TNA Global Impact! Japan 2008

TNA Global Impact! Japan 2008

From January 04, 2008

TNA Global Impact! Japan 2008
This show is base on NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom II, but only TNA matches were featured.

6-Man Tag Match
Christian Cage, AJ Styles, and Petey Williams vs Milano Collection AT, Minoru, and Prince Devitt - 7/10
I've never said it, I hate Milano's invisible dog. Good back and forward match that allowed everyone to get some shine. TNA guys are playing the heels. Devitt took one of the prettiest executions i've seen of the Canadian Destroyer.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title Match
Wataru Inoue (c) vs 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels - 7.5/10
Watching Daniel's entrance gave me goosebumps. Amazing match up, Wrestle Kingdom level. There was a point where you can tell both of them are getting tired and the match got a bit weird and sloppy, but soon after they went to a good finishing sequence. This match was the weekend after Daniels got fired from the Feast or Fired, West and Tenay sell it as Daniels already had the commitment with New Japan and thus was allowed to compete.

Abyss vs Manabu Nakanishi - 5.5/10
This is the real 2008 monster Abyss, and this match made Nakanishi look really strong taking it to Abyss. Within the first five minutes, Abyss brings out the tacks and Abyss took one of the sickest tack spots i've seen, even in deathmatches. Match unfortunately wasn't good nor long after this, I'm with Tenay, this match ended before it was supposed to.

Hardcore Match
Team 3D vs Toru Yano and Togi Makabe - 7/10
Good promo by 3D, awesome promo by Yano and Makabe....just kidding, I have no idea what they said. This match started out with normal wrestling, I actually forgot this was hardcore match. Yano and Makabe brought out some heavy hardcore artillery early in the match, so it was weird that 3D couldn't sell it more. There's a chair shot that while not that dangerous, it make me shout 'Da Fack!'. Ignoring some of the sloppy stuff, this was a good match. I think the finish needed a better build up

Jeff Jarrett Hypes The Show - Jarrett came out to thank the crowd, he said "We have two title matches left for you guys and after tonight's matches you'll all know TNA is the greatest wrestling promotion in the world", he said it in good faith, but i don't think he realized he was saying this to the home crowd of NJPW. He got a bad reaction for it, and you could tell he was a bit surprised.

IWGP Tag Titles Match
The Steiner Brothers vs Tomko and Giant Bernard (c) - 6.5/10
NJPW shows some of their Steiner footage that is old, Steiners haven't looked like that since ever. Tomko at this point is the IWGP Tag champ and the TNA tag champ. JB's presentation of the Steiners was great. This was was big guys vs big guys match, just imagine Tomko playing the babyface in peril, yes Tomko! Overall a good match for both teams, even Rick Steiner looked good, well, kinda good.

Angle vs Nagata Promo - amazing!

IWGP World Heavyweight Title Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs Yuji Nagata - 8.5/10
8.5 almost 9. The version of this match is the one broadcasted on Impact, so it has commercials, this surely kills a bit of emotion. Angle works the legs, Nagata works the arms. This was an awesome match, at one point, Angle locks in a half-boston-crab-ankle-lock.

Great show for TNA + NJPW. All matches delivered. I'd say if you're a fan of 2008 TNA and 2008 NJPW, check this show out.


- I spy Tetsuya Naito as a ring boy.
- Apparently 13,000 fans in attendance at the Dome.

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