DDT Pro: Wrestle PETER PAN 2020, Day 2

DDT Pro: Wrestle PETER PAN 2020, Day 2DDT Pro: Wrestle PETER PAN 2020, Day 2

From June 07, 2020

Super Sasadango Presentation - Dango is not there, but Assistant Producer Imabayashi has the laptop with Dango. He explains that this is a ChopUpChallenge and that for every chop in this match, 100 yen will be donated towards fighting COVID-19. Owashi said he didn't understand, but his chops will be hard. Honda said that if they help others, his chops will be happy today. Good for Dango that this isn't a Kobashi match.

Super Sasadango Chop-Up Challenge Match
Toru Owashi Vs Antonio Honda - No Rating

As soon as I heard Sandstorm, I started to miss Session Moth a lot.

So the match didn't actually happen, or at least not right here. Honda went immediately for the palm reading trick and they started to trade chops, and figured out that the chops didn't have to be hard to count, and since all chops count, they started running around chopping people around the ring, including the press and Imabayashi himself. Then they ran to the back, likely to find more people to chop. Count was at 5,100 yen at this point.

Tokyo Joshi Pro 6-Woman Tag Match
MiraClians (Shoko Nakajima & Yuka Sakazaki) & Miyu Yamashita vs BAKURETSU Sisters (Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino) & Rika Tatsumi - 8/10

The power balance is completely off in this match, Yuka/Miyu/Shoko is just too much, they're all former Princess of Princess Champs. Aino, Tenma, and Tatsumi had a great match the last time I saw them fight for the tag titles (TJP Tokyo Joshi Pro '20, 1.4.20), but there's just no comparing with Miyu and Yuka in the same team.

Anyway, pretty good match. It was for the most part, Nakajima, Yamashita, and Sakazaki taking turns on the other three as hot tags, which just makes sense that BAKURETSU Sisters would be better at tag teaming than the other team. The big body of the match was Aino and Sakazaki having a great run together, and even though Aino lost to a MiraClians double 619, a Yamashita Reverse Roundhouse Kick, and Yuka's Magical Girl Splash, I can totally see Aino coming back and looking to challenge for the title, yes, even if she's like 1-5 against Yuka this year.

Honda and Owashi Update - They're just sitting down, eating chips, checking their phones, still chopping each other. Honda suggest real dinner and they take off. Chop count is at 31,300 yen.

DDT Extreme Title - Celebration! Release Restriction Rules
Shinya Aoki (c) Vs Yukio Naya - 4.5/10

Yes, we're celebrating that the COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted. Rule is pretty much No Counts Outs, you're allowed to leave the ring as much as you want.

Aoki is a shoot MMA fighter, so it was really fun seeing him on the offense, but then when Naya had control, the match was pretty bad, he's slow and his strikes are weak, so when you have a dude like Aoki, that is not the best seller, it really exposed Naya.

The match at one point spilled out and they brawled down to the elevators, that took forever to reach, and so they had to stall there until one arrived. Then they brawled aroudn hallways, attacking poor Nakamura. They met Maki Itoh, who was just singing in a hallway, not disturbed by the wrestling taking place. They made their way back to the ring, they used poor Nakamura as a weapon, wrestled some more until Aoki won with the European Clutch. This was boring, it had potential once they went to the hallways, but they didn't do anything with it. It was just a bad pair up in my opinion.

Eruption (Yukio Sakaguchi & Saki Akai) Vs NEO Itoh Respect Army (Chris Brookes & Maki Itoh) - 8/10

These two may as well be my two favorite teams from DDT (Sorry Yoshimura, you know it's not true). it took me a while to warm up to Sakaguchi, but ERUPTION is just an awesome stable. Likewise, now that Brookes is away from Lykos and Gresham, he just has a new life to him, DDT and Gatoh Move are the best things that could happen to him.

Story here was that Maki was terrified at fighting Sakaguchi and avoided him as much as possible, at least until she fired up and defiantly went after him, but unfortunately, Sakaguchi still won with a PK. This was great, I wish it had been a bit longer to see more of Sakaguchi vs Brookes and more Maki Itoh, but we did get a great chunk of Brookes vs Saki Akai, who has improved so much this last couple of months.

Honda vs Owashi Update - They made it to Ebisuko Tavern, that I think DDT owns. Ken Ohka refuses to serve them because they follow social distancing rules. He offers take-out so they'll leave. Honda and Owashi try to leave without paying, so instead they kidnap Ohka.

Dieno vs Oishi Build Up Video - Awesome. Story is that ever since Oishi made the challenge, the match had been booked and rescheduled for different reasons. Once, Dieno left the stove on, another they both forgot their clothing and while they wanted to wrestle naked, the ref wouldn't have it; another, Oishi's baby wouldn't stop crying, and another they forgot to book a referee. This is just another shot at finally having the match.

Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title Match
Danshoku Dieno (c) Vs Makoto Oishi - Dud

During his entrance, Dieno got a text message that Oishi was late. The referee was about to throw the match out, but Dieno begged to give him 3 minutes. Suddenly, things got really dramatic and a beautiful video package aired, telling the story of Dieno and Oishi's tag team adventures. Weirdly enough, the video package also included the story of Dieno waiting for him in the ring and Oishi making his way there, both with narrations by both men. This got really meta.

