AAA Triplemania XXVII

AAA Triplemania XXVII

From August 03, 2019

AAA Triplemania XXVII

Arkangel Divino, Astrolux & Dragon Bane vs. Aramis, Arez & Toxin - 7/10

These group of guys has been stealing the show everywhere they go. I saw them in an Impact dark match, Chris Hero praised them for another match that went around the web, and now they opened AAA's biggest show and the second most attended wrestling show in the world, only second to Wrestlemania.

This was your usual 3-on-3 super flippy lucha match with everyone doing everything that is possible for a human with zero disregard for their own bodies. Everyone got a chance to shine, but Aramis surely looked the best. Dragon Bane won with a 630 on Arez.

Opening Ceremony - It's the usual thing that I hate with Marisela Peña parading around the ashes of Antonio Peña, and now Joaquin Roldan too. I fucking hate this thing.

AAA World Mixed Tag Team Title Four Way Match
Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa (c) vs. Australian Suicide & Vanilla vs. Sammy Guevara & Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Lady Maravilla & Villano III Jr. - 5/10

Big story here, and only really, is that Lady Maravilla had been really friendly with Niño Hamburguesa and so there was a question whether he'd be willing to hurt her if the match came to that, and obviously, if his alliance was with her or Big Mami.

The match was a usual AAA multi-human clusterfuck, not bad, but it's just all over the place. Most of the stuff was good, Sammy, AS, and Villano III are all good, so there's no failing in either pairing, but Hamburguesa is not exactly agile or all that good, so his spots rely a lot on people crashing into him and him doing cannonballs. This match I'd say actually limited what some of these people can do. The female side of this match was good too, Scarlett and Vanilla did a lot of spots, Maravilla and Mami did less since they mostly played into their stories. Finish saw Mami take out Maravilla, so Hamburguesa distracted himself. Mami went to pin Villano III, but Maravilla took Hamburguesas' distraction to low blow him, roll him up, and pin him before Mami had her three count. New champions.

Big Mami and Hamburguesa were really over with the crowd, I expect Mami in that AEW Women's Casino Battle Royal, her size is unique in wrestling right now and she can pull some moves. Vanilla I thought had a lot of potential, but she'll need to find a way to mix it up with more talented wrestlers than Faby Apache.

Post-match - Mami called out Maravilla and told her that this wasn't over.

Konnan Promo - Konnan came out and demanded to be inducted to the Hall of Fame, he said that tonight will be his night.

Hall of Fame Ceremony - They first did a video package in honor of Perro Aguayo, Paco Alonso, and Silver King, with the last one being inducted to the AAA Hall of Fame. King and Wagner's kids came out for the honor. This was nice.

AAA World Trios Title Three Way Match
Las Fresas Salvajes (Mamba, Maximo & Pimpinela Escarlata) vs. Los Jinetes del Aire (El Hijo del Vikingo, Golden Magic & Myzteziz Jr.) vs. Nuevo Poder del Norte (Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr. & Tito Santana) - 6/10

Another multi-man clusterfuck that was all over the place, but this one really shone with some kick-ass spots. This was 100% the Jinetes del Aire show, especially Vikingo, he was all over the place doing awesome spots. My favorite spot saw El Poder del Norte set Las Fresas on a 3-man submission, where Carta Brava stood atop of the human pyramid, only for Vikingo to hit a springboard hurancanrana and take him out, I honestly can't give it justice with my description.

Among other things, there was a table spot with Maximo, the usual dive sequence, and a lot of kissing by Las Fresas. Finish saw everyone get taken out outside, while Vikingo hit the Imploding 450 on Brava for the win. Vikingo is another one that is one Visa away from being a huge deal, I really wish he was in CMLL so New Japan would bring him in for a Jr's tournament.

There is a point in this match that I hated Pimpi. Golden Magic is doing a spot on Mamba, on the other side of the ring, Pimpi is just hyping out the crowd as Mamba is getting her ass kicked. Pimpi even signaled with her hand up for the aerial move, and once it was done, THEN Pimpi goes after Golden Magic. I'm not asking for much, just act hurt in the corner or something.

Copa Triplemania Match
Aero Star vs. Averno vs. Chessman vs. Daga vs. Drago vs. Eclipse Jr. vs. Konnan vs. La Parka vs. Monster Clown vs. Pagano vs. Puma King vs. Rey Escorpion vs. Super Fly vs. Vampiro - 4.5/10

There were three main angles they wanted to do here. One was Monster Clown and Aerostar continuing their blood feud and ripping each other's masks off. Second, Konnan coming out until Vampiro made his entrance, they traded strikes, Konnan took two bumps, one of the actually being eliminated over the top rope. Third, it continuing the feud between La Parka and Dave The Clown, who just kinda distracted Parka.

Aerostar had his big dive from a platform. Drago, who is the Latinamerican Champ was just kinda there, same as Daga, same as everyone without nothing to do. Last two where Pagano, who eliminated Chessman. This was ok, these are usually a worse clusterfuck than Janela's Clusterfuck, but this one went by fairly quick and well.

Post-match - Pagano got his trophy, but suddenly the lights went out. Savinovich apologize for the production issues, but alas, it wasn't an issue, it was the return of the L.A. Park family, who came out, attacked Pagano, destroyed the trophy, and cut a promo saying that he was challenging Pagano to a Deathmatch. Park said that this Cup would be his if he wanted and told Marisela that his 'head-ache' had just arrived. L.A. Park was a TOTAL superstar.

