NWA Total Nonstop Action #46

NWA Total Nonstop Action #46

From May 21, 2003

NWA Total Nonstop Action #46
Opening and Announcements - Show opens with a recap of the Sports Entertainment Xtreme vs Team Xtreme confrontation that lead to a huge gang warfare between all groups. Because of this, NWA offices have mandated to have two tournaments in order to restore control over TNA (How? I have no idea), but the tournaments are Hard Ten Tournament and the Asylum Alliance Tournament Quarter Final Match. They start tonight.

Raven Promo - He's sitting on top of a trailer outside. He's saying that his destiny for the World Title was denied. He shits on Jarrett and Tenay, when suddenly someone attacks him from behind choking him out. It was Jarrett.

Opening crowd shot has a sign that says "TNA Makes Men Love Sex". Could mean the stable, could mean, literally sex.

NWA TNA X Title #1 Contendership Four Way Elimination Match
Jason Cross vs CM Punk vs Kid Romeo vs Paul London - 5.5/10

Match literally started with all men getting on each corner and hyping the crowd. First set of spots all lead to all men outside the ring, but no dives. London and Romeo went at it, London looking good with an early near fall, and when Romeo finally had the chance, he played the crowd completely ignoring London that was just standing there.

Punk and Cross came back into the match, Punk looked like shit, but took out London for a while. Punk took out Romeo, and hit a Devil Lock DDT for a near fall on Cross. Cross recovered, hit a Crossover Neckbreaker and pinned CM Punk. Romeo took out Cross, then hit a plancha on London. Cross recovered again, and hit a Twisting dive onto both men. Back in the ring, Romeo eliminated Cross with the Kiss Goodnight.

Last two are London and Romeo, who cuts off London pushing the ref into the ropes when London prepped the SSP. Romeo had control, getting several near falls, including one that Romeo himself broke to hit a terrible Frog Splash that London dodged, dropped Romeo with a Waffle Face, the hit the London Calling aka SSP, for the win. London was busted open under the eye for the last fall. Ok match, slower than most X-Division matches, some of the pairings were sloppy.

Mike Tenay and Don West Introduce the Tournaments - First one is the Asylum Allience. 8 team tournament, but the 8th of those teams is a qualifier tonight between AMW vs AJ/D'Lo. The rest of the teams are teams formed by opposing faction's members, and the winner gets a shot at the tag titles, so think Parejas Increibles.

Second tournament is the Hard Ten Tournament. It's mean to keep control of all these hardcore matches, so here's the scoring system. Check this out.
- 1 Pt = Every blow with a strategically placed weapon around the ring, aka Fans have the weapons.
- 5 Pts = When your opponent goes through a table
- First wrestler to 10 points wins, but must win by 2 points.
Pretty simple.

Sonny Siaki Interview - Siaki says that since Gilbertti is not here, he's the man in charge. He tries to lead the crew, but no one pays attention to him. He asks for someone to take out Raven, to which David Young raises his hand, but then says he can't because he has a match tonight. Siaki says he's gonna go get Raven himself.

Raven Promo II - Now he's with his crew, he's bullying everyone and threatens to pour some cleaning product down Alexis' mouth for betraying him.

3-on-2 Handicap Match
Triple-X (Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels) vs Slash, Justin Credible, & Amazing Red - 6.5/10

This is not part of the tournament, but it's already a team made up of different stables. Red and Skipper started the match with Red getting the upper hand. Slash and Daniels came in, with Slash overpowering Daniels, and getting Credible in. They all ended outside with everyone taking turns on hitting dives outside, mostly punishing Triple X.

Back in the ring, Slash and Daniels go at it, with the latter faking Slash into the outside where Skipper drops him with a chair shot, while Daniels distracts everyone else. From here on, Triple X, the group with the smaller number, worked over Slash for a bit. Slash overpowered himself into a comeback and tagged in Amazing Red for the hot tag, but he got cut off soon enough thanks to the team work of Triple X, and became the new babyface in peril. Triple X got some near falls on Red until eventually, Red got an opening with a double dropkick and tagged in Credible.

Credible came in and took out both men, so as he is taking out Skipper, Daniels hits him from behind with the title belt. Slash tried to make the save, but again the (smaller) numbers game took him out, they took out Credible, and got a near fall on Red after a Suplex/Crossbody Block combo. Finish saw Red get thrown out, but Slash and Credible saved him, threw him back in, where he dodged Daniels and hit the Red Eye on Skipper for the win.

