AAA TripleMania XXVIII

AAA TripleMania XXVIIIAAA TripleMania XXVIII

From December 12, 2020

Show started with the traditional parade of dead people. I have never liked that AAA does this.

Dinastia, Maximo & Mr. Iguana vs. Nuevo Poder del Norte (Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr. & Tito Santana) - 4/10

Dynastia and Maximo aside, I'm not a big fan of the rest. Poder del Norte won after blatantly using weapons all match in front of the referee. Aside from that, it was a lot of spots and weapons use and nothing else.

Mr. Iguana seemed to get injured at the end and he was carried out in the worst way possible.

We got a dance number by some dude called Charro Gonzales. It wasn't even good dancing, so just a waste of time, plus, you know, they're dancing to no public.

La Parka Hall of Fame Induction - I guess the dance number was to lead to the HOF induction. I always enjoy the Hall of Fame inductions, but listening to Marisela Peña was annoying. The rest was great, Dorian's speech was good, they played a video of La Parka and the importance he had in Mexican lucha.

Campeonatos Mundiales en Pareja AAA
Los Lucha Brothers (c) vs Jinetes del Aire vs Los Mercenarios (Texano Jr. and Rey Escorpión) - 7/10

This match had some great stuff, but also a lot of weak stuff. I loved every time that someone like Fenix would mix it up with either Jinete, or even Penta vs Texano, but any time that Rey Escorpion was there, it was weak, and obviously all the weapon use brought things down.

Halfway through the match, Rey Escorpion used a bat on Pentagon's leg to take him out of the match, referee didn't say anything. The referee wasn't acting heelish at all, so I take it this was just AAA not giving a fuck about weapon use. Anyway, Penta came back and hit the Spike Fear Factor on Myztezyz for the win.

Post-match - Taurus came out and along with Los Mercenarios, attacked los Jinetes del Aire. Hijo del Vikingo made his bit return and made the save. Taurus took a poisonrana and spiked himself right on top of his head.

Copa Triplemanía Femenil
Faby Apache vs. Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Mamba vs. Lady Shani vs. Chik Tormenta vs. Big Mami vs. Lady Maravilla vs. La Hiedra vs. Hades - 4.5/10

Hijo del Tirantes got a bigger introduction than the two initial wrestlers. Facepalm.

This was Impact gauntlet rules, so I have zero idea why there is a referee in the ring if there are no pins or submissions until the final two; also with an actual clock on the screen, so they couldn't even gimmick the entry time. This was easily my favorite match so far, not all of them are great wrestlers, but they're all capable and with Faby and Mamba to carry and Hades for the awesomeness. Now, it wasn't a good match in terms of planning, it was 99% chaos and just attacking whoever is out there, zero stories being told, but if we're watching chaotic wrestling, this was fun.

The level of stupidity, or maybe heelness, had the wrestlers going for pins when commentary is telling us that they're not legal, and then the heel referee starts counting pins when the heel has the pin.

Anyway, final two where Lady Shani vs Lady Maravilla and it was really good, Shani won via submission.

Post-match - Hiedra came to attack Shani, Faby made the save. New woman Flamer debuted and joined the rudas, Hades came out for the save and got her ass kicked. So half of the match just came out again.

Aczino, Lobo Estepario, and DJ Aztek 732 Musical Performance - This was fucking awesome, it was a rap battle where each rapper took a side on the next match. It was all great until Psycho Clown came out and pretended to be cool.

Psycho Circus vs Blue Demon Jr, L.A. Park, & Hijo de L.A. Park - 6.5/10

I hadn't heard this new Psycho Circus entrance theme, it's like a decease to my ears. Imagine Mexican banda playing a circus theme for kids. Also, Monster Clown lost his mask not long ago against Aerostar, and now he's wrestling with... his mask anyway. Where the fuck is the commission fining him?

This was yet another chaotic weapons match that wasn't announced as such, so I'm just going to assume that all AAA matches now have nothing against using weapons. The story here was that Demon and Park started having issues with each other, and the dissension led to Psycho Clown getting an open shot at Hijo de L.A. Park, who he pinned after a Spanish Fly.

There was a spot towards the end of the match were Murder Clown went for a tope con giro, but he just kinda rolled over the rope and dropped himself, he would have gone head first into concrete if not for Park who kinda turned him sideways at the cost of his own knee buckling. I've seen him pull this off before, so I'm guessing he was gassed out and didn't have the power to throw himself.

Post-match - Park and Demon started brawling outside the ring to the shitty campy theme of Psycho Circus, it was like a fight to a Benny Hill song, killing any actual drama that could come from these two legends going at it.

Molotov Performance - A band from my childhood, playing songs from such childhood. Remember when Molotov had protest songs against Mexican corruption and capitalism and now they're just sold-out old men? More waste of time. Musical performances to no public make zero sense in a wrestling show, you're not entertaining anyone.

