DDT Road To Ultimate Party 2020

DDT Road To Ultimate Party 2020DDT Road To Ultimate Party 2020

From October 25, 2020

Hiroshi Yamato vs. Hideki Okatani - 4.5/10

Ok dark match, it didn't go long and had nothing to it. Yamato won.

Imabayashi Announcements - Lot of new merch ready for Ultimate Party. Suzume was there to promote the upcoming TJPW WRESTLE PRINCESS show. Ultimate Party Press Conference takes place tomorrow. We got the calendar for the D-Oh Grand Prix 2021. Dieno and Sakai came out to make some announcements on their manga, but were interrupted by Nakamura who said he was gonna go attack everyone in the ring, but by the time he got there, Dieno was already ready and dropped him with a Dieno Driver.

Danshoku Dino vs. Keigo Nakamura - Squash

Nakamura had been dead in the ring since the announcements and throughout the opening video and set up, but it ended up he was playing possum for a two count. Nak had a couple more near falls, but at the end Dieno kissed him, hit a Gotch Style Dieno Driver for the win.

Antonio Honda, Chris Brookes & Shunma Katsumata vs. DISASTER BOX (HARASHIMA & Toru Owashi) & Yukio Naya - 6.5/10

We got some second match comedy with Owashi and Honda, Shunma was babyface in peril for a really short time, he got cut off by HARASHIMA, but made a comeback against Naya. We got some Brookes vs Naya that was good, but an even better HARASHIMA vs Brookes run.

Honda tripped and considered retirement, but before that, he had a story of Gon the Fox, who attacked everyone, but it ended up leading to a really romantic dance between Brookes and HARASHIMA. We had a nice little sequence at the end until Owashi pinned Honda with La Magistral. This was really fun. Brookes and HARASHIMA made me feel feelings.

Post-match - Imabayashi congratulated Owashi for his 20th Anniversary. He announced that he'll face Gorgeous Matsuno for the O-40 Championship. Owashi didn't want to, but Imabayashi threaten to give Matsuno all of Owashi's merch table earnings.

Mad Paulie vs. Shinya Aoki - 6.5/10

Paulie going all PRIDE on Aoki was good, he had some trouble mat wrestling once Aoki rolled himself around Paulie's leg, but he still looked like someone trying to shoot escape or reverse. As the match went on, Paulie started to dominate more and more, but at the end, Aoki kept going for a submission and got an ankle lock and tapped out Paulie. Great for what it was.

Post-match - Aoki announced that after reconsidering things, he didn't want a weapons match with Takagi, so he relinquished the title. Imabayashi and Takagi were all "WHAT THE FUCK!? NO!!". Takagi promised that the match will happen one way or another.

ALL OUT (Akito & Konosuke Takeshita) vs. Junretsu (Jun Akiyama & Makoto Oishi) - 7.5/10

Great wrestling all around, Takeshita and Akiyama felt more like a brawl, they're pretty heated up by now. The stuff between Akito and Oishi was all submission work, both chasing the leg, but it was Akito that ended up being cut off from his corner. Last few minutes saw Oishi go after Take's leg, but Take came back and won with what seemed like a high angle ballplex, but not from the balls. Great match.

Post-match - Akiyama ripped the mic from Takeshita's hands, he told him he doesn't want words, let's just finish this in the ring at UP. Take shouted that he'll defeat him at Ota-ku!

Endo vs Sasaki Public Contract Signing - Good. Surprisingly, both men came out wearing suits. Sasaki wasn't really good on the mic, both his delivery and content felt super weak, but in a way, it goes with his character; meanwhile, Endo was a leagues beyond with his promo, his presence, his demeanor. I loved the part where Endo said that Sasaki needs to rely on mind tricks and low blows, but Endo will generously let him do all that because he is the champ and Sasaki is nothing more than a B-lister wrestler.

At the end, Sasaki, who had kept losing his cool started to push around Endo, who understandably had enough and attacked Sasaki. Imabayashi tried to stop him and Sasaki used the opening to low blow Endo and lock him in a crossface.

Coming off from this, I really think that Sasaki vs Mad Paulie should have happened before UP.

Soma Takao Video Package - Nice! It was Soma telling his story of how he had been following CIMA since he started wrestling, he used to call himself BIMA after him, and now he had a chance to wrestle him and later on tag with him, fulfilling one of his career dreams.

CIMA vs. Soma Takao - 8/10

Great back and forward match. It put Soma over by taking CIMA to the limit, but CIMA's experience won the match. I don't know if it was smartly done on purpose, or just a coincidence, but they didn't work on each other's limbs at all, it was a lot of big moves and roll up attempts, which makes sense, you don't want to potentially injure your future tag partner is a friendly match. CIMA won with a running double knee to the corner and the Meteora.

Post-match - CIMA put over Soma saying that today, he had fulfilled his dream and he was happy to be part of it. He said that today, Soma graduated from BIMA to CIMA and at Ultimate Party, he'd graduate to DIMA.

I can't believe we're mere days away from the first meeting of Marufuji and CIMA in over a decade.

KO-D Six Man Tag Team Title Match
Eruption (Kazusada Higuchi, Saki Akai & Yukio Sakaguchi) (c) vs. DISASTER BOX (Kazuki Hirata, Naomi Yoshimura & Yuki Ueno) - 9/10

Great fast paced action packed match, this was like a DragonGate or PWG 6-man, just action all around. We had some good chops exchanges with Yoshimura and Higuchi, we got great action from Ueno and Sakaguchi with whoever they paired up, Saki Akai wasn't in as much, but her comeback against Yoshimura was great, but it was Hirata who really put on his working boots, he was fantastic, and even managed to drop a couple of laughs in there.

The one thing that I felt uncomfortable with was the pairing of Yoshimura and Akai, Yoshimura was just coming off way too heelish against her. I get annoyed at the babyface that won't take a women seriously once in the ring, ESPECIALLY when challenging for HER title.

KO-D Tag Team Title Match
Nautilus (c) vs. Eruption (Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi) - 9/10

With the previous match ending with Ueno getting choked out, he was kinda out for this one. The match didn't start until he was up, but still being weak and out of it, he rushed Sakaguchi and ended up getting knocked out again, leaving Yoshimura to wrestle both ERUPTION guys by himself.

The story here was that Nautilus was suffering, Ueno took forever to get back in the match and meanwhile, Yoshimura got his ass kicked. Even when Ueno returned, he was still weak, but nonetheless, Ueno and Naomi made a strong comeback to get back in the game.

ERUPTION now hold 5 title belts.

Post-match - Each member of ERUPTION cut a promo pretty much putting over Nautilus and Hirata as strong competition, but they're the champs now, and they invited them to do it again someday.


This was a great show by DDT, not a great go-home since there was a lot that wasn't touched on, but a great wrestling show by itself. The ERUPTION vs DisasterBox/Nautilus back-to-back matches were some of the best tag team wrestling I've seen all year, this is the quality that Nautilus has brought all year and thus they're my runner ups for best tag team of the year.

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