Impact Wrestling Genesis 2021

Impact Wrestling Genesis 2021Impact Wrestling Genesis 2021

From January 09, 2021

Super X Cup Tournament First Round Match
Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton) vs. Suicide - 6.5/10

Ok opener. Suicide was given a lot in this match, it really wasn't until the last minutes that Ace got control of the match and won with The Fold.

Super X Cup Tournament First Round Match
KC Navarro vs. Blake Christian - 6.5/10

Another ok match. Story of the match was that Navarro was showing that he could do anything that the fan favorite Christian could do, and even more. If this was your first Christian match, you'd never know what the big deal is with him, since Navarro looked a bit more impressive, especially in terms of an overall package. Blake won with a Twisting Splash.

Super X Cup Tournament First Round Match
Daivari vs. Cousin Jake - 7/10

Good match, more of a hoss fight. A lot of clobbering, a lot of whipping each other from corner to corner, a lot of chops and clotheslines, but also a couple of dives from Jake, who won with a Blackhole Slam at the end.

Super X Cup Tournament First Round Match
Crazzy Steve vs. Tre Lamar - 7.5/10

Story here is that Steve is too weird for Lamar, who kept getting freaked out by him, his antics, and just kept asking him to ‘act normal’. It wasn’t even just the unorthodox wrestling style, but just Steve trying to lick him during lockups. Eventually Lamar got some offense in and we got a wrestling match.

This was surprisingly good once it go going. Crazzy Steve showed that he can have a good match, but even so, Lamar could have had a better match with anyone else.

Moose Interview - Gia Miller interviewed Moose about his match tonight. Moose said that Mack made a mistake by requesting an I Quit match against him. He did it out of anger, and this match just happened to make Moose angry too, and so tonight, he'll send a message to Rich Swann via Willie Mack. Moose said he is not going out there to hear Mack quit, but he is looking into sending him to the hospital, and what of all things, will make Mack quit.

Super X Cup Tournament Semifinal Match
Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton) vs Cousin Jake - 8/10

This was great! They went for a speed vs size match, even if Austin is not exactly a small guy anymore. They traded momentum throughout the match, but it was towards the end that the match got so good. Jake got some good near falls, especially after going for the same finish he won the Daivari match. Finish saw Austin block a second rope gut wrench suplex from Jake, and follow with a springboard fold for the win. This match was great, Cousin Jake had a great showing this show.

At one point, Jake hit a dive on both Austin and Fulton, angering Fulton, and from there one, he’d kept getting in Jake’s face, distracting him for Austin to take out and finally cut off. Fulton smartly never laid a hand on Jake.

Swann and Mack Meeting - Rich Swann and Willie Mack had a talk backstage. Swann told Mack that he knew Moose was a dangerous man, but he knew that Mack had no quit in him and that Mack wasn't a stepping stone nor a messenger boy.

Super X Cup Tournament Semifinal Match
Blake Christian vs Crazzy Steve - 8.5/10

WTF!? Where is this Crazzy Steve on a weekly basis? He was great in this match. Early on, in between moves, Crazzy Steve kept talking to his pet monkey in his corner. It was all friendly competition until Christian accidentally kicked the monkey off the apron and Crazzy Steve snapped and went berserk on Christian. At this point, the actual match started and it was great.

Not necessarily heel, but Steve did work a far more vicious style than normal, once again showing that he could be great in the ring if not for pet monkeys and Joker-impersonations. At the end, Blake Christian caught Steve in the ropes and hit a springboard 450 for the win.

Jazz Interview - Miller interviewed Jazz about her match tonight. Jazz said that she had already announced retirement, but she just couldn’t turn down Grace’s invitation to wrestle with/against her on Impact.

Jazz vs. Jordynne Grace - 8/10

Jazz made her Impact debut as the tag team partner or Grace, for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament. They managed to defeat the team of Killer Kelly and Renee Michelle, but fell to the team of Havok and Nevaeh. Before Jazz could go and retire, Grace asked for a match.

If this was indeed Jazz’s retirement match, she couldn’t ask for a better opponent and a better match, this was great. They had a bit of a hoss fight, back and forward action all throughout, somewhat physical, with a lot of striking between the two, a lot of slamming each other. Jazz doesn’t have a fast paced match, but she can still pull off high impact moves, both in the offensive and defensive sides. It seemed like as the match went on, both women got more comfortable going all out and started pulling out bigger moves and putting some more weight into the match.

Finish saw both women trade roll ups and pin attempts, and at the end, Grace countered an O'Connor Roll to her own and won.

Super X Cup Finals
Ace Austin vs Blake Christian - 9/10

Match of the night. Just great wrestling all over. This was really acrobatic, the most aerial match we had seen in the tournament; however, it never looked choreographed or like they were going through sequences. It just happened to be two wrestlers that were comfortable in the air and that happened to spin around while dodging each other.

Finish was a great sequence with Austin dodging the twisting splash, Christian dodging the fold, and going into pin attempts and reversals that ended with both men just trading strikes in the middle of the ring until Austin dropped Christian with a second fold for the win.

Austin sent Madman Fulton to the back at the start of the match, saying he’d win this by himself, and Fulton obliged, never coming out.

I Quit Match
Willie Mack vs. Moose - 6.5/10

These two have been feuding over a month now. It all started when Moose started to make moves towards challenging Swann for the world title, and he did it by attacking Mack. Moose and Mack have traded wins, the last one being by ref stoppage when Moose took out Mack, and the latter wasn’t able to defend himself.

This match really suffered from the referee, and the wrestlers for that matter, constantly asking for the I Quit. It wasn’t five minutes that the referee was asking after Moose would get whipped to the guardrail or slammed on the ramp. At one point Moose did start to tell the referee to stop asking.

Halfway though the match, Moose finally told the ref to stop asking as he just wanted to hurt Mack, and that made the match turn around a lot. We started seeing better moves, we had a huge Go To Hell from the top rope to the floor through a table.

Finish saw Moose knockout Mack with straight elbows to the face, but he wasn’t done, he mocked Mack for not being able to quit anymore and went to Pillmanize Mack’s neck. Rich Swann came down and asked Moose to stop, he was going too far, Mack was already knocked out. Moose wasn’t stopping, and so Swann offered Moose the title shot he’d been chasing if he’d let Mack go. Moose said that he now had what he wanted and quit.

It’s an interesting way to end the match and somewhat protect Mack from quitting. It’s an end that in any other long match, it would be somewhat infuriating, but the nature of the finish, especially in an I Quit match, does kinda force it go long before pulling the trigger on someone not being able to even quit for themselves. We’ll have to wait and see when Moose vs Swann takes place.


A consistently good show inside the ring, just straight up good wrestling with little to no shenanigans.

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