ROH Sea of Honor Tournament

ROH Sea of Honor Tournament

From November 03, 2018

ROH Sea of Honor Tournament

Sea of Honor Tournament Quarter Final match
Christopher Daniels vs "Smooth Sailing" Ashley Remington - 1.5/10

We are told Dalton Castle is concussed because he was hit in the head with a title belt in the first round, and replacing him is Ashley Remington, who is VERY clearly Dalton Castle. Colt plays like they are different people, and Jay Lethal plays along until he doesn't and says that they're straight up the same person. Dumb comedy and like three good sequences before Ashley wins with a rollup and awards Christopher Daniels a fruit basket, which Daniels happily accepts. As someone who's reviewing Ring of Honor in 2002, this match offends my mortal soul

Sea of Honor Tournament Quarter Final match
"The Villain" Marty Scrull vs Flip Gordon - 6/10

Flip and Marty stall a bit during the Code of Honor schenanigans, and then immediately go to a false finish with a Rock Bottom by Marty.. Some fun sequences to start. I have never seen Flip Gordon in a singles match before, and I like what I see. Marty crotches Flip during a springboard and teases a Gran Naniwa rope crab walk, which nets the match an extra .5 just on its own. Instead, he just punches Flip in the face. Marty gets some submissions in, then Flip fights back to a false finish, we then get some strong style exchanges, as well as a tease at some rollup wins. Flip gets the chance to fire back up, and then after an exchange of moves, Flip flips the pin after a Sugarback Powerbomb. This is now the second rollup win we've seen, and after a signature move no less.

Sea of Honor Tournament Quarter Final Match
Cheeseburger vs Jay Briscoe - DUD

Cheeseburger is wearing a Jushin Liger bodysuit, fuzzy winter jacket, and a wide brimmed beach hat. Cheeseburger needs adult supervision when he gets dressed and I hate him. Jay begs Cheeseburger to take a countout because Jay doesn't want to kill him. Cheese flips off Jay, which make him an idiot. Jay Lethal is entirely too excited about seeing a murder happen, because he marks out when Briscoe hits a big boot. The ref gives Cheeseburger a standing count at some point for no reason. Briscoe kills Cheeseburger forever until he comes back. Burger gets a 2 1/2 count on Jay fucking Briscoe. Completely unacceptable. Briscoe hits a Jay Driller for the win thank God.

Sea of Honor Tournament Quarter Final match
Mark Briscoe vs "Hangman" Adam Page - 4.5/10

Lots of no selling exchanges of basic moves to start. Because Adam Page hit a weak sounding chop to start, every bit of Adam Page offense gets a "That was weak" chant because wrestling fans are stupid and will drive a joke into the ground immediately. As if to prove my point, when Adam does a bridging deadlift Fall Away Slam, the crowd chants "That was strong" . A bird flies down and lands on a guy in the crowd. This causes both announcers to lose their shit, and completely lose track of the match. Jay in particular is crying with laughter. Briscoe wins with YET ANOTHER roll up. This was an average match hampered by a shitty crowd, a bird, and a threepeat of a finish we've seen earlier tonight.

Sea of Honor Tournament Semi Final match
Flip Gordon vs Dalton Castle - DUD

Dalton tells the ring announcer to tell everyone that he has a very severe sunburn and to not touch him ANYWHERE. And this guy is a babyface? He doesn't look sunburnt on his arms or legs, but at least he's wearing a shirt. Why am I analyzing this? A shoulder block causes Dalton to walk around like he's hurt. The fans chant asshole, and a woman very audibly goes, "SUCK IT UP YA BABY" Dalton takes a chop, and pours a fan's water down his shirt while he powders out. That would make it hurt more you fucking idiot. A backrake causes Dalton to sell like he's been stabbed with a sword. The referee checks Dalton. Go Flip! PUNCH HIM IN THE CHEST UNTIL HE DIES! Matt Taven is on commentary this night, and he's continually saying the tournament means nothing because he, not Jay Lethal, is the real world champion. Great job buddy.. We get some moves, and ANOTHER rollup giving Flip the win . This is FOUR ROLLUP FINISHES! AND IT LOOKED LIKE SHIT! FUCK THIS TOURNAMENT! I HATE MY LIFE!

Sea of Honor Tournament Semi Final match
Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe - 7/10

Apparently Jay toasted to friendly competition, but Mark threw the toast in his face. This is a show in 2018. There was no excuse for not showing footage of this. Mark throws a chair in Jay's face two minutes in and no DQ. But then again I guess you just kind of let stuff with the Briscoes go if you're an ROH referee. As you might expect, these two go hell for leather, big strikes, big moves, and a few weapons thrown in. And unsurprisingly, when two serious wrestlers have a serious match, it's the best match of the cruise.

Sea of Honor Tournament Final
Jay Briscoe vs Flip Gordon - 6/10

Jay jumps Flip at the bell, which makes sense because you don't want him to get any momentum. Flip eventually fights back and tries to hit a 450 splash early, but Jay gets the knees up and rolls him up for a 2. Jay works as the default heel, and Flip makes comebacks. Jay hits the Jay Driller but Flip kicks out at 2. This was a huge moment, the commentators (Cabana and Lethal for the final night) and the crowd are all marking out. And then Flip immediately hits the Flip 5 for the win. The finish came entirely too soon after a huge moment

Bullet Club ("The Villain Marty Scrull, "The American Nightmare" Cody, and Kenny Omega) vs Alpha Club (The Young Bucks and Chris Jericho) - 7.5/10

People are singing along to Judas. Jericho and the Bucks are wearing matching gear, which warms my tag team wrestling heart. Lots of fun dives to start. Jericho and Omega get tagged in early., but Cody blind tags Kenny because he's a dick. Jericho takes it to Cody. Nick tags in but gets isolated by the Bullet Club. Cody teases Shattered dreams but flips off the crowd instead. This allows Nick to hit a Crossbody. Nick makes the hot tag to Jericho after some more spots Jericho can still do his stuff like it's 1999. Cease and Desist/Walls of Jericho three way submission. Marty tags in Cody after a double down. More spots, and we finally get Jericho vs Kenny Omega, and a brawl between the two, which ends in a Triple Superkick party for a 2 Count. Meltzer Drivers, Walls of Jericho, Codebreakers, Cross Rhodes, Poisonranas,. Matt comes in illegally and Marty hits Jericho with his umbrella causing Kenny to only pick up a two. Kenny sells his back to tease but not do a OWA. Kenny hits an OWA on one of the Jacksons for the pin moments later

The show ends with the commentators asking when Jericho vs Omega II will happen as they stare each other down to close.

The main event was fantastic, Briscoe vs Briscoe was amazing, Briscoe vs Flip was good . But the rest of the tournament can go die. No one should purchase a Ring of Honor show, or buy into Honorclub next year. . The World Cup Tournament was a better tournament than this one, because while the finish was dumb, it was treated like a legitimate sporting contest . I would rather The Prince of Saudi Arabia buy WWE and watch Shane McMahon and Brock Lesnar squash all of my favorite wrestlers than watch Cheeseburger or Dalton Castle ever again. In fact, those two should be banned from televised professional wrestling all together, and their actions was enough to call a show with CHRIS JERICHO on it bad. Do not watch this show, or ANY further Ring of Honor products.

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