Pro Wrestling Superstars: WrestleReunion VI

Pro Wrestling Superstars: WrestleReunion VIPro Wrestling Superstars: WrestleReunion VI

From January 22, 2012

Excalibur and Marty DeRosa (From Creative Has Nothing) are teaming up for commentary tonight. Plus Mike Tyson seems to be drunk.

Mick Foley and Mike Tyson - Mostly bad. The only I understood from Tyson was "Superstar Billy Graham", which he mentioned 3 times.

Adam Page vs Arik Royal - No Contest

I don't know these guys at all, but they were quite impressive for the small amount of time they got to themselves, especially Royal. VADER comes out and squashes them both. The squash lasted a whole lot more than it should have, but it's a nostalgia show, so I guess that's a good start to pump up the crowd.

Special Guest Referee: Mick Foley, Special Enforcer: Mike Tyson.
The New Age Outlaws vs The Steiner Brothers - 4/10

All four guys are looking great. Billy Gunn was funny on the mic. Scott Steiner may or may not be drunk, he's a bit odd right now. "Tongue in the Ass" chant, you need to watch the match to understand it. This match was a lot of stalling, the wrestling was ok at most, it covered all the necessary nostalgia spots that we wanted to watch, but that's all. The New Age Outlaws were really good in this match, they seemed like they still have some runs in them. The finish sucked. Oh, and Mike Tyson never came out.

World Of Sport Rules
Fit Finaly vs Colt Cabana - 7.5/10

The British World Of Sports Rules means 3 5-minute rounds, win by pin, submission, or KO. Closed fist punches banned. I'm not sure if I would wanna see Finlay do Cabana comedy or Cabana do Finlay brawling...why not both I guess. The was technically beautiful, the pure wrestling of this match was clean, spot on, just great. Overall this match was great, too bad it couldn't go past the 3 rounds.

7OH!4 (Caleb Konley and Cedric Alexander) vs The Unholy Alliance (Yoshihiro Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck) - 6.5/10

If you've never seen 7OH!4 I would really recommend you do, and if you were ever a fan of the Unholy Alliance, I recommend you check out this match, they haven't lost a step those two. Match was good, again, a lot of nostalgia paired up with young up and comers.

Mascarita Dorada vs Demus316 - 5/10

Straight up, I'm not the biggest mini's fan, but with Mascarita Dorada i know i'm in for a treat! If you ever want to get into mini's wrestling, check out Mascarita Dorada. Even fans that didn't know him prior to the match, learned to love him. He hits his Leg Scissors Tornado on Demus, and the crowd went crazy, standing ovation, 'holy s**t' chant (first of the night), and all. The only thing american fans may not like is that both luchadors tend to play the crowd after every move, so there's almost no selling going on. Btw, the mini's title is so small.

Los Angeles Street Fight
Kevin Steen vs Tommy Dreamer - 6.5/10

Honestly, this match up gives me goosebumps. Pretty good brawl all over the place, even if the camera work was kinda bad. Steen was great taunting the fans telling them "ECW IS DEAD!" The finish was good, but it felt like there wasn't much build to it

Post-match - It was ok I guess, Raven should have done a lot more here.

Roderick Strong vs "The Man Scout" Jake Manning - 6.5/10

Not much to say about this match, really ROH-ish. Manning is a lot better than what I expected, I hadn't seen much of him, other than some comedy stuff, so it was nice to see him work against someone like Roderick. Match was great, crowd was dead.

Harry Smith vs Davey Richards - 9/10

THIS is a match I wanna watch! You don't usually get the feel of how small Davey is, but next to Smith, he just looks tiny. Amazing Match!! Why didn't we hear more about this match, I don't know!! May not be the best finish to a match, but it keeps them both looking crazy strong.

The Young Bucks vs The Great Sasuke and El Generico - 8/10

The Young Bucks came out to MMBOP by Hanson, I marked out! OLE OLE OLE OLESASUKE SASUKE! that chant was awesome. Generico sheds his mask and reveals a half Generico half Sasuke mask!! the match started really slow with only the Bucks getting offense, it got amazing later on. Great match from all.

20-Man, Over the Top Rope, Wrestle Royale

Matt Classic, Lanny Poffo, Rock Riddle, Carlos Colon, Gangrel, Jesse Hernandez, Mando Guerrero, Kevin Sullivan, Piloto Suicida, Robbie E, Tommy Dreamer, Virgil, Greg Valentine, Konnan, Dan Severn, Jimmy Hart, The Godfather, Brutus Beefcake, Bradley Ray Scheck (this is a fan or something that won a contest), Raven
Because you can't have a nostalgia show without a Battle Royale. I'm not giving this a rating, cuz well...they're old. There was a nice little thing with Raven, Dreamer, and Steen, but this was mostly painful to watch.


Show started off a bit slow, mostly working the nostalgia factor, but then it really picked up in the second half. Sadly they couldn't finish the show with one of the great matches instead of the battle royale that killed all the momentum. Some matches are worth going out of your way to watch, but at the same time, don't rush.

- Marty DeRosa has such an annoying voice for commentary!
- Excalibur revealed that the EG Web Translator is non other than the Google Translate and EG stands for "El Google"

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