CHIKARA Aniversario: Never Compromise

CHIKARA Aniversario: Never Compromise

From June 02, 2013

CHIKARA Aniversario: Never Compromise
CHIKARA Aniversario: Never Compromise
El Trocadero, Philly
June 2, 2013

Gavin Loudspeaker's Show Intro - There was just something so beautiful about this knowing what was on the line for Gavin and the feel of tonight's show.

The Colony: Xtreme Force vs The Spectral Envoy - 5/10
The gear on these ants is just awesome. I wonder what would happen to Orbit Adventure Ant on one of those slow motion spots? Good opener, but felt really short for these two teams, and while it had some good spots, it also had a bunch of sloppy ones. I was also expecting a whole lot more mask play between these guys.

Delirious vs Dasher Hatfield - 6.5/10
Maaaan, it's been a long time since i've watched a Delirious match. Now that the Eye of Tyr got broken, Delirious is a whole lot scarier in the ring. Great match! The helicopter neckbreaker was awesome! and I'm cool with the ending. The "where was touchdown?" chants where a nice touch.

The Colony vs The Devastation Corporation - 7/10
Poor Smashmaster just doesn't seem fit in that team with those masks. The Black Hole Slam on AssailANT was just plain beautiful! The rotation, the flow!! Awesome match! a whole lot of great spots and the type of brawl you would expect from this feud. AssailANT has really won the fans.

Sarcophagus Match
Amasis vs. Ophidian - 9/10
Just the simple fact that this is a Sacophagus match should get you exited! I love it that after soo long since the Osirian Portal broke up, Ophidian and Amasis still have a little dance in them. Holy Dang! what an opening sequence! wait...erase what i just said, Holy Dang! what a match!!! Something I do have to mention, if you watched this show with the same crappy lighting as I did, you just couldn't enjoy anything that happened outside the ring, which was the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE FLIPPING MATCH!! That aside, the match was amazing, just when you thought that the match was to be over, they go back to the ring and keep fighting! Egyptian Destroyer on the lid!!! I just wanna curse soo bad but i can't!!! WE EVEN HAVE HYPNOS....Ophidian is the greatest wrestler eveeeeer....WHOA what just happened!

Ophidian: What are you waiting for!? Just do it!? - If you've ever read Watchmen, you know what this means!

The second Amasis mask. I'm not really sure what to think of it right now, i'm guessing it means that Amasis has finally defeated his evil self or something.

Hair vs Hair Match
Tim Donst w/Veronica, Jakob Hammermeier and Steve 'The Turtle' Weiner vs Gavin Loudspeaker - 5.5/10
It kinda made me a bit sad that Gavin had to introduce Donst. It felt like Gavin had been waiting for this moment his entire life. I think Tim Donst is trying to become 2010 Kevin Steen, did something happen to Donst during Cibernetico? YESSS!!! JAKOB HITS DONST!!!! HELL YES FOR JAKOB!!!! Great match for what it was, I can't say I was expecting a five star match here, but it was really entertaining and it plays out a lot for Donst and his now former stable. Gavin killed himself by the way. Donst shaves his own hair.

WOW, Derek Sabato is back! He is twitting out the truth about the Vavasseur Family!

2 out of 3 Falls Match for the Campeonatos en Pareja
Pieces of Hate vs 3.0 - 6.5/10 (Almost 7)
Shard is such a tiny man, so so small. First fall was a bit quick, but it was a good fall. Second fall was ok, a lot slower. Third fall completely saved the match. Something I want to point out is that Pieces of Hate really made 3.0 look like school kids against them, it was a walk in the park for them. I hope we eventually get a rematch with 3.0 coming in more 'prepared'

CHIKARA Grand Championship Match
Eddie Kingston vs Icarus - 8/10
No Icarus, no no no, take off Jannety's attire please! Hrm, Jannety didn't come out for the match, interesting, heart breaking even. What world is this that i'm cheering for Icarus. I'm usually not a fan of Dasher on commentary, but he was a perfect choice for this match, he starts a bit biased against Icarus, but slowly starts siding with him, and it kinda represents the fan's reaction to Icarus these last weeks. WAIT! NO NO, KINGSTON WAS GONNA TAP!!

Da hell is happening!? Is Gavin getting sacrificed on top of the sarcophagus that holds Ophidian!?

Good show, not amazing, but good show. I was really looking to get answers in this show and I left with even more questions. All coming shows of CHIKARA have been cancelled. We'll have to see what happens. And why was Wink all banged up when he came out at the end, i think someone took the fight to him backstage.

- Why does Sin Cara get soo much hate for his lighting while CHIKARA doesn't!? Terrible lighting.

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