KC's Guest Booker With Dutch Mantell: Exposing TNA


By Big Red Machine
From November 30, -0001

This wasn't good at all.

They got a lot of facts wrong when they were talking about the way that TNA actually did their booking on January 4th. They thought that Hogan started off the show, thought that either Team 3-D or Beer Money were the tag team champs (the Brits were) and got January 4th and March 8th mixed up a lot, thinking thought that RVD vs. Sting and Sting's heel turn happened on January 4th. They also thought that Flair was with AJ on January 4th. They thought that LAX were a team at the time.

Dutch's memory was particularly bad. He seemed to think that the MEM disbanded after Sacrifice. The way that he claimed to have pitched that was ignored was to have Kurt not give up leadership, and have AJ join the MEM and beat Sting up (basically the same thing that happened, but with AJ instead of Joe, and with no build-up of tension in the form of Angle's dissension). He started to criticize the wrestlers for "not wrestling for the fans" because they were "wrestling for the guys in the back, watching on the monitors,"... but his entire criticism was "Oh! Look at this! Look at that," then mockingly chanting "this is awesome" which is something that the fans say.

With all of this, they kept taking shots at the booking in WWE and TNA, which looks really bad when you can't even correctly remember what they did.

The worst part of all of this is that they barely did any booking at all. It was all BS. I usually wouldn't do this, but I will give away the card that Dutch books so that there is no reason at all that anyone would want to buy this DVD:

TNA Genesis:
An appearance by Kurt Angle
An appearance by Hogan
Team 3-D vs. Beer Money for #1 contendership for the Tag Team Titles
Roxxi & Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina and Velvet (Angelina wasn't with TNA at the time!)
Hamada vs. Kong
AJ (w/Flair) vs. RVD for the TNA World Title
LAX vs. MCMG for #1 contendership for the Tag Team Titles
"An X-division match"- Dutch puts no thought at all into who should be in it
Mr. Anderson vs. Matt Morgan (w/Mick Foley)
Desmonde Wolfe vs. someone

If I missed something or messed something up, that is because IT WAS ONLY MENTIONED ONCE. In a DVD that is advertised as "we'll see what HE would have done on January 4th and where he would have taken the company had he still been booking," mentioning angles for your first PPV after you take over ONLY ONCE is just ludicrous. We barely found out anything that Dutch had in store. He threw out some vague ideas like "Put Abyss w/James Mitchell, build him up, then on January 4th, have Hogan confront them. Then build to a match between Hogan and Abyss. I don't know when. Maybe Lockdown, or Bound For Glory, or maybe that Summer show. What's it called? Oh yeah. Slammiversary."

There was almost NOTHING of substance on this DVD. No one should ever buy it.

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