DDT Pro Money In The Bag 2020

DDT Pro Money In The Bag 2020DDT Pro Money In The Bag 2020

From June 19, 2020

Ok, this is gonna be complex. I can't even properly give it a number grade, it's an interesting event.

Money in the Bag Rules - This is basically a scavenger hunt inside the Chateau Ameba, ABEMA's Streaming Studio. The teams are searching for bags, one of which has money, donated by Yamaguchi, President of CyberZ. Understand that everything happened while other shows and channels were being broadcasted LIVE!

3 Trio teams will start the match doing the searching, BUT there are HUNTER teams inside the building. When two teams find each other, they must fight for the nearest bag. If a HUNTER wins, the losing team is eliminated, Hunters can keep the bag. If the SEARCH team wins, they can continue in the match and keep the bags.

Money In the Bag Match
Disaster Box (HARASHIMA, Naomi Yoshimura, & Yuki Ueno) vs ALL OUT (Konosuke Takeshita, Akito, & Shunma Katsumata ) vs Danshoku Dieno, Super Sasadango Machine, & Makoto Oishi - TONS OF FUN!

All wrestlers made sure to disinfect in the entrance after Saito-san gave them all their instructions.

Team Dieno were the first to start roaming around that encountered a HUNTER team of Sanshiro Takagi, Keigo Nakamura, and Shinya Aoki. They were recording their own I guess. They brawled a bit, the spilled into the ABEMAMix studio were a DJ was performing, they brawled around him. They brawled some more, did some Dieno butt stuff, and Oishi pinned Nakamura for the win. Team Dieno got a bag containing unsold books of Aoki and Takagi.

Next team was Disaster Box finding the HUNTER team of MAO, Mizuki Watase, & Yukio Naya. I think this was either like a Staff Room, or a Delivery and Copy Machine room, but there was a lot of lockers and boxes. Since HARASHIMA fights without shoes, the Hunters set up a bunch of mats with pebbles, so HARASHIMA could walk or run and thus have any offense, so he came up with some restroom slippers. There was a really scary Suplex by Naomi on Naya, were the ceiling was so low and Naya didn't want to hit it, that Naomi almost dropped him on his head because Naya bent himself and didn't throw his weight over, but Naomi being a freak of nature, just powered through. Disaster Box won with a Somato, but unfortunately, their bag only had brushes. Yes, brushes.

Next encounter was ALL OUT, who found the room with the announcing team and a bag. They tried to take the bag, but the announcers stopped them and called in the team of ERUPTION (Sakaguchi & Higuchi) & Gota Ihashi, and in DDT Tradition, Ihashi fell down the stairs. This was kinda fun, it was a lot of Higuchi being big and strong, Sakaguchi kicking people all over, and Ihashi being useless. They stumbled into a quiet set where they fought in silence because there was a tournament chess game being played in the Shogi studio, then Takeshita and Sakaguchi fought in a bycicle race gambling show's set. The lady was scared shitless of Sakaguchi.

Ihashi saved a woman from the action, but she was also scared off by him (who wouldn't) and so he attempted to kill her with a plastic cone, but Takeshita, the heroe that he is, stepped in and took the cone. Takeshita died for a minute while the rest of ALL OUT took out Ihashi and pinned him. The bag didn't have money, but it had a mysterious map.

Next up, Team Dieno walked into a photo studio were they happened to find that there is a photo shoot scheduling conflict between the pairs of Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki and the pair of Mina Shirakawa & Kamiyu. This may had been the first ever Bikini-top-Crossface submission ever. They shot each other with fire extinguishers, they fought in and out of the set, and at the end, Yuka and Mizuki hit a double Crossbody from a ladder for the win. This had nothing to do with the Money in the Bag match, this was just your usual impromptu match that can happen on a normal day.

Anyway, Team Dieno continued with their day and found an actual HUNTER team of Yoshiko, Tachibana, and an evil version of Saki Akai. There was more Dieno butt stuff, but with a window inbetween for Social Isolation reasons, Dango was unmasked and got his face burnt by a bycicle, and at one point, Saki sodomized Dieno with a kendo stick. Yoshiko pinned Dango to eliminated Team Dieno from the match.

Meanwhile, Disaster Box found Damnation (Endo, Sasaki, and Soma Takao) drinking in the staff meeting area, WHILE people were still working. Without spoiling anything yet, this was the most brutal brawl of the night, they broke keyboards on each other, there was a ladder, chairs, Endo got burnt with some liquid, and we saw Endo and Ueno's butt, like a lot. Sasaki was able to retrieve the bag before Disaster Box, and thus DB is eliminated. This bag only had ¥3,000, it wasn't the grand prize, but Damnation was ok with it and went to get more booze.

Finally, ALL OUT have followed the map to Club Harlem. Akito for some reason died in the process and Yuki Iino has joined them. Saito-san returns and tells them the real bag is in the club, but they must defeat the final team of HUNTERS, the dream team of The NEO Itoh Respect Army & mutherfucking Onita! In an Electrocution Explosion Deathmatch! Katsumata responds by going Super Hardcore Katsumata (read as Joker cosplay).

This being the deatmatch with Onita and Katsumata, this wasn't as brutal as the previous bout, but Onito using broken tables on people was particularly unsafe. They brawled around the club, Katsumata jumped from a balcony, Onito broke stuff in the restroom, Itoh jumped from a 6 foot ladder, but it all led to two spots, one were Takeshita is about to use an EE-Bat on Itoh, but Brookes jumps in to save her and takes the blow itself, taking them both out, and later on, for the finish, Onito used another EE-Bat on Katsumata for the win. They fought in the rain, so it was kinda dramatic.

Post-match - Saito-san reappears and is happy that no one takes the money (I guess he would keep it), but Onita confronts him and tortures him for not being booked in more comedy shows.


This was about an hour and a half of fun.

Not to talk trash, but it's an obvious spoof of WWE's MITB show this year; however, I have to say, having multiple fake bags around, having one winning bag hidden around the building, having multiple teams of both participants and spoilers, eliminations happening throughout, it all made the idea soo much better and smarter. I don't have to ask myself why isn't anyone taking the elevator to the roof, when I know that the bags are all over the building, not just one. Kuddos DDT, you've done it again.

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