-lieve!

Main Event Hype - hard to believe that Neville has never been in a ladder match.
Mr. I-tuck-my-pants-inside-my-boots-Shawn Michaels needed some attention, he puts over the main event and hangs the title. He was a bit awkward.

NXT Title Match
Bo Dallas (c) vs Adrien Neville - 6.5/10
Match was good, but not as good as the opener match, this being the first NXT live show, Neville's first ladder match and all, i really expected a whole lot more from this match. Red Arrow on the ladder was nice.

Show was good for NXT, ok overall. The three main matches were good, but the filler was terrible, and even the best match of the night, Cesaro vs Zayn, didn't live up to the 2-out-of-3 falls match from last year.

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