AAA Triplemania XIX

AAA Triplemania XIX

From June 18, 2011

AAA Triplemania XIX
AAA Triplemania XIX, June 18, 2011, Arena Mexico, Mexico City, DF.

Konnan Opening Segment - Re-Introduces Arturo Rivera and reminds us that any interference by either the Legion Extranjera or the Milicia are gonna get fined and suspended.

Lolita, Cinthya Moreno, and Las Apache (Faby and Mary)
Sexy Star, Mickie James, and The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) (LE)
- 6/10
Good way to start the show. There was a lot of miscommunication between Sexy Star and all the TNA chicks, part of the problem i wanna think that it was because of the lucha style tags, but some other times it only looked like Sexy was trying to steal the spotlight. All the Faby Apache vs Mickie James stuff was awesome, this is where their feud started. Las Tecnicas were definitely the better team in the ring. Also, heel Mickie James is soo awesome.

Octagon's Hall Of Fame Induction - Octagon is barely the 5th inductee to the AAA Hall of Fame. 30 yrs wrestling. No speech at all.

Table, Ladders and Chairs Match
Electroshock, Heavy Metal (w/ Charly Montana, Lokillo and Nanyzh Rock) and Joe Líder
La Maniarquía (Chessman, Silver Cain and Último Gladiador) (w/ Jennifer Blake and Maniaquito)
- 6/10
Chessman came out with a TRON like suit, but he needed help getting the suit off killing all his momentum. Ultimo Gladiador is fighting with a spartan attire that looks soo uncomfortable. These guys actually use the ladder as a weapon, at least it looks like it hurts, even the Terry Funk spot looked stiff. a lot of sick spots, stiff chair shots. Heavy Metal gets taken out and out came Nicho El Millonario, kinda like a substitution, but according to the in interference rule presented at the start, officials come and take him away. He will later get suspended. Jeff Jarrett's guitar shot was made looked wimpy, whenn Heavy Metal brought in a chello!!

Los Bizarros (Cibernetico, Dark Escoria, Charly Manson, and Billy El Malo)
El Inframundo (La Parka, Dark Ozz, Drago, Octagon)
- 5/10
a lot of great lucha being displayed here, but it's not really what i expected from this feud, they were just playing the face vs heel game here. Also, i'm not sure if it's my TV, but everyone looks fatter in this match. They did a great job stalling for the confrontation between Parka and Ciber, but then Taboo's debut F'ed it all up and we didn't get the payoff. I would have given it more points because the wrestling was great, but nothing happened in this match at all and the finish kinda sucked. Taboo is a great character, he has amazing looks, but he shouldn't talk, it goes completely out of character.

Legion Extranjera Promo - Jarrett was great, Konnan translating sucked

AAA Tag Team Titles Cage Match
Mr Anderson and Abyss (LE) vs Jack Evans and Xtreme Tiger (c)
- 6/10
Anderson doing his intro in Spanish was gold!!! SENIOR ANDERSON!!! Same problem with all Tag Team cage matches, leaving the cage to get closer to the win leaves your partner alone. The thumbtack spot was nice, but abyss setting the tacks while Evans was on the top of the cage was pretty dumb. Mexican ladies love their Jack Evans, I think i saw a chick crying over the thumbtack spot.

AAA Trios Titles Tournament Finals
Perros del Mal (Damian 666, Halloween, X-Fly)
Psycho Circus (Monster, Murder, and Psycho Clown) (w/ Mini Clown)
- 4/10
Los Perros are really over, even more over than Psycho Circus. If i remember correctly, this is the rematch from the match were Los Perros broke the 600+ undefeated streak that Psycho Circus had. Wrestling was bad in this match, bunch of 'hardcore' spots with not a lot of selling, it was one of those spot after spot matches. Only thing that helped was that both teams are really over with the fans and AAA fans go crazy over anything that is hardcore.

AAA Megacampeonato Title Match
El Zorro (c) vs Jeff Jarrett W/ Karen Jarrett (LE)
- 7/10
Jarrett was throwing tortillas to the fans, that was awesome!! The match was great for the most part, but i really hated when they started cheating. Zorro used the Kendo Stick in front of the ref, but then Jarrett hides the use of the belt. Then the ref takes the chair away from both of them, all while THIS IS A HEEL REF!!! Good near falls by the end of the match, but the pinfall came one near fall to late. A US wrestler really hit the nerve of the Mexican fans, Jarrett got a lot of heat for winning the title.

Hair vs Mask Match
El Mesias vs L.A. Park (LE)
- 9/10
This is a blood feud, i don't care it's L.A. Park, he shouldn't dance unless he's mocking Mesias. Park tries to break the announcers table in less than a minute, unfortunately, for Mesias, it doesn't break. Blood within two minutes after Park BREAKS a computer monitor on Mesias' head, yes BREAK A MONITOR!!. This will be a hellish match. Stiff chair shots in this match. 30+ minutes of great brawling. Great near falls, the match could have ended at any time during the last 10 - 15 minutes. The finish could have been better, but still good.

AAA Latin American Title Match
Dr. Wagner Jr (c) W/ Dr. Wagner III vs Rob Van Dam (LE)
- 8/10
Wagner comes out to mariachis, kinda felt like Apollo Creed vs Ivan Drago. RVD and Wagner are quite similar to each other, several differences in wrestling style, but both adapt to each other perfectly. RVD hits the 5 Star Frog Splash on Wagner with a chair between them, and stupid AAA shows a recap instead of the pin!!! Same with a Vandaminator!! The match was good for the most part, some botches, but it sometimes happens with two guys who can't communicate in the ring easily.

This is supposed to be AAA's biggest show, but the production value is just terrible, bad enough that overshadows the good wrestling. As big as the mid card matches look on paper, not many of them delivered, fortunately, the three main events were good enough to save the show. Something I did like is the rule that anyone who interfered in a match would be suspended and fined, it controlled the usual overbooking we tend to see in AAA.

-- LE = Representing La Legion Extranjera
-- Arturo Rivera returned to the announcing table after having Lung Cancer and being in a comma for 20 days. So you can imagine how his energy and voice are. It gets uncomfortable hearing him talk, since he can't talk, he only resorts to one liners here and there, but they never make sense without his usual blabbering.
-- AAA really needs to work on their production, it's bad IMO, the value is good, but it is constantly out of time, badly prepared, makes the show look cheap.
-- It gets annoying that refs don't count pins just because the ref is heel. Annoying as hell, AAA needs younger refs or refs that will actually try to sell you a match.
-- Apparently, submissions are only by voice here and not by tapping out.
-- The play by play guys are trying to call some of the moves in english, and they constantly fail to do it, it's annoying.

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