ROH Straight Shootin' with CM Punk & Samoa Joe Vol 1

ROH Straight Shootin

By Big Red Machine
From March 10, 2005

ROH Straight Shootin
This was a GREAT shoot. It was a lot of fun. Definitely worth picking up. Joe and Punk talk about their famous trilogy of matches, how Mick Foley tried to get them in a main event program for Wrestlemania 21, working with Foley and Steamboat, and the reason why Punk famously called the stripper a whore during his FIP Falls Count Anywhere match with Homicide... and being made to apologize to her afterwards). They also tell absolutely HILARIOUS stories about everyone put Punk being extremely drunk, FWA promoter Alex Shane ribbing Punk & Corino by taking them to a transvestite bar, Punk trying to start a fight between Joe and Chuck Lydell at a strip club's Christmas party, and how Joe accidentally wound up as the judge in a stripper contest.

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