Oishi arrived! But as he rushes the ring, falls down the stairs and injures himself. He's knocked out and can't compete. Referee declares it a No Contest.


Honda vs Owashi Update - They're back at the arena eating, chopping Ohka. KUDO arrived with the bill for the food, but said he was donating it for the cause, so he chopped Ohka 31 times, making the total count 1000 (100,000 yen). They said that the money is coming out of Super Sasadango's money and so I guess that's the end of the match.

Intermission conversation - Commentary table got a call from Super Sasadango, who said that he doesn't get ABEMA in Niigata, and he is not subscribed to Wrestle Universe, so he doesn't know what the result of the opener was. He assumes that since it's the opener and Honda isn't exactly a chopper, it should be so much. Commentary told him that it was 100,000 yen and so Dango flipped out. He left the stipulation open and didn't know it had become a Falls Count Anywhere match. They also asked him about #njpw, aka NiiJo, but he didn't say much. Jun Akiyama joined commentary for the rest of the show, he will enjoy the rest of the card.

Akiyama did say that he never expected to comment for DDT and that he was surprised by how stern the training of DDT wrestlers is. He said that Tanaka is having the best year of his career and that Endo is great.

Jun Akiyama is doing commentary for a Marufuji match IN DDT Pro. This world is full of surprises.

HARASHIMA & Naomichi Marufuji Vs MAO & ASUKA - 7/10

I JUST saw ASUKA wrestle for ChocoPro vs Mei, and days later, she's fighting Naomichi Marufuji. Nothing against Mei, but that's a big jump. They had an early match up where she went toe-to-toe chain wrestling and doing reversals with him, she just didn't have the strength. She did fuck up at stomping on Marufuji's head and piss him off, and thus, the Marufuji chops started.

The match surprisingly saw Marufuji get cut off by MAO and ASUKA and become the babyface in peril for a while. HARASHIMA later on also played babyface in peril, so it wasn't just Marufuji. The match itself was good, but I didn't think it was anything special, they all looked great. I'm not usually one to cringe at inter-gender wrestling, but the finish was fucking brutal, HARASHIMA's SOMATO sounded hollow on ASUKA's head.

Post-match - Of the two, Maruduji whispered something to ASUKA and got slapped in the face. He either said something nice and she sold the finish, or he straight up asked her out and got rejected. HARASHIMA said some nice babyface words to the fans at home, Marufuji said his match with CIMASOMA is still pending. They pretended to listen to the fans at home and looked like dorks doing it.

Nautilis vs #DAMNHEARTS Build Up Video - Good. Nautilis has lost twice in 6-Man matches vs #DAMNHEARTS, and now the titles are on the line.

KO-D Tag Team Titles Match
Nautilis (Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura) (c) Vs #STRONGHEARTS (T-Hawk & El Lindaman) - 9/10

Beautiful back and forward tag team action. It was fast paced, stiff, a lot of passion from Nautilis, defending against such a strong team as T-Hawk and Lindaman. This felt like a DragonGate type match, just action start to finish with impressive work from both teams. Lindaman and T-Hawk are never bad, but I'll never not give Yoshimura the MVP of the match, he brings soo much, his look, his style, and his selling is just perfect. Ueno pinned Lindaman for the win.

Post-match - Ueno cut a promo thanking STRONGHEARTS for pushing them to the limit and showing them what competing on a global level is. He said that they should do this again, even in OWE.

Tanaka vs Endo Build Up Video - Good. They put each other over as strong competition. Tanaka said that Strenght is directly related to how dark a tan is. He is strong. Endo and Tanaka also said that even if this didn't happen at Super Saitama, they would eventually go there and fight.

KO-D Openweight Title Match
Masato Tanaka (c) Vs Tetsuya Endo - 9.50/10

I've been watching Masato Tanaka matches for about 20 years now, and I feel strong enough to say that this is Tanaka's best match i've seen. He was a MACHINE here, going after Endo's leg in the most brutal way, all his moves were just smart and perfectly placed.

Endo was fantastic selling and making a huge fired up return, that eventually got him the title. Endo worked over Tanaka's neck and upper body, but being the guy that was taking all the offense, he didn't really 'focus' on anything, he was for the most part, hitting all desperation moves until the end when Tanaka was hurt. Endo hit two Shooting Star Presses to win, claim the title, and break Tanaka's undefeated streak.

It's easy to forget that there was a Wrestle Kingdom this year, and I kept thinking that this was the best match I've seen this year.

Post-match - Tanaka presented the title to Endo himself and put him over. Endo cut a promo telling Tanaka that he elevated the title even if this wasn't his promotion, but that he didn't care for the title. Endo asked for a challenger, but no one was named, so he said he just beat Tanaka, he is strong, and that he will keep the title until Super Saitama happens. He put over DAMNATION and #DAMNHEARTS.


As I expected in day 1's review, I felt they left the best for the second day, and I was right, this show was great. Both in terms of comedy and serious wrestling, day 2 had the better of both. The only weak match was the Hardcore match that just wasted the opportunity.

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