ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000

ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000

By Big Red Machine
From May 14, 2000

ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000 (5/14/2000)- Milwaukee, WI

OPENING SEGMENT- Cyrus goads Gertner into threatening him so he can have Kanemura chokes Gertner out. Cyrus announces that he is replacing Gertner in the commentary booth.

A good 85% of this match was either chairshots or finishers


THREE WAY DANCE: Simon Diamond (w/about four people) vs. Mikey Whipwreck (w/Sinister Minister) vs. Little Guido (w/Big Sal E. Graziano)- 6.5/10
Having Big Sal eat a fireball then having Guido pin Mikey a few seconds later felt like it took away from the fireball.

JUSTIN CREDIBLE PROMO- A decent promo, a bit better than Lance’s but not by much. Lance wins in the valet department, though, as Dawn Marie was great in the background of Lance’s promo, while all Francine did here was rip off Woman by giving a Kendo Stick a handjob.

THE DANGEROUS ALLIANCE & JAZZ SEGMENT- good stuff. Lou E. Dangerously says that Elektra is the toughest woman in wrestling and challenges anyone to take her on. Jazz comes out, gets the best of the Dangerous Alliance, rips Elektra’s clothes off and goes for a piledriver but gets stopped by CW Anderson who hits her with a Spinebuster before he himself is attacked by Kid Kash, leading to…

KID KASH vs. C.W. ANDERSON (w/Billy Wiles & Lou E. Dangerously)- 5.5/10

RVD PROMO- great!

THREE WAY DANCE: Chris Chetti & Nova vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill vs. Da Baldies (Devito & Angel) (w/Vic Grimes)- 4.75/10
Short and spotty. Angel and Devito go for a post-match beatdown but New Jack makes his big return after the Danbury Fall and beats the crap out of both men, culminating with a dove off of a balcony onto Devito through a table.
Wait. Apparently they’re not done. Chetti and Nova hold Angel still while New Jack hits him with a guitar, then splashes him with a chair… then pins him, apparently winning a match that I didn’t know was going on for the title of King of the Streets. This was your standard New Jack crap with no psychology or intelligence at all.

YOSHIHIRO TAJIRI vs. STEVE CORINO (w/Jack Victory)- 7/10
Lots of blood and lots of violence. Corino is a tough SOB and Tajiri is an awesome babyface. The Network goes for a post-match beatdown which is briefly interrupted by Dusty Rhodes.

ECW TV TITLE MATCH: Rhino(c) vs. The Sandman- 5/10
Very good but very short hardcore match. Rhino took an absolutely awesome looking table bump.

JERRY LYNN vs. ROB VAN DAM (w/Bill Alfonso & Scotty Anton)- 8.25/10
Standard RVD vs. Lynn awesomeness. I actually really liked the overbooking here with the network.

PRE-MATCH ANGLE WITH DREAMER & JUSTIN- good, but it really erased all doubt in anyone’s mind about Justin retaining the title.

ECW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Justin Credible(c) (w/Jason) vs. Lance Storm (w/Dawn Marie)- 6.5/10
Not good enough for a main event. I really wish they would have given this more than ten and a half minutes. Not the best exit for Lance. After the match Tommy attacks Justin and Francine, building up to the next PPV.

Overall, a pretty good show from ECW, but mostly on the strength of Lynn vs. RVD. The Lance Storm mark in me really wishes the main event had been better.

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