DDTxChris Brookes Produce Show 2 “Wrestle Butokan★Dream”

DDTxChris Brookes Produce Show 2 “Wrestle Butokan★Dream”DDTxChris Brookes Produce Show 2 “Wrestle Butokan★Dream”

From February 07, 2021

Introduction - As it happened last time, Shota tried to dress up as Takanashi Masahiro and tried to hijack the show. Brookes and actual Takanashi interrupted and beat him up. STATOOO!

Chris Brookes & Miyu Yamashita (w/Masahiro Takanashi) vs. DDT Sauna Club (Shunma Katsumata & Yuki Ueno) - 8/10

The build up to this match had seen Ueno and Katsu talk about going after Yamashita's shin. Yamashita's English had only gone as far as saying Don't touch my shin!, and so, this came into play every time that Yamashita was in the ring, especially a against Ueno.

Match layout was interesting, none of them are heels, though I'd argue that Katsu and Ueno worked the side a bit while on top, but they still manage to get two babyface in peril runs, to Brookes and Katsumata, and quite a long run where Yamashita fought off both Ueno and Katsu, that could count as one too.

The last couple of minute, it all went tornado tag, but at the end, it was Brookes that pinned Katsu after Miyu's Skull Kick,
and Brooke's Praying Mantis Slam. This was pretty great!

Hyper Misao Promo - Good, she did it in English, she told Mecha Mummy that it will die.

Robot vs Hero! Falls Count Anywhere Match
Mecha Mummy vs. Hyper Misao - A Great DUD!

Story of the match saw MM beat the shit out of Misao early on, so Misao had to rely on transforming into Mecha Pammy, her far more powerful robotic form. With a fair playing field, Misao gained some momentum and came close to finishing off Mummy with the legendary Sword of Heroes, but Mummy threw magical Egyptian powder on Misao, attacked with its Jet Scrander. They kept brawling until both robots poured water on each other and they both malfunctioned for a double KO.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Baliyan Akki - 8/10

I've seen over 30 Akki matches and this is the first time I've heard his entrance theme. Akki mostly works for ChocoPro, which obviously is a completely different game from DDT. Commentary explained perfectly how Akki is accustomed to being the bigger person in the match, how he is accustomed to escaping submissions easier due to ChocoPro's smaller ring, and thus, he was having some problem with the much larger Takeshita. Eventually, Akki using his kicking asvantage, manage to bring down Take, but he wasn't able to seal the deal with the Namaste Press.

Towards the end, Akki started hitting everything he had to put down Take, including the Namaste 450 and going for La Magistral, but he couldn't keep Take down, and so at the end, Take ended him with a Blue Thunder Bomb and a big German Suplex pin for the win.

This was great, Akki looked really good, he's not someone that gets to show his work inside a ring as often, he is someone that is barely breaking into the upper echelon of promotions in Japan, having some matches in AJPW and DDT. Takeshita looked as the powerhouse that he has become, dominant and a great seller when needed. The match was action packed bell to bell.


Great little 3-match show. Perfect selection of matches, one tag, one comedy, one singles, plus a good selection of wrestlers. After the show, Brookes and company held a little conversation where Brookes explained why he booked these specific matches and wrestlers, and they all made perfect sense for what he was trying to present in this show.

He explained that the opener was a throwback to the participants of his first produced show, plus Ueno that he hates and wanted to see Yamashita kick him. Mecha Mummy vs Hyper Misao was a throwback to the stuff that he fell in love with DDT long ago, versus who was a wrestler from today that represented something similar to Mummy, that being Misao. Lastly, he explained that he hates Akki, but he respects his work and wanted him in the first show, but couldn't, and so he booked him here against someone who embodies DDT -- Konosuke Takeshita.

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