It was a good match, but the story showed that the team with the lesser number had control of the team with more members, that even if they are from different factions, they never showed having problems working together. They just lacked team moves. So kinda backwards.

Post-match - Raven came out and DDT'd Amazing Red. Raven called out Jeff Jarrett. Raven says that until Jarrett meets him in the ring, he'll take out everyone in the NWA, one by one.

Goldylocks Tries to get a new phone - She can't get her phone to work and so she took it to NOKIA customer service to get it replaced. Dude won't change it, Goldie gets pissed off and starts to berate and threaten the guy. She breaks the phone. She messes up the place. I think they're pretending this is a hidden camera thing? I have no idea what this was.

Mike Sanders Interview - He says that before defeating Mike Awesome (last week), he had already defeated Undertaker, Psycho Sid, Andre, and just keeps bullshitting until he needs to talk about the Hard Ten tournament. He takes on Brian Lee. He was the jackass he always is.

Hard Ten Tournament Quarter Final Match
Mike Sanders vs Brian Lee - 1/10

Tenay was insufferable trying to explain the rules, he said "Strategically Placed Weapons" every minute of the match. . Match starts and both men have weapons, but they dodge each other. Brian Lee gets the first points going 4-0 when one of the fans wouldn't give Mike Sanders the weapon. I don't know why you just wouldn't spam the weapon button.

Mike Sanders makes a comeback and gets 5 points in before he tried to get Brian Lee on the table, but Lee came back and got himself 3 more points before bringing the table into the ring. He got to 8 points, but as he goes for a flying elbow on Sanders on a table, Sanders moves away and Lee breaks the table. Fuck this was a stupid match.

Siaki and Raven Meet Backstage - Siaki is giving an ultimatum to Raven that if he ain't with S.E.X., he's against them, and tells him that in tonight's Clockwork Orange House of Fun match, it's Siaki calling the shots even if Raven is the ref. Raven kinda took it.

Goldie, Shark Boy, and New Jack are playing Candy Land - Do I need to say more? They're just showing that New Jack and Shark Boy won't really work out well in the AA Tournament.

Ron Killings Interview - He's partner in the tournament is Don Harris. This had to be a rib on both of them. He says that they don't like each other, but he'll win regardless, blames some conspiracy to put them together. Suddenly, both Harris attack Truth and leave him for dead, before New Jack and Shark Boy attack him now and drag him to the ring for the match.

Asylum Alliance Tournament Quarter Final Match
Don Harris & Ron Killings vs New Jack & Shark Boy - 2/10

Harris didn't come out at first. Truth tried to make a comeback, actually coming close to pinning Shark Boy after a top rope Fall Away Slam, but the damage was done and when it seemed New Jack was coming in for the kill, The Harris Brothers came in, took out New Jack, took out Shark Boy, tried to take out Truth, but this one fake them out, countered a Shark Boy plancha, got the pin on Shark Boy, and ran away from the Harris brothers again. What the fuck was that finish, it all happened so fast.

Sandman and Raven meet backstage - Raven asked Sandman if he had ever screwed him before, so Sandman responded, dude, you took my wife and kid away from me. Raven tells Sandman that he ain't backing up S.E.X. showing that he's likely to align with Sandman in tonight's main event.

Kid Kash & Trinity Interview - NWA is forcing Kash and to tag with Trinity, who he calls 'bitch'. He says that tonight, he taking care of Young, Tracy, and Trinity. This was domestic violence levels of bad. But wait, there's more, Erik Watts comes in and hints that Eric Bischoff is coming to TNA and then implies that he and Goldylocks are sleeping together, and Goldylocks does not deny it.

Asylum Alliance Tournament Quarter Final Match
David Young w/Desire & Tracy vs Kid Kash & Trinity - 3/10

Kash and Trinity really antagonizing each other, some stuff was cool, some stuff cringy. The action between Kash and Young was great, back and forward, mat wrestling transitioned into tosses and flips. Trinity wants the tag, but Kash just flips her off, and so Young gains momentum, but Kash gets control again and Young escapes tagging in Tracy, looking like a heel, but Kash makes sure he establishes he is the heel and attacks Tracy before she gets in the ring, but after that, he was kinda weirded out and tagged in Trinity

Trinity and Tracy, was, actually awesome, Trinity looked great. I want a mid 2000's Lita vs Trinity match please! When Trinity gets control, Tracy gets out and tags in Young, and he did take it to Trinity once again making me wonder if there