CHIKARA Anniversario Never Compromise

CHIKARA Anniversario Never Compromise

By Big Red Machine
From June 02, 2013

CHIKARA Anniversario Never Compromise
CHIKARA Aniversario: Never Compromise (6/2/2013)- Philadelphia, PA

Jonathan Barber gets the Todd Sinclair treatment, being met with boos and chants of “we want Bryce!”

Decent opener. Exciting and decently fast-paced, but some things were a bit botchy.

They told a good story with Delirious working over Dasher’s ribs. Dasher is a great babyface.

THE COLONY vs. THE DEVASTATION CORPORATION (w/Sydney Bakabella)- 6.75/10
Was it formulaic? Yes. But it was still great! Fire and Green Ant did some awesome spots which I don’t want to spoil and the Devastation Corporation’s offense looked… well… devastating.

SARCOPHAGUS MATCH: Amasis vs. Ophidian- 9/10
Can you say “Matrix Minute!?” This whole match was amazing! It just completely sucked me in. Tons of cool, innovative stuff, great selling, and just plain awesomeness.

HAIR VS. HAIR MATCH: Gavin Loudspeaker vs. Tim Donst (w/Jakob Hammermeier, Veronica, & Steven “the Turtle” Weiner- no rating. Decent segment.
I though Gavin sold decently well and Donst was his usually great heel self. I would have preferred if Jakob’s turn was the finish, rather than just leading to it. I also think it would have been better if Jakob convinced Turtle and Veronica to leave Donst, rather than them doing so on their own after the match (which prompted the crowd to chant “YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS!” at Donst. I LOVE IT!).

DEREK SABATO PROMO- Sabato shows up and says that he was fired for getting “too close to the truth.” He has a file containing a picture of Wink’s father, Conrad Vavasseur, and three other executives of the Titor Conglomerate. He tweets it. They are shoveling some dirt. Wink then has his mic cut and has the referees remove him from the ring.

2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH FOR THE CAMPEONATOS DE PAREJAS: 3.0(c) vs. Pieces of Hate (Jigsaw & The Shard)- 7/10

CHIKARA GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Eddie Kingston(c) vs. Icarus (w/Marty Jannetty)-
Main event time… and Marty Jannetty still hasn’t shown up yet. The bad news is that Icarus is wearing one of Marty Jannetty’s hideous crimes against fashion rather than his normal ring gear. The good news is that at least it covers up most of his ugly tattoo.
This is so wrong. I’m cheering for Icarus. I feel dirty. The match itself was eh. King got most of the offense in until the finish… or lack thereof. Icarus had King in the CHIKARA Special and King looked like he had passed out, but before Bryce could raise and drop Eddie’s arm to check on him, a legion of Condor Security guys rushed the ring and dragged both guys out of the ring. Wink then ordered them to tear the set down, and they did. Chikarason claims to have seen Archibald Peck backstage while this was happening, but he wasn’t visible on the screen.

Am I unhappy about this finish? Yeah. It had to happen for whatever storyline reason it had to happen, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suck as a fan who paid his hard-earned money for the show. For that reason, I need to give props to Dasher Hatfield, who, while calling all of this craziness from the Commentation Station, actually apologized to the fans for there not being a finish.

Overall… a good show from CHIKARA, with the Sarcophagus match really standing out as awesome. Obviously there are some major storyline things going on here, but it appears that we’ll have to wait a while to find out what they are.

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