Venenoide & Terror Purpura vs Aracno & Leyenda Americana - 1/10

Talking about capitalism and shit, we now have a Marvel Comics x AAA match. Let's start from the top, the actual men underneath the shit costumes are Brian Cage (Thanos) & Taurus (Venom) vs Lio Rush (Spiderman) & Daga (Cap Am). Thanos aside, because he doesn't look like Thanos at all, he just looks like an awesome wrestler, the costumes given to these wrestlers are ABYSMAL! Rush looks like he's wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, Daga has the most generic lucha jobber gear, and Taurus looks like a fat homeless person in their worst luck. Actually, Venom's mask reminds me a lot of Alebrije's mask. This was like those bad rip offs we see in indie Mexican promotions and to make ALL worse, commentary is selling it like these characters are legit and have a history and that Thanos run the territory. This isn't cosplay, this is AAA pretending this is legit. Even for Marvel fanboys, why the fuck would Thanos and Venom be partners!!!?

Hugo Savinovich won't shut the fuck up about Aracno's father. WHAT THE FUCK IS HE TALKING ABOUT!? Has he never watched or read anything about Spiderman!?


Rush/Daga vs Cage/Taurus was ok. The Marvel shit show was embarrassing to see on a major promotion and show. The little story here saw Rush as the babyface in peril and Cage win with the Drill Claw over Rush. You're telling me that in this shit show about superheroes that I want to believe is meant for kids, YOU HAVE THE VILLAINS WIN!!? AAA, Marvel, you're dumb as fuck.

At one point "Thanos" hit a low blow on "Captain America" and I just broke and fell off my chair laughing.

Post-match - The lights went out and 'Ms. Marvel' said that this isn't over. For Fuck's sake!

Lady Shani Interview - Ok, she put the women's roster over.

Megacampeonato AAA
Kenny Omega (c) w/Michael Nakazawa vs Laredo Kid w/Hijo del Vikingo - 8.5/10

This was the best match of the show hands down. They told a story of Laredo going after Kenny's legs, Omega the head, they didn't have unnecessary weapons, Vikingo's and Nakazawa's interference had purpose and was used smartly. Omega won with a second rope One Winged Angel.

This match made Laredo Kid look leagues above most of the roster, just going in, having a top level match for a championship, he looked like a superstar.

Aczino, Lobo Estepario, and DJ Aztek 732 Musical Performance Part 2 - They did it again and it lost all originality, now it's just yet another waste of time. Too much music in this show.

Cabellera vs Cabellera
Pagano w/Lady Shani vs Chessman w/Los Mercenarios - -10/10

Pagano and I share the same hometown and I have no idea why AAA or anyone likes him, he's just a trash wrestler, and for that matter, Chessman is an old fuck that debuted in 1996 and is still main eventing major shows. I can't in anyway complain about Jericho or Muto and not mention that this dude is way past his prime.

The match was just 20+ minutes of garbage wrestling, something that I've complained of for the whole of the empty arena shows. Weapon matches don't work with no fans there to pop! I understand that the AAA crowd loves their blood matches, but there is not a real crowd here to pop for it, these guys are just killing themselves just because, and well, it's the only thing Pagano knows. I do have to mention that suddenly for this match, there was some noise coming from people outside the camera angle, I don't know why we couldn't hear them before, or if they're actual fans, but it was still not a crowd popping for weapon use.

And for that matter, if they want be have a 'deathmatch', then have the balls to have a fucking deathmatch, go all out, instead they're having the equivalent of a backyard match with badly executed bumps into tables, chairs, and ladders, completely unsafe. Pagano is out there doing a moonsault with a broken ladder, full of unsafe pointy edges, NOTHING is stopping him from going to get a good ladder for the spot. This was just drama-less nonsense, they even made Savinovich on commentary take a bump and blade for no reason whatsoever and it didn't build to anything and zero drama, it's just crash TV. At the end they tossed each other from an elevated place into a table in a truck for the anticlimactic ending. This may be the worst thing that I've seen, and I thought the MARVEL shit was taking that cake.

Savinovich kept saying that this was the culture of Mexican wrestling and I couldn't disagree more, the importance of defending one's mask or hair surely is, but not blood, weapons, and garbage wrestling. I bad that AAA has trained people to expect blood for Apuestas matches.

-1 point more for men ganging up to beat up a woman. She was never seen again.

Post-match - They dragged Chessman's dead body to the ring so he could get his hair shaved. He couldn't even stand, he got shave laying down. One or the other, if he's hurt enough to not be able to sit down on a chair, then that tells you the match was unnecessarily unsafe; however, if he's not, then sit on a fucking chair!


This was a total AAA show in every sense, lots of chaos, the contrast of very good stuff vs very bad stuff, and a lot of blood. Granted I was way more selective on what shows I saw this year, but this may had been the worst thing I saw just because of that last match and the Marvel shit. Some wrestling shows that I've seen are completely irrelevant and just there, stuff that I tend to rate as 'just ok' or 'meh', but I don't walk out disgusted or cringing. If anything else, I'll remember this show I guess.

One last thing that I have to mention. AAA is using drones to record the show, they have some great angles because of it, kuddos, but for fuck's sake, I kept hearing the buzzzzzzz all show. Mute the drone mic!<<

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