ROH Glory By Honor VII

ROH Glory By Honor VII

By Big Red Machine
From September 20, 2008

ROH Glory By Honor VII
ROH Glory By Honor VII (9/20/2008)- Philadelphia, PA

STEEN & GENERICO PROMO- good. They want all of the belts.

Good opener. Lynn shows that he can still go and King shows that he can hang with a guy like Jerry Lynn.

NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Brent Albright(c) vs. Adam Pearce (w/Larry Sweeney & Shane Hagadorn)- 6.75/10
Good, but nowhere near close to their previous match.


FIP WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Go Shiozaki (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. Kevin Steen- 6.5/10
After the match Nigel McGuinness jumps Steen, says that no one is good enough to take the ROH World Title from him (specifically mentioning Steen, Generico, & Danielson) and says that he will be coming after the tag titles, too. I’m not sure if this last point ever went anywhere, but just hearing Nigel say it got me pretty excited.

GHC JR. HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Bryan Danielson(c) vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima- 8.25/10
Awesome match! Dragon worked over the arms while Nakajima worked over Dragon’s knee and we just got an awesome story by two of the best in the world.

JERRY LYNN PROMO- decent. A bit more build to a title match between Lynn and Nigel.

Short, but very hard-hitting.

Sweeney gives Stevens an ultimatum: sign a contract with Sweet N’ Sour Inc. for a lot more than his market value and guaranteeing to find him a job in one of the big two in the next six months… or keep getting his ass kicked by Sweet N’ Sour Inc. Stevens responds by blowing his nose with Sweeney’s contract, so Sweet N’ Sour Inc. come out and beat him down. Some students try to make the save, as do the Vulture Squad, but they can’t make the save until Roddy comes out, and we get a six man tag team match…

RODERICK STRONG & THE VULTURE SQUAD (w/Julius Smokes) vs. SWEET N’ SOUR INC. (Chris Hero, Eddie Edwards, & Shane Hagadorn) (w/Larry Sweeney & Sara Del Rey)- 6.25/10
A good, fast-paced match. After the match Roddy gets beaten down and held in position for Sweeney to hit him with the 12 Large Elbow.

I was expecting a lot more from this, but their styles didn’t seem to mesh as well as I thought they would.

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Nigel McGuinness(c) vs. El Generico- 7.75/10
Some great nearfalls, but nothing close to their first match.

STEEL CAGE WARFARE: Austin Aries & the Briscoe Brothers vs. Age of the Fall vs. Necro Butcher- 7/10
A disappointing match with some poor booking, to boot. Jimmy and Aries working together to eliminate really didn’t seem like a good payoff to Necro’s angle, and having Necro get eliminated first took the interesting, unique element out of this match (Gabe himself has acknowledged this to be a big screw-up). After Aries was eliminated and Mark was through a table, the Age of the Fall beat Jay down and Jacobs gave Delirious his spike and ordered Delirious to stab Jay with it. Daziee Haze then came out to talk Delirious out of it, and, caught between Daizee and Jimmy, Delirious went nuts and would up spiking Daizee. After he realized what he did, Delirious went a bit more nuts. This was soon followed by a Mark Briscoe dive which led to a comeback. I also hated the finish, with the Briscoes simultaneously no-selling chairshots to the head, then simultaneously hitting their finishers and getting simultaneous pins.

Overall, a good show from ROH, but very disappointing, considering how great it feels like it should have been. Most of the matches under-delivered, especially the main event.

1. Prazak- “Shin-breaker; does damage to the knee”
Wouldn’t it be a knee-breaker, then?

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