JTO x NJPW TAKATaichiMania 3

JTO x NJPW TAKATaichiMania 3JTO x NJPW TAKATaichiMania 3

From January 10, 2022

Haruo Murata, Milano Collection AT & Yoshinobu Kanemaru on commentary today.

Tokyo Sports Award Ceremony - Dangerous Tekkers had a little ceremony for winning 2021 Tokyo Sports Tag Team of the Year. Sabre had a short speech thanking Taichi and Tokyo Sports for the award, he said it all in Japanese. Taichi also thanked Sabre and Tokyo Sports.

Rino Inaba Performance - She sang the Rowdy ~TAKA TAICHI~ theme.

Fire Katsumi & SEKIYA vs. Akira Jumonji & Genta Yubari - 5/10

Fun rookie match, well wrestled. Fire Katsumi got the win over Jumonji, the who that impressed me the most.

Nao Ishikawa, Ram Kaicho & YAKO vs. Misa Kagura, Rhythm & Sumika Yanagawa - 6/10

Good Joshi match, really fast paced and well wrestled. Ishikawa and Yanagawa were easily the best in the match, but Ram Kaicho is on another level in terms of presence Yanagawa tapped out Ishikawa.

Arata & T-Hawk vs. Eagle Mask & Ryuya Takekura - 6.5/10

Another short fun match. T-Hawk was obviously the best involved, but Takekura had the size to have some credible offense against Hawk. Arata and Eagle Mask had some pair ups, and granted they're young, didn't do much with their time to try and showcase. Eagle Mask did show some prospect, mostly because of the look. Hawk pinned Eagle with a Night Ride.

Maya Yukihi & Yuu Yamagata vs. Aoi & Tomoka Inaba - 6.5/10

Aoi entered with a hip hop dance number, while Inaba did a short kata, which felt like a big contrast between them.

Yukihi was easily the star of the match, Aoi and Inaba are both in their first years and Yamagata is a 20 year veteran, but Yukihi is in her prime. Not trying to say that the rest were not good, everyone looked really good, especially Inaba, but she was able to feed from two good competitors. Finish saw Aoi get the upset win over Yamagata with a Crossrhodes.

READY TO KISS Performance - They're an idol group, they performed, it was nice.

Submission Tag Team Match
KANON & Ren Ayabe vs. Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr.) - 6.75/10

KANON and Ayabe are an interesting pair up, a quick google will tell you what I mean, but it was their physical traits that made this match considerably more interesting against a team like Suzuki and Sabre.

Suzuki was surprisingly playful in this match, way more than when he goes to DDT, and while it can dangerously get close to making a match awkward, it did make the little offense that KANON and Ayabe got look better because they got the better of the joking Suzuki. KANON I thought looked better in the match, but not enough to make an impression. Suzuki and Sabre won with tandem Octopus Stretches.

TAKA Michinoku vs. El Desperado - 7.5/10

This was about a main or semi-main event from a BOSJ night. Really good, but also with a basic one direction story where TAKA worked over Desperado's legs until Despy made a comeback and eventually won with Pinche Loco. Even after watching some JTO last year, I thought this was the best TAKA match I've seen in years.

Taichi (w/Miho Abe) vs. DOUKI - 8.5/10

This was really good and really emotional. I wouldn't say it was DOUKI's best wrestled match, he had some bangers in the last two BOSJ tournaments, but for sure this may had been one of his biggest matches, it felt like a big deal for him.

Story here is that back in Mexico, Taichi and Desperado discovered DOUKI and brought him in to NJPW and Suzuki-gun back when Desperado was sidelined from the BOSJ 26. Milano Collection AT had originally brought DOUKI to Toryumon, so main eventing this whole show against Taichi, with Despy in the semi-main, with Milano on commentary, it all is a huge deal for DOUKI.

Story of the match was that Taichi had both the experience and power advantage over DOUKI, but the latter had speed and had a bigger chip on his shoulder. Taichi beat the shit out of DOUKI, but DOUKI kept coming back more and more, as things escalated, DOUKI started to bring out some of Milano's moves, which literally made Milano tear up and run to ringside to cheer on DOUKI. In the latter part of the match DOUKI had started to rely more on submissions and roll ups for the win, but Taichi's level was still way ahead an overpowered DOUKI until he dropped him with Black Mephisto for the win.

If anything else, DOUKI knows he made Taichi work for that win.

Post-match - Milano, Taichi, and DOUKI all had some words for each other. Taichi put over DOUKI to the point that DOUKI couldn't hold back the tears.

Afterwards, TAKA joined up with Taichi to close the show, they brough in the rest of Suzuki-gun to celebrate Miho Abe's birthday, at the hands of Minoru Suzuki who smashed the little cake on her face. Suzuki-gun took some group photos with READY TO KISS before closing up shop.


Good, short, and fun show. Only the main event would I consider worth checking out if you have any affinity for Taichi, DOUKI, or Suzuki-gun. I always enjoy these wrestler produced shows, I wish more stables could do things like this more often.

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