WWE Payback

WWE Payback

From June 16, 2013

WWE Payback
WWE Payback
June 16, 2013
Chicago IL

Intro Video: Unnecessary Over-production.

Intercontinental Title Match
Wade Barrett (c) vs The Miz vs Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman - 6.5/10
/t's been like 5 minutes since the show started and we're already hearing E-C-Dub chants, it may be one of those crowds. One minute after I start hearing Fandango's theme. Pretty good fast-paced match, crowds reaction to the perfect-plex was great. Some great near falls by the end of the night. I really loved how the match ended, it was start as hell.

Heyman, Hunter, McMahon, and Axel Backstage - Good for what it was.

Divas Title Match
Kaitlin (c) vs AJ Lee w/ Big E Langston - 7.5/10
Ladies and Gentlemen, the match with the best constructed feud of the night. Wow, just an amazing match between these two, this will indeed be the new Trish vs Lita of the decade. It's about time we got this match and it delivered pretty good. The whole ending sequence was fantastic. I'm really hoping this feud goes one for a while. Afterwards Kaitlin gets some ugly chants by the fans.

Backstage Stuff - meh

That tables thing with Show, Rhodes, and Truth - waste of time, waste of talent, this is not ESPN.

US Title Match
Dean Ambrose (c) vs Kane - 6/10
The match was going so good but the finish sucked. I just wasn't into this match.

RVD is coming back - Couldn't care less at this moment, but how I missed that song.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Dolph Ziggler w/ Big E Langston and AJ Lee (c) vs Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez - 8/10
I honestly don't understand whats with Lilian introducing RR in Spanish and him doing the intro in English. It's stupid. The match tells a really great story about Ziggler's concussion, but it made Del Rio look like the heel and Ziggler like the face, especially since you can imagine who the fans were chanting for. The amount of punishment on Ziggler by Del Rio was just heel like. Regardless, this was a great performance by both guys. Del Rio is a heel in my eyes now. I loved the finish, but I really wanna see Ziggler now with a huge comeback.

Alberto Del Rio's Post-Match promo - Yeap, definitely a heel turn hidden in a face's promo.

CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman vs Chris Jericho - 7.5/10
These guys are so good that you don't even need them both to build a feud. Annnnd Punk actually came out. So i'm just guessing that sloppy wrestling is the theme of the match and they're gonna start playing a 'CM Punk has lost it' story. Ok, so here's the thing, this was a sloppy match, but if it was supposed to be a sloppy match, then it was an awesome match. Perfect play by both guys especially Punk.

WWE Tag Team Titles Match
The Shield (c) vs Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan - 7/10
Tag Titles almost closing the show, f**k yeah! It says a lot that you have four guys in the ring and Orton, the multiple time champ, super promoted wrestler is the one that looks the worst. As expected, another great match by The Shield and Daniel Bryan keeps his amazing momentum. Rollins wins with the head stomp!!

3 Stages of Hell for the WWE Title Match
John Cena (c) vs Ryback - 6.5/10
Just a side note, Sheamus is a lumberjack, Dragon, Orton, Punk, Jericho, Big Show, Ziggler, nor Del Rio are, just wanted to point that out. Cena is having some wardrobe malfunctions and re-buckles up while taking a headlock by Ryback, must have been a really weak headlock. Lol at the lumberjacks thinking they're in a PWG show. Ryback takes the first win which is the kind of match that Cena should be winning, so i'm kinda glad and surprised it happened. Anyway, lumberjacks, you've made your pay, go back now. Second fall was pretty good in the way Ryback started breaking tables with the steel steps, but the fall was really predictable, kinda lackluster. Ok, i'll give it to them, good innovative way to use the ambulance for the match, BUT TERRIBLE CAMERA PLACEMENT FOR THE FINISH!! What the hell, no one except the people in the top seats got to see what actually happened, which likely means that it was a crappy prop. This was just another of those matches that WWE wants us to think Cena is awesome and just doesn't make it.

Overall Thoughts:
Not really that good of a show, it started off really strong in my opinion, but then some matches kinda took it down and up, and ended in a match that was just not as good as you would want for a main event. Some interesting wins and titles changes thou.

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