By Kirbs2002
From May 03, 2009

We open up with a brief segment from The Experience (Lexi Fyfe & Malia Hosaka). They say that it doesn't matter who wins the tag team titles, because they will ultimately lose to The Experience.

Jetta (W/ Lacey) vs. Daffney

This was rather odd seeing Daffney in a face role. Lacey, as one would expect plays a key role in the outcome, drawing distractions and such. Jetta submits Daffney with a straightjacket hold. 6 out of 10. About what you would expect of an opening match.

Amber Gertner interviews Cheerleader Melissa. Intense promo by Melissa, she says Knockout or submission is her specialty and that Wesna would have lost on Volume 23 had Annie Social not interfered. She also dares Annie to interfere again and see what Melissa does.

Rayna Von Tash vs. Daizee Haze

I'll admit to watching the women at times rather than the match. Good technical and face vs. face match. Didn't leave the ring once. The story though, is that Tash spent too much time showboating. The Haze gets the pin after a Heart Punch and Mind Trip. 7 out of 10.

Four Corners Survival:
Melanie Cruise vs. Kellie Skater vs. Jennifer Blake vs. Jessie McKay

In case you don't know: tag team rules apply and only two wrestlers in at a time. Jesse McKay is crazily over in Berwyn, wonder why she hasn't received a title shot. Obviously, McKay and Blake (Faces) pair up as do Cruise and Skater (Heels). Jessie McKay gets the win by pinning Kellie Skater after a Boyfriend Stealer. 7 out of 10.

A brief segment with SHIMMER Tag Team Champions Ashley Lane & Neveah. They tell everyone that they are keeping their titles and it doesn't matter who they face next. They then are interrupted by Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews (Refuse to say their team name, because it stinks). Lane and Neveah say that Perez and Matthews already lost to them so they don't deserve a shot. Angrily, Matthews and Perez jump them and then Lane and Neveah decide to do it to get revenge.

The Experience vs. Nikki Roxx and Portuguese Princess Ariel

The Experience uses the usual dirty tactics. Not too technical, but good storytelling nonetheless. Ariel pins Fyfe after Dariel. 6 out of 10.

Backstage segment with MsChif and LuFisto. MsChif clearly isn't paying much attention to LuFisto so in a string of ridiculous questions, LuFisto asks for a title shot. MsChif, not paying attention, says yeah. LuFisto thanks her and runs off, and then it dons on MsChif what just happened. Pretty funny, actually.

Rain (w/Lacey) vs. Tenille

Tenille beat Jetta on 25 with a sunset flip, but Jetta and Lacey jumped her after the match. Late in the match, Tenille gets another sunset flip on Rain but Lacey sneaks over and breaks it up. As a direct result, Rain pins Tenille after Acid Rain. 6.5 out of 10.

Wesna and Annie Social with Amber Gertner. Annie says she's not worried about Melissa's threats and Melissa shouldn't worry about her.

Sara Del Rey and Amazing Kong vs. Serena Deeb and Mercedes Martinez

This match was a showcase for Death Rey and Serena. I'd venture a guess that they took part in about 70% of this match. Great back and forth as well as drama for the hot tag. Death Rey pins Serena after a Double Implant Buster from her and Kong. 7.5 out of 10.

Great video package recapping the spectacular match between Wesna and Cheerleader Melissa from Volume 23, setting up for...

Knockout Or Submission Match
Wesna (w/Annie Social) vs. Cheerleader Melissa

The blowout match for the Melissa/Wesna feud that started in Chickfight, spanned across Europe, and ends tonight in SHIMMER. As you would expect, both women, especially Melissa, have war on their mind. Predictably, it gets ugly in short order. Melissa scores the knockout in the single roughest and possibly 2nd best match in SHIMMER. 9.5 out of 10. I don't like the ending. After all the punishment dealt and absorbed, that's how it ends? Lame! Melissa takes a moment after the match to give Annie Social an Air Raid Crash Driver, thus putting this whole feud to rest.

SHIMMER Tag Team Championships
Ashley Lane & Neveah (c) vs. Canadian NINJAS

Perez and Matthews prove why they are effective as heels in this match. A lot more balanced than I was expecting, and the action was usually constant. Great storytelling and a clean finish with Matthews pinning Neveah after a Superkick/German Suplex combo from Perez and Matthews, respectively. 8 out of 10. Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews are the news SHIMMER Tag Team Champions.

SHIMMER Championship
LuFisto vs. MsChif (c)

For this face vs. face match up, the crowd was split. This match was excellent! It was balanced, fast paced and hard hitting. LuFisto tries to get MsChif up for the Burning Hammer, but MsChif gets free, drops LuFisto with the Desecrator, and pins her to retain. 8.5 out of 10.

Overall, this was a very solid show. I personally think that Wesna vs. Melissa should have been the main event (and should have ended differently), but I suppose that could be upstaging the importance of your top title. Shows like these are what help me hold out hope that women's wrestling will one day get the respect it deserves.

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