TNA's One Night Only: Hardcore Justice 2


From July 05, 2013

TNA One Night Only: Hardcore Justice 2
July 5th, 2013

Spoilers Ahead!

Just to start off, the intro video spoiled all returning and debuting surprises. So f**k you! Then there was yet another musical intro with a bunch of hardcore spots of TNA during the years.

Street Fight
The New Church (Slash and Sin) vs Latin American Xchange - 5/10
It was nice to see L.A.X. one more time. But i'm pretty sure there is not a single person in the impact zone during this match that knows who the New Church is, and i wouldn't be so sure about LAX. The parts inside the ring were not that good, but the brawl got better outside the ring. Hernandez wore a construction hat for the most part of the match, it was just weird. Match was meh really.

ODB Interview - surprisingly good for ODB. The promo to hype this match was just about one match they had before.

No DQ Match
Jackie Moore vs ODB - 4/10
Nothing against Jackie, but was she the most hardcore knockout they could get? OH YEEAH, TNA burnt bridges with all their other ones like Roxxi, Daffney, and Kong. Both try to leave the ring and grab stuff from under the ring, but neither seem to find anything and it just looks awkward, and the first thing they find is a broom and a bunch of cleaning supplies. Jackie is also talking really loud as if she was in a gym show. Anyway, aside from all the stupidity of props they brought to the match and all the stalling, the brawling was good when they actually got brawling. There was a funny "sweep'er up Jackie, sweep'er up" chant when Jackie started attacking ODB with the broom. Gail vs Terrell was a better hardcore match than this.

Bad Influence Promo - Fact: Kaz is undefeated in TNA in ladder matches?? cool didn't know that. Kaz puts Gen Me over HUGE! and they haven't even fought yet. Daniels was great, he's not hardcore, he's more softcore as he says. Daniels climbed a ladder and the camera didn't move, so we couldn't see Daniels' face for the rest of the promo.

$20,000 dlls Ladder Match
Generation Me vs Bad Influence - 7.5/10
SO.MANY.DOUBLE.TEAM.MOVES!!! Not much to say, some great spots from both teams. Probably this match will make the show.

Joseph Parks Promo - Good, Hell yeah! Mesias and James Mitchell!! Mesisas looked soo small.

Bad Influence Post-match Promo - Great! Again the put Gen Me over huge

Hardcore Gauntlet Battle Royal
Devon Storm, Little Guido, Crimson, Sam Shaw, Johnny Swinger, Funaki, Gunner, Too Cold Scorpio, Shark Boy,
Each one bring their own weapon to the match, new wrestler comes out every 2 minutes and I don't know if the Impact Zone have a timer, but I don't. Crimson comes third and brings an umbrella. Sam Shaw comes with a cane, and I suddenly figured it out, Shaw is a young John Cena. Funaki comes out with a version of his old Smackdown shirt, now it just says Funaki. Shark Boy brought a shark to the match!!! Holy Fish Holy Fish Holy Fish!

Aces & 8's Promo - Good

Elimination 6-Man Tag Match
Aces & 8s (D.O.C., Knux, and Wes Briscoe) vs James Storm, Magnus, and Bob Holly - 6.5/10
Holly was a good surprise, but meh really, I don't think anyone marked out to it. Match was actually pretty good, took a whole lot of time to see the first elimination, but then all eliminations happened within 1 minute. 1 f***ing minute. There was a point in the match that Holly gets tagged in and there was a 'Please Kill West' chant!

Monster's Ball
Joseph Park vs Mesias w/ Father James Mitchell - 6/10
They acknowledged all of Mesias' achievements in Mexico and Puerto Rico, that made me glad. There is just such a nice touch that this match has such a long history behind it. So this was technically the very first comedy Monster's Ball Match in TNA history right? The match wasn't bad, but you kill all the hardcore stuff every time you do a comedy spot, so neither comedy nor hardcore were able to build momentum. At the end of the match Park bleeds and releases the Abyss within, and just had be wishing he had bleed from the start of the match.

Team 3D Promo - Awesome. Devon called him Runt as Spike.
Team 3D Promo in the ring, not as good, it was a bit long and they repeated the same thing.

Tag Team Tables Match
Team 3D vs Brother Runt and Jeff Hardy - 5/10
Christy didn't introduce them as 23 Tag Team World Champions, Team 3D, but just as Ray and Devon representing Aces & 8s, i didn't like that. Bully Ray starts to hassle with a fan and tells him he'll smack him in the face, then crowd start chanting 'do it, do it'. Spike is wearing the old school ECW attire. They should have booked Matt Hardy for tonight and have a Hardys vs Dudleys match if you ask me. They're actually doing tags in a tables match, it's just weird. Match wasn't really that good, and the finish was terrible.

Not really a good show, look up the Ladder match and that's all, but nothing else is really going out of your way to watch.

- JB and Tenay are doing commentary tonight.
- I didn't like that JB and Tenay kept mentioning who was having matches later tonight, especially when it came to people coming back or debuting, I could have been ok with just mention of the roster.
- Not sure of the commentary is voice over (which i suspect) but they're mentioning things that happened in the last Impacts prior to the PPV premier.
- Crowd was mostly dead for the whole night, good thing they got out of the impact zone.

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