RevPro Live at the Cockpit 40

RevPro Live at the Cockpit 40

By Big Red Machine
From March 31, 2019

RevPro Live at the Cockpit 40


A solid showing form our new Contenders.

MICHAEL OKU & ANDY QUILDAN SEGMENT -Decent. Oku is upset that he's not part of the Contenders division and requests an explanation from Andy Quildan. The explanation is that Andy Quildan has decided that Oku is going to be part of the main roster instead. Also, he's wrestling David Starr later tonight. You couldn't have told him that a little sooner, Andy?

SHA SAMUELS vs. KURTIS CHAPMAN (w/Dan Magee) - 4.5/10

Samuels taunted Magee into trying to hit him and successfully baited him into getting ejected from ringside. The match was a decent big vs. small match. Samuels won, then attacked Magee from behind when Magee came out to check on Chapman after the match.

THE NIC (Oisin Delaney & Charlie Carter) vs. THE VELOCITIES (Jude London & Paris de Silva) - 6.75/10

A solid showing for all involved.

A-KID vs. JOSH BODOM - 6.75/10

What seemed to be on pace to be a great match got cut short with a roll-up finish so A-Kid could win while we still get our...

POST-MATCH ANGLE - GREAT! Sha Samuels & Josh Bodom attacked A-Kid after the match. Samuels then got on the mic and told A-Kid that his partner Carlos Romo isn't here tonight just like he wasn't here last time because he is sick and tired of teaming with him because A-Kid is a glory hog. Samuels mockingly asked who would come out from the back to save A-Kid... and out came Dan Magee. Magee ran wild and sent the heels running, but not after whipping Samuels with his own suspender straps. Magee then got on the mic and cut a great promo saying he's sick and tired of Sha Samuels' BS and challenging him to a Street Fight at the next Cockpit show. Sign me up!


Oku charged right at Starr the moment the bell rang. They had a really quick start with extremely fast, almost Lio Rush speed hurricanranas and stuff. Then they wound up on the outside and stayed there for WAY too long without getting counted out. This was all done to set up the Count-Out Tease That No One Ever Buys(TM).

Once that silliness was out of the way, these two proceeded to have a GREAT match working over each other's knees and firing away with strikes and just not backing down. Both men sold very well and played their respective babyface and heel roles wonderfully. Oku is very small, but he could definitely be something special.


EL PHANTASMO vs. PAC - 6.75/10

PAC's new "bastard" character in general and his booking in RevPro in particular have made it pretty hard for me to start caring about a PAC match against any sort of top guy at this point because I know the finish is going to be frustrating, and the character is very one-note and feels less like a real person and more like someone whose goal is to get heat from Smarks by doing Cody-esque bullsh*t. PAC is, of course, better at getting heat with it than Cody, but it's still frustrating as a fan, because I've waited all of these years to see PAC back on the indies and now I'm not getting PAC. It doesn't make me angry in a "I want to see someone beat him up" way; it just makes me not want to watch his matches.

He got the submission victory over El Phantasmo after a low blow, but things being what they are here, I'd have much rather seen David Starr interfere to cost El Phantasmo the match. Then you wouldn't have had to do all of the forced and awkward stuff they did after the match to get to Starr beating El Phantasmo up and cutting his great post-match promo. I wasn't crazy about him using El Phantasmo's shoot name, but I do think it worked well for this particular promo, and "El Phantasmo" clearly isn't a real name so you know he has another name (as opposed to, say "Roman Reigns" which is a plausible shoot name) and thus it doesn't feel like quite as much of a "this is all fake" violation of kayfabe than it would have if called Kane "Glenn" or some similar example.

Zack Sabre Jr.(c) vs. James Mason - 7.5/10

A nice, polite, technical British-style wrestling match. It's nice to see Zack change his style up a bit when he gets the chance, and James Mason is the kind of wrestler I can believe that even a Suzuki-Gun-aligned Zack Sabre Jr. would respect enough would have enough respect for to wrestle this style of match as well as be arrogant enough to think that he wouldn't need to cheat at all to defeat.

Final Thoughts
A decent little show from RevPro. The main event was very fun, everything else was solid enough and easy to sit through, nothing stupid happened, and they pushed some storylines along as well. This is what I want out of a Cockpit show.


1. Alex Shane said that PAC is "the best pro wrestler on the planet" because no one else "gets a reaction like that in 2019."
I have no idea how these two things are connected. Being a good pro wrestler is about winning and losing. The referee counts pinfalls, not how many sustained cheers each wrestler gets.

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