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From February 29, 2020

** The Buy-In **

S.C.U. Segment - Kaz and Sky tell Daniels to stay behind because his issues with The Dark Order are distracting. Daniels eventually agrees. Just a little bit more fire into the rumors of Daniels being the Exalted one.

The Dark Order vs S.C.U. (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian) - 7/10

Good match, Grayson and Sky were the best in there. Kaz was babyface in peril and Sky had the hot tag, yet it was him that took the pin after a Lariat and Cradle combo.

Post-match - Dark Order jumped SCU until Colt Cabana made his official debut for the save, but the numbers game was too much and ended up getting taken out too until a hooded figured came out, pretending to be the Exalted one, but it was Daniels. Dark Order didn't sell like it was him, because they're not stupid and neither are the fans, but it's still distracting for the Dark Order.
Biggest take from this is that Cabana needs a new song, the Boom Boom part and the song are so disconnected that it becomes a terrible 'surprise save' theme.

Jurassic Express Interview - Meh. I don't know if they're really going to keep building the MJF/Wardlow vs JE feud, but having Luchasaurus talk about that match made them seem like generic fans.

** Main Show **

Dustin Rhodes vs Jake Hager - 5.5/10

Leave it to the old timer ex-WWE employees to have the worst match of the show and the one with sexual harassment and unsolicited physical advancements. The match had nothing to it, it was a straight up boring match with nothing fun going on. Both Hager and Rhodes looked blown out halfway throught. Hager submitted Rhodes.

Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara - 8.5/10

Darby almost killed himself like La Parka and Sammy hit a 630 onto a table, and the match hadn't even started. This was awesome, both dudes are amazing. There were some awesome spots, my personal favorite being the Spanish Fly. Darby won with his weird ass stunner and the Coffin Drop.

Post-match - Allin went to break Sammy's voice box, but Hager pulled him off before he could. Allin still celebrated.

Page/Omega vs Bucks Video Package - Awesome. It's been a nice ride. When you look at the whole thing together, it start to look like the booze is not Page's problem, it's the Bucks and Omega undermining him. Page has become such an interesting character, the guy that everyone kept complaining about not having anything, now is super over. Yet another person that AEW puts over.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match
The Young Bucks vs "Hangman" Adam Page & Kenny Omega (C) - 10/10!

This was fucking awesome. The storytelling, the wrestling, the drama, the intensity, everything was fucking awesome. The crowd was definitely behind Page and Omega, and mostly Page's Cowboy Shit.

The story was that Omega wanted to keep things friendly, as did Nick for a while, but the heat between Matt and Page intensified everything and it ended becoming a heated match between both teams. Towards the end of the match, we got things like The Bucks surviving the V-Trigger/Buckshot combo, with The Bucks getting so heated that they went for Omega's hurt shoulder, Omega kicking out strongly of the Golden Trigger, and we also got Omega not being able to hit the OWA, but Page doing it instead, except the pin was broken up.

Finish saw Page once again be the man that gets the job done. He came in, Buckshot Lariat on both Bucks and get the pin.

If not for Omega. I'd want a blood feud between Page and The Young Bucks.

I should also mention that at one point Page did the Scurll kick and Chickwing sequence. Probably doesn't mean anything, but it was great.

Post-match - Bucks want to make amends with Omega and Page. Omega eventually agrees, but Page doesn't. Then we got the most subtle but obvious display that Page is still pissed at Omega, as he prepared the for the Buckshot Lariat on Omega, but when Omega saw him, Page simply told him to take off together. Beautiful.

AEW Women's Championship Match
"The Native Beast" Nyla Rose (C) vs Kris Statlander - 6.5/10

This was good, but I thought that Rose's first defense should had been against someone weaker that would make her look like a bigger beast, and Statlander is just too over and too big for that. The match had some fun stuff, Statlander's antics were great. Nyla had one or two spots that she did look like a beast, I loved the spear through the ropes. Finish was kinda ugly, Nyla hit a super bomb where she almost lost Statlander.

Cody w/Brandi Rhodes & Arn Anderson vs MJF w/Wardlow - 9/10

As usual with Cody matches, this was all psychology and drama. MJF tried to stall, run away, go after Cody's injured toe, use Wardlow to cheat, cheat some more, and more; however, Cody kept getting to him, but sooner or later, MJF's antics were bound to work, and they kinda did after Cody accidentally took out Double A with a kick.

I guess my one complain was that Cody started chasing MJF and breaking pins because he wanted to keep punishing him, but the way the finish came about, it didn't seem like MJF escaping alive, but rather, just waiting for him for the right time to execute his move.

MJF got busted open early on too, it was pretty bloody, like a blade job gone wrong.

There was a weird spot with the ref allowing Cody to strap MJF. I'm guessing that this ref saw that strapping segment from weeks back and like the rest of the fans, kinda wanted to see Cody get one on MJF.

"The Bastard" PAC vs "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy w/Best Friends - 9/10

This was perfect and exactly what it had to be. This is the quintessential Orange Cassidy match in the indies with him not trying, getting his ass kicked, and then trying a bit more. The fans were going crazy for this match, his stock went up, and PAC didn't lose anything. I honestly popped hard for the Superman punch comeback. Finish saw PAC submit OC with the Brutalizer.

I wasn't a fan of the Lucha Bros costing OC the match via distraction.

AEW World Championship Match
Chris Jericho (C) w/Proud n Powerful vs Jon Moxley - 9/10

I LOVED the fact that two men coming in to their match in a blood feud are all showing scars and injuries of such war. Also worth noting Jericho's awesome entrance to a gospel choir singing his Judas song.

This had the level of violence that I expected from this feud. This was an all out brawl, into the crowd, through tables, with blood from Mox, and tons of interference until the ref got rid of the Inner Circle. Moxley fought against all that, but in addition, he was fighting against Jericho constantly going after his other eye.

There were some stuff with Moxley showing that his training with Randy Couture worked out, because he had several counters to Jericho's moves, especially the Liontamer and the Judas Effect later in the match.

Finish saw Jericho desperately rake Mox's eye, but Mox reveals that he's other eye is good, dodges the Judas Effect, hits the PS, and wins the title.

Post-match - Mox cut a promo thanking the crowd and AEW. Great babyface promo.


A great show for the most part, only one match was a waste of time. The build to this show was so strong that most stuff, even the opener, felt like a big deal, and thus, a lot of tonight's matches felt like the proper step in the stories.

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