AAA Triplemania XVIII

AAA Triplemania XVIII

From June 06, 2010

AAA Triplemania XVIII
AAA Triplemania XVIII, June 6, 2010, Arena Mexico, Mexico City, DF.

There are two things you need to know about lucha libre before watching any show. (1) the refs are as involved in the match and stories as are the wrestlers, there's heel refs and face refs, they side with the wrestlers, they cheat if heel, a lot of slow counts, they'll even break pins, so don't get annoyed by the antics of the refs. (2) Lucha style tag makes it seem like matches have no control at all. This point in particular makes it a but hard to evaluate a match since you may not get all catch all the action.

Loser must be the winners slave for a month.
Las Gringas Locas (Rain & Jennifer Blake) and Sexy Star (LE*) vs Cinthia Moreno and Las Apache (Faby and Mari) - 5/10
The build up video of this match suggest that this match should have bigger stakes than becoming slaves for a month. Both teams did some good work together. The finish was bad in the sense that it killed the momentum the match was picking up, not to mention if one of the quick counts by a heel ref.
Apache comes out waaaay to late. waaaay to late. But then again, when was the last time a ref had a mic in his hand? I didn't like that Apache was all up and arms on the ref, but when Konnan came out, he didn't do anything.

Four-way elimination Tornado Tag team match for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
Los Maniacos (Ultimo Gladiador & Silver Cain) vs Beer Money, Inc (Robert Roode & James Storm) (LE*) vs Hermanda 187 (Nicho el Millonario & Joe Lider) vs Atsushi Aoki and Go Shiozaki (LE*) (c) - 6/10
The build up video was great, but it focuses on the feud between the 187s and La Legion Extranjera, two problems here, the video never shows neither team of the LE, second problem is they don't build any team other than the 187s. This is technically TNA vs NOAH vs AAA. NOAH guys get eliminated first, out of nowhere if you ask me. The elimination of the 187s keeps building the feud, but it seems like they should have done a lot more here.

Aftermath with Los Junior Capos was good, as new champs, not involved with the LE feud, Los Maniacos needed new contenders. Los Capos step up and make the challenge.

Steel Cage Lucha de Apuesta match with the hair of referees Pierro and Hijo del Tirantes on the line.
Team Hijo del Tirantes (Alex Koslov, Chessman and Hernandez) (LE*) defeated Team Pierro (Heavy Metal, Octag├│n and Pimpinela Escarlata) - 7/10
Build up video was meh, but it made perfect sense and it really build up the match. What has Octagon become with the years, why does he come out to 'La Bamba' !? I don't know if they were stalling for something, but it took almost 20 minutes to start the match.Koslov has a pretty good spanish, no wonder he is so over in Mexico. Personally, this matches don't make sense, in order to win, the team must leave the cage, but if a team mate leaves, while you're closer to the win, makes your team weak, plus you look like a bad team mate if you leave your team. Anyway, sick plancha from Super Mex!! But Chessman's moonsault was even crazier!!

Four Way Elimination for the AAA Cruiserweight Championship
Jack Evans vs Extreme Tiger (c) vs Christopher Daniels (LE*) vs Nosawa (LE*) - 8/10
Generico cameo in the build up video!!! OLE!! Build video doesn't really take on any feud, but it does a good work on building each wrestler involved. Jack Evan's got potentially the biggest pop of the night. This was a great match, kinda spotty, X-Division style, but then again it's a cruiserweight title. A lot of double teaming in this match, Evans and Tiger used to be a tag team, so the pairings came out really natural. 450 to the outside by Tiger!! Nosawa's elimination was good. Tiger's elimination was the best way in order to have him stay strong, yet remove him from the match. Daniels vs Evans was just amazing.

Extreme rules Tag Team match
Cibern├ętico and Abyss vs El Zorro and El Vampiro Canadiense - 5/10
The build up videos were meh, abyss' was bad. Ciber is really over with the fans. A lot of things didn't make sense in this match. To start off, Konnan has a feud with Vampiro, who should technically be on la Legion's side. Abyss, the outsider is not with the Legion. Konnan calls out the Legion to attack Ciber and Abyss, but then Konnan interferes and attacks Vampiro and gives the win to Ciber and Abyss....over booking. Aside the booking, the match was short and not extreme enough to get a higher rating.

Aftermath with the 187s - nice, fuels the feud.

AAA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Electroshock (c) vs Dr. Wagner Jr. - 8.5/10
Decent build up video. Reminded me how awesome Silver King vs Dr. Wagner was. This is the first one on one match, so it's bound to be far slower, yet more controlled than any other match in the night. This match has great wrestling, everyone was expecting extreme stuff, illegal stuff, but none of that, it was almost like a pure wrestling match. Aftermath was honorable and great, makes the champ and the title seem soo important.

At a point in the match, Wagner and Shock are mat wrestling, amazing slow wrestling with a lot of counters, but slow nonetheless. The crowd started S**ting a bit on the match for that. The announcing team instead of trying to cover up or ignore, actually started commenting on it, saying that a lot of fans right now just want to watch extreme wrestling or fast paced wrestling, Konnan even said that this is the basics of lucha libre, if you don't like this, then you don't like lucha libre.

Match for the rights of the name "La Parka"
L.A. Park (LE*) W/ Dorian Roldan vs La Parka w/ Joaquin Roldan - 9/10
Both Parks came out to the exact same song, but La Parka was better at dancing. A chair shot in the first minute of the match, so it's gonna be one of those matches. The size of this match is huge, it's like if Bret fought HBK 13 yrs after the Montreal Screwjob. Violence escalated quickly. Parka's mask was torn soo bad that he needs to stop every so often to fix it. The match goes back and forth for the most part. Great near falls near the end of the match. Best ref bump ever!!

Perros del Mal invade AAA and help out Park. The decision of the match gets thrown out because of it. AAA tries to make a stand, but not a lot of people come out, but i liked that even the women came out. I think this was the point where i started to consider los Perros del Mal as a mexican nWo. They actually had the power to mostly end the feud between la Legion and AAA in order to join forces to battle los Perros.

This show did feel like a big show, most of the small matches had people from other companies coming in, and the final matches had big stakes in them. The wrestling itself has so and so, some neat stuff, but some other stuff was just out of control. Overall a good show, I actually think that if you don't know a lot of spanish, you may enjoy some things more than I who sometimes dislike the Mexican luchador mic work.


- LE* = Representing La Legion Extranjera
- Konnan at commentary is great. The announcing team is a 5 man one, but it is the perfect heel/face announcing team, they even work the audience during their introductions.
- The Sixed Sided ring they have is freaking huge!! Larger than the old TNA ring.
- There was an after show concert. This personally killed the momentum that the Invasion had, there shouldn't be an after show or dark match after such a big segment. Not even the crowd was into it.

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