KC's Timeline: History of ECW 1994 Shane Douglas


By Big Red Machine
From November 30, -0001

This is my first experience with this series, so I don't know if they are all like this, but I didn't like the way they structured this. They would play some music and show a header, then ask Shane a question about something related to that. Some of it was certainly interesting, but not really interesting enough to buy. Shane talks a lot about the topics you would expect him to talk about involving ECW 1994: The Night The Line Was Crossed, Terry Funk, Paul Heyman, Tod Gordon, Sabu, winning the ECW Title, the war between ECW and Dennis Coralluzzo, throwing the belt down, the Dreamer vs. Sandman feud, etc. There were some very surprising pieces of information on here, including a series of matches between Shane Douglas and Ric Flair in ECW that almost happened, and the reason why Douglas started dumping on Flair (which will surprise you) I would strongly recommend this to any ECW fan.

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