TNA One Night Only: X-Travanagza

TNA One Night Only: X-Travanagza

From April 05, 2013

TNA One Night Only: X-Travanagza
TNA One Night Only: X-Travanagza
Impact Zone, Orlando, FL
Taped January 12, 2013
Aired April 5, 2013

X-Scape Match
Matt Bentley vs Alex Silva vs Lince Dorado vs Sam Shaw vs Puma vs Jimmy Rave vs Christian York - 5.5/10
Silva's entrance video is still the Gut Check video, facepalm. TJ Perkins came out as Puma, oh well. If you ever wanted to hear a compilation of generic songs, watch the entrance of these guys. Rules of the match is pin or submission until the final two are left, then it's escaping the cage. After watching this match, i'm asking myself, why isn't Sam Shaw in the X division triple threats already!? The match was ok, but the cage was a waste for most of the match, and while it took sometime to eliminate the first, after that eliminations came up to close to each other. Final two got better, but still not that amazing.

Anthony Nese and Rashad Cameron Promo - Nese's content was awesome, but terrible delivery. Cameron was good.

Old School vs New School
Anthony Nese and Rashad Cameron vs Doug Williams and Kid Kash - 7/10
The team of Williams and Kash just seems odd to me, why not just do the British Invasion with Magnus? Williams and Kash are wrestling beautifully tonight, keeping it really technical. On the other side, Nese is so amazing, i get his image is quite generic, but his talent is something someone should pick up right now and work with it. Awesome match, it really picked up, both teams were amazing. By the end of the match, i could totally get behind a team of Williams and Kash.

Samoa Joe Promo - Great promo! Hyped for Aries vs Joe. Also, i want that Joe shirt.

Robbie E vs Chavo Guerrero w/ Special Guest Referee: Joseph Park - 6/10
Props for So Cal Val for putting on a jacket to work as Robbie's Bouncer, Awesome. Decent heel promo by Robbie, he's been to Antartica. Chavo's promo was quite awesome, but maybe because I'm a lucha libre mark. Taz' reaction to Park being the ref was awesome. match was ok at most, Impact quality. Some stuff with Parks was funny, but irrelevant for an X-Division PPV.

Ultimate X Match
Zema Ion vs Rubix vs Kenny King vs Mason Andrews - 7.5/10
I can't explain it, but this match feels big even if it's just these guys, and nothing against them, but the names that make the current X Division feels really random. Taz asks why he calls himself Rubix but doesn't use all the colors of the Rubix Cube. Great spotty match from everyone, it really started to pick up at the end, can't even pick up the MVP of the match. This is what this PPV is about! There is a bunch of teenagers in this show tonight, like TNA just gave out free tickets to a school or something, truth is, this match just made a lot of new fans out of those kids. It's bee a while since i've seen such a fun Ultimate X match.

Bad Influence Promo - It's Bad Influence, obviously fantastic!

Petey and Sonjay Promo - Petey was hyper, odd, and fun. Sonjay was spot on!

Bad Influence vs Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams - 8/10
Not much to say, just a great match from all four guys, perfect game. A lot of face vs heel stuff in this match, Petey and Sonjay really won the fans during this match. Man, what a great match. And at the end the fans got what they wanted, and you know what that is!

Last Matchup Ever - No DQ
Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn - 8/10
Personally, i think that TNA wasted a huge opportunity in promoting this match more, there are few rivalries that have crossed from promotion to promotion, and RVD vs Lynn is one of them and this is the final time they meet. TNA could have made this a huge deal even in their main show. That being said, this match was great, I can't remember the last time I saw these guys fight, but it was as good as they were on ECW, if not more, at least better than the Bound For Glory one. Some awesome spots from both guys, I wouldn't expect any less from this matchup in Lynn's retirement tour.

Afterwards, the whole locker room came out to applaud Jerry Lynn. If only the fans knew what this meant.

Austin Aries Promo - Good promo

Jerry Lynn Video Package - Nice video, but it kinda felt like a video of this type should have aired before the match, but it's also a post match interview.

Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries - 8/10
They played a segment of the AJ/Daniels/Joe match during Joe's entrance, dafuck! Joe is wearing old school trunks and not his new Awesome Kong looking ones. Tenay threw out a ROH reference talking about how Aries once broke Joe's ROH streak. Great match from both guys, as expected, there's a reason why they're main eventing this show. At the end of the match, even the girls up from were into the match. Finish sucked, but I guess they had to protect both guys on a match with no relevance.

Just one, WHERE THE FUCK IS AJ STYLES! Having said this, there are some guys that TNA should have done a little bit more to try and get at least for an appearance like with Low Ki, Chris Sabin, or Amazing Red. No but seriously, WHERE THE FUCK WAS AJ STYLES! If ever Kayfabe needed to be broken and ignore cannon storyline it was here and this PPV should have AJ STYLES!

Aside from that, the show was great, it slowly picked up to some great matches.

- Kinda sucks that they didn't go 6-Sides for this show.
- One thing that the history videos showed me is how much I miss Don West's passion for high risk spots.
- The whole show was about the 'No Limits' Motto, yet it aired weeks after they set the official weight limit.
- According to Taz, Cameron wanted to be a Banker, and Rubix used to be an electrician. I think Taz was drunk or something tonight. Those parties with Aces and 8s must be good.
- Anyone ever wondered why the Impact Zone crowd is considered to be one of the worst? Look at all the teenage girls in the front row. But I do have to say, it was priceless to watch their face reactions to spots and moves.
- During the Bad Influence tag match, Taz was making fun of Tenay's gimmick. I liked.
- Taz also asked during the tag match on why do they have someone that old as a ref, that they needed refs that can move fast around the ring for the three counts. Couldn't agree more with Taz.

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