Shine 1

Shine 1

By Big Red Machine
From July 20, 2012

Shine 1
Welcome to this month's installment of BRM's monthly "This Day in Wrestling History" Review Series. We've been doing something of a theme of firsts lately and it has worked out pretty well, so I figured I'd keep it going with the very first SHINE event, Shine 1.

CHRISTINA VON EERIE PROMO - Not good. Fist of all she said "most coolest," so that's strike one. Strikes two and three were her way too happy "we're going to have a good match" tone and content. It's supposed to be a competitive sport. You should tell us why you're going to win, not end your promo with "I can't wait to see who comes out on top."

MERCEDES MARTINEZ PROMO - Also not good. To prepare for Leva Bates, she has been reading comic books and watching superhero movies. Then Spider-Man landed on a crate next to her, waved hello, and left. Mercedes then admitted "Okay, I wasn't prepared for that," then yelled "I'LL SEE YOU IN THE RING!" They made Mercedes Martinez into a goof.

Our "event hostess" (i.e. ring announcer) for tonight is Daffney. Hopefully she won't do her screaming gimmick into the microphone.


Kimberly has stolen Amazing Kong's "her weight is none of your business" gimmick. It doesn't work anywhere near as well as it does with Kong. The match was a solid enough opener, with Veda going over clean. Kimberly was very frustrated with herself for losing but made a point of going over to Daffney and shaking her hand afterwards.


Santana wins a short match, rolling Tina up as she was about to hit her finish.


Kay & Made worked together like a well-oiled heel machine and got the win even though this was their first time teaming together. Daffney asked them about this and they cut a promo insulting the fans and their opponents, and also coining their "Made In Sin" name.


Solid babyface vs. babyface stuff with a nice show of respect afterwards.


Rey's back got worked over. The match was very mediocre. I'm shocked that these two got the extra two minutes instead of the opener.

JAZZ IS PRESENTED WITH AN AWARD - Good segment. Jazz gave a nice speech. Mercedes Martinez interrupted her and was rude. Words were exchanged, building to what seems like it should be one of the headline matches at show two or three.


Leva is dressed as Spiderman. Daffney said this was "very interesting. Very, very interesting" in the same voice a kindergarten teacher uses to brush off some random thing a kid just said. Leva tied herself in the tree of woe to be hanging upside down like Spiderman, so Mercedes took advantage of this compromised position by running over and kicking Leva in the face. Leva is a goofball and an idiot.

At one point Leva shot a web in Martinez's face. If blowing mist or spitting alcohol in your opponent's face is disqualifiable, this should be, too. Leva's web shooter malfunctioned and at one point, which made this whole thing look even worse. Mercedes won clean, but there was too much goofball stuff in here in ways that completely took me out of the match. Mercedes departing line "and that is how you take out a superhero" plays into her issues with women's wrestling icon Jazz, but I'd have rather not done any of this goofy crap.

NIKKI ROXX vs. RAIN - 6.75/10

The story of this match was Rain using heelish tactics. This eventually got her the win.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT - Fine. Daffney interviewed Rain, who said she was going to do to the same thing to her other opponents that she just did to Nikki Roxx. Nikki chased Rain backstage.

SARA DEL REY vs. JAZZ- 8.5/10

They showed a great hype package for this match. The match itself was more than great. It was awesome. This was a mean, grinding professional wrestling match, with the old veteran trying to prove that she was still as tough as ever, and the story worked beautifully.

TRACY TAYLOR TRIES TO CONSOLE SU YUNG BACKSTAGE - Meh. Su is distraught over losing on the first SHINE show. They repeated that this was "the first SHINE show" enough times to be annoying.

CHERRY BOMB & CHRISTINA VON EERIE BACKSTAGE - Odd. They are friends and go back and forth with "I love you." "No, I love you" type of stuff. Then they hugged and high-fived.

MADE IN SIN PROMO - Good arrogant heel stuff

JAZZ PROMO - Awesome! She cut a promo on Mercedes Martinez that started off with "Mercedes, what you did tonight I thought was very rude and disrespectful" and somehow managed to still sound like a badass. She challenged Mercedes to a match at the next show.

Final Thoughts
This was a very fun debut show from SHINE. The wrestling was mostly fine, with the main event definitely delivering, the show was easy to sit through, and it was definitely enough to get me interested in the next show. Another win for BRM's monthly "This Day in Wrestling History" Review Series. Unfortunately, I don't think our momentum will continue next month, when we try something of an experiment. CLIFFHANGER!

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