NJPW Best of the Super Jr. 26, 5.16

NJPW Best of the Super Jr. 26, 5.16

From May 16, 2019

NJPW Best of the Super Jr. 26, 5.16

Bullet Club (Taiji Ishimori & Gedo) vs Titan & Yuya Uemura - 4/10

Ok match, nothing special even for these preview matches. BC worked over Yuya a lot, Titan and Ishimori did their thing and it was ok, nothing out of this world, and then Gedo and Yuya returned for the finish. Titan and Ishimori worked together for about 3 minutes only.

Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll & Brody King) vs Tiger Mask & Yota Tsuji - 6/10

The stuff between Tiger and Marty was good, submission based going after Tiger's leg and doing some hand play, not that type of hand play, the breaking fingers type of hand play. King and Scurll worked over Tsuji for a while, King would hoss him, while Marty would work on his limbs. Brody King won with the All Seeing Eye on Tsuji.

SHO, Jonathan Gresham, & Toa Henare vs Dragon Lee, Shota Umino, & Juice Robinson - 5.5/10

They played the Time's Up video before the match, and I think whoever that is, he is also playing mind games with me because he's starting to annoy me. I do love that Juice totally sells the video and changes his whole attitude.

SHO and Dragon Lee started the match to continue where they left off, but this time it was just a friendly hold-by-hold exchange, not the heated strikefest of yesterday. The meat of the match was still Dragon Lee vs Gresham, but again, it only lasted a couple of minutes before Henare and Umino came in with the former pinning the latter with an Uranage. Ok match, but it completely failed to preview these men's next BOSJ match.

Suzuki-Gun (TAKA Michinoku & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) w/Taichi vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito & Shingo Takagi) - 6/10

This is a weird match up because there is no way Naito is losing, so that means that someone in the tournament will lose a tag match. Taichi actually joined the commentary table. Most of the match was TAKA and Kanemaru working over Naito until Shingo and Kanemaru got their chance to do their thing. Kanemaru went after Shingo's knee, while he is still selling his elbow too. Naito pinned TAKA with Destino to win the match.

Best of the Super Jr 26 Block B
Robbie Eagles (2) vs Ren Narita (0) - 6.5/10

Match was what I expect most Narita matches will be. He got worked on for a good while until he managed to get space to hit his dropkick and chase that Double Hook Suplex and get some near submissions with the Boston Crab, but then end up falling to [insert finisher here] by his opponent, in this case being the Turbo Backpack from Robbie. That's not to say that I don't enjoy these matches, I love Narita's fire.

Best of the Super Jr 26 Block B
Bandido (0) vs YOH (0) - 7/10

The match was pretty safe and dormant until Bandido hit a jumping Rana, tossing YOH to the floor, follow it with a huge Asai Moonsault, and from there on, they picked up the speed. Bandido started chasing the 24 Plex and got a good near fall with an inverted GTS, but soon after YOH went full Fujinami and hit a Dragon Suplex twice for the win. Another underwhelming match for Bandido, it wasn't bad, but it's not these blow away battle that I would hope for.

Bandido at one point did a Springboard 450 on to a hanging YOH that I've seen a lot of people hate on. I don't think it's a bad move, but YOH could have done a better sell job and not just hang there and look at Bandido with anticipation. Maybe just hang the other way around like Ospreay sets up his opponents.

Best of the Super Jr 26 Block B
El Phantasmo (2) vs BUSHI (0) - 7/10

Aw man, maybe it's just the crowd, but this was also pretty underwhelming. They traded some big moves, Phantasmo did the rope walk, BUSHI hit and Eat Defeat, they both hit their own dives, but it was just going through the motions. Finish saw BUSHI hit the Draping Apron DDT, but Phantasmo low blowed him and hit the CR II for the win. I just believe these guys should be able to do better.

Best of the Super Jr 26 Block B
Rocky Romero (0) vs Will Ospreay (2) - 9/10

Well, it may not be the crowd after all, because this match was awesome. This was at par with other CHAOS vs CHAOS matches that start friendly and cocky, but get more intense as the match goes on. The story of the match was that Rocky, as old as he is over Ospreay, he's still the veteran Junior of the group and has Ospreay perfectly scouted, he managed to dodge, reverse, and counter all of Ospreay's big moves, he just lacked the stamina and resistance to go 25 minutes with Ospreay.

Rocky worked over Will's left arm, and built up a great comeback run around the 20 minute mark where he got a near fall from a Slice Bread #2. He got out of the Stormbreaker and got two more near falls, and when we all thought it was it, Romero reversed yet another Stormbreaker into a Dragonrama for a huge near fall. He would go on and get a couple more near falls after that. Ospreay would end up winning with a Shooting Star Press and the Stormbreaker. Seems like Ospreay is properly adding Bloody Sunday to his arsenal now, he's doing it more often now.

This was an awesome match. I really enjoyed seeing Romero get offense on Ospreay and get the better of him time after time. He's just one of those guys that people forget just how good he is.

Best of the Super Jr 26 Block B
Ryusuke Taguchi (2) vs Douki (2) - 6.5/10

HOW IS THIS THE MAIN EVENT OVER Romero vs Ospreay!? This was kinda boring actually, Douki cheated a lot and got heat on Taguchi, who came back with butt attacks galore. He barely relied on his serious side, aside from the winning sequence with him locking in the Ankle Lock on Douki. This is Taguchi's second win AND in the main event of his block. I really hope his tournament's gimmick isn't that he doesn't need to rely on being serious.

The one thing that was redeeming of this match was when Taichi interfered in teh match and then returned to commentary, Milano Collection AT was going crazy with him.

Post-match - Taguchi cut his closing promo, but my attention is already somewhere else.


Arguably a one match show, but if you're already here, you may as well watch the rest of the tournament card, it was ok.

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