wXw FAN 2019: Du Entscheidest

wXw FAN 2019: Du Entscheidest

By Big Red Machine
From September 13, 2019

wXw FAN 2019: Du Entscheidest

Amale Winchester(c) vs. Tenille Dashwood - 5.75/10

Amele won shockingly cleanly in a decent brawl of a match. I was a little disappointed with the quality of the match, simply because it’s a title match that got twelve minutes, and Tenille Dashwood is involved. It should have been at least a bit better. I really don’t understand why wXw put the title on Amale instead of leaving it on Toni Storm or finding some other heel to put it on.

TIMOTHY THATCHER & VEIT MULLER BACKSTAGE - Fine. Thatcher gave Muller a pep talk telling him to remember that this is his home town and his friends and family are behind him and the fans are all behind him because they believe in him and in RingKampf. This was a perfectly natural way to both build up the title match and remind the audience of both Bobby Gunns’ undefeated streak in Hamburg (he hasn’t lost here in two and a half years), and also of the bad blood between Thatcher and WALTER, who is still part of RingKampf even though he no longer stands for what RingKampf is supposed to stand for.

LUCKY KID vs. PETE BOUNCER - no rating, fine segment

Bouncer jumped Lucky from behind during his entrance. They brawled a bunch until Ivan Kiev came out and picked a side; the side of his best friend Pete Bouncer, even though Pete was the one who betrayed RISE, because he believes that Pete was right about Lucky and that Pete betraying RISE doesn’t matter anymore because, as Pete told Lucky here, “RISE is history,” and it is only him and Bouncer who truly have each other’s back.
Notably, the fans chanted for Schadenfreude to make the save for Lucky but they didn’t do so, even though Aussie Open are in the building tonight. Poor Lucky just wanted everyone to be friends, and now he has lost all of his.

Emil Sitoci(c) vs. “The Avalanche” Robert Dreissker - 7.25/10

A great weapons brawl giving us a pay-off many months in the making.

Ilja Dragunov & WALTER(c) vs. Aussie Open - 8/10

The heels jumped the bell on Aussie Open. When the Aussies regained control, the heels tried to walk out, but Karsten Beck came out and warned them that if they walked out of this match they would be stripped of their titles and would have to pay their own ways back to the UK instead of wXw paying for it like (apparently) usually happens.

This was half slugfest and half great babyface in peril story with a crowd that was absolutely on fire to see the babyfaces regain their titles. They didn’t even care that they needed a distraction by David Starr to help them do so. They want nuts for the change just the same and chanted “THANK YOU, DAVID!”

POST-MATCH SEGMENT #1 - Good. Starr congratulated Aussie Open on their victory but warned them that he got involved “because of them” and “not because of you,” which means that at World Tag Team Festival, Starr and his partner, Eddie Kingston, will take down Aussie Open just like they will take down anyone else who stands in their way.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT #2 - Fine. Starr left, after which point the lights went out and some dudes called “Purge Club” in creepy masks showed up. They then removed their masks to reveal themselves as Pete Bouncer & Ivan Kiev, formerly of RISE. Boy, they sure came up with a new gimmick quickly. Either that or they had this planned and Kiev had already chosen to side with Bouncer before the segment earlier tonight.
They advanced towards the ring branding a Billy club (Bouncer) and a baseball bat (Kiev) and beat up Aussie Open. Mark Davis did not sell the baseball bat like he should have. After beating up the Aussies, Purge Club posed with their titles.

They announced that Alexander Wolfe will be in town when wXw returns to Hamburg on November 29th for Road to 19th Anniversary: Hamburg. Cool.


Faye got the win in just under nine minutes to set her up for a title shot tomorrow night.

Bobby Gunns(c) vs. Veit Muller - 7.25/10

They had a good video package before this match to hype things up. Muller was a great babyface and Gunns was a great heel, but this match was definitely missing something, and as a result when they tried to do stuff like the fighting spirit German suplexes, it just didn’t work. They kept things open for a rematch by having Gunns win by catching Veit in a small package in the middle of his comeback and definitely built to a rematch here with Gunns responding to the offer of a post-match handshake by flipping Veit off. The match might not have delivered to the level it needed to in order to establish Veit as a main eventer, but it did show just how much the fans of Hamburg are behind him.

Final Thoughts
This was a decent show in the ring from wXw, but once again it’s the storyline advancement and payoffs that enhance it. If this was PWG with no storylines, or a promotion like RevPro or NJPW where the storylines don’t actually advance from show to show, a show like this wouldn’t make me feel like I wasted by time, but it would definitely feel meh. The quality of the stoylines and storyline segments in wXw guards against that feeling wonderfully.

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