AAA Reina de Reinas Title Seven Way TLC Match
Ayako Hamada vs. Chik Tormenta vs. Faby Apache vs. Lady Shani vs. La Hiedra vs. Taya Valkyrie vs. Tessa Blanchard - 6/10

Before the match, the champion Keyra came out in a wheelchair and announced that she won't be able to defend her championship tonight and thus is vacating it for the TLC match, which means that we'll have a new champion tonight. Tormenta walked up to the ramp and attacked Keyra for a lot of heat until the mystery replacement showed up for the save -- The returning Ayako Hamada, out of prison, hopefully drug free.

This was kinda just a match between Taya, Tessa, and sometimes Tormenta. It was good in the sense of a hardcore match with tons of spots, but it was short and pretty basic too for a TLC. The other women where there for spots, but girls like Shani and Hiedra were mostly outside brawling, being irrelevant. Taya did the staple spot with Tormenta, but then Faby got the stapler and stapled Taya's forehead, busting her open.

At one point Chik Tormenta was to take a bump on a ladder bridge outside the ring, but she completely missed the ladder and fell straight to the floor on her ass. Referees called for the stretcher immediately (AAA doesn't take chances, people get stretchered out for anything remotely serious).

Finish saw Tessa and Taya fight atop of the ladder while the rest of the women fought on the ramp with cooking sheets and thumbtacks. In the ring, Tessa took out Taya and grabbed the title. Good for Tessa, but there was barely any reaction.

Post-match - Faby Apache got face to face with Tessa and spat on her, just in time for the Mexico Impact tapings. Taya and Tessa also exchanged words.

Cain Velasquez, Cody & Psycho Clown vs. Los Mercenarios (El Texano Jr. & Taurus) & Killer Kross w/Scarlett Bordeaux - 6.5/10

Kross was the mystery opponent and came out dressed as Cobra Commander. Story of the match was that everyone wanted to avoid Cain, who was surprising us left and right with lucha spots.

The pair ups were Taurus and Cody, who have heat since the Rey de Reyes tournament. Psycho and Texano, who really just have a long history together, and Kross and Cain. Everything became chaos when Texano brought his rope and took out Psycho, while Kross rammed Cain to the ring post outside. Rudos worked over Cain for a while until Psycho and Cody dove, taking out Kross and Taurus, leaving Texano opened for Cain to submit with a Kimura. Cain looked good, green, but good.

Lucha Brothers (Fenix & Pentagon Jr.) & Laredo Kid vs. The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) - 8.5/10

This was great in terms of in-ring action, this was pretty much your PWG/AEW 6-man match. They did all the usual spots these guys do that we've seen every where.

They did a spot with Omega unmasking Fenix, putting on his mask, and going for the One Winged Angel on an unmasked Fenix, who out of desperation, threw himself back, dropping Omega with a Poisonrana and recovering his mask. They really played it close with that spot.

Final minutes of the match were SUPER heated, right after the three luchadors hit a triple low blow and triple Canadian Destroyer for a two count, the crowd was losing their shit. The Elite would get a near fall after a double Indytaker before Penta pulled the ref out. Laredo would get another near fall on Omega, but it was at the end Pentagon hitting the Fear Factor on Matt Jackson for the win.

Post-match - Omega challenged Fenix to a match for the AAA Megacampeonato. Fenix accepted.

Mask Vs. Hair Match
Blue Demon Jr. w/Hijo de Blue Demon Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. w/The Wagner/King Family - 9/10

The entrances for this match were something else. Both men came out on rigs, being elevated and pushed into one another while a video of the feud played behind them. It could had been epic if both men just got off the rigs and brawled at the ramp, but they just kinda went down and walked along with their parties to the ring.

This was fucking bloody, about as bloody as Cody vs Dustin from Double or Nothing. The heat in this was big, easily the most heat in the night, people cried and shouted for Wagner to not give up to Demon's armbar. Demon was a total rudo here, breaking a beer bottle on Wagner in the first minutes. Demon later took a hammer and started wailing at Wagner's back and hand, to the point that Wagner's hand was all bloody, but by all means, it could had just been his forehead's blood.

The meat of the match was Demon locking in a Fujiwara armbar on Wagner for a long tease of a submission, but Wagner kept making it to the ropes. For the finish, Wagner made a comeback and started hitting Wagner Drivers on Demon, but Demon's kid pulled the ref, breaking the pin. Wagner's kids and Demon's dork got into it, but the distraction was enough for Demon to surprise Wagner with a cinder block to the head for the knockout and pin.

Post-match - Wagner said that even thought Demon only won because he cheated and his dork son got involved, he was going to give him his hair because he is man of honor and would honor the stipulation because he wanted to teach his family a lesson about honor. He told Demon that he was only destroying his own legacy acting like this. Demon tried to act tough and put over his kid, but his kid is a dork.

Afterwards, Wagner said he was done destroying his legacy and announced his "retirement".

Wagner's family look like total badasses, huge dudes all around, while Demon's kid is a skinny rich dork with a mask. I'd be ashamed if I was Demon.


This was probably the best Triplemania I can remember as of late, this was really fun and entertaining. Top to bottom, I had fun. There was obviously a lot of AAA shenanigans and funny commentary and clusterfuckery, but nothing like previous years where you just wonder why you even started the show. This show felt like it could be a good turning point for AAA, but we all know it won't. I'm just curious to see when Fenix vs Omega takes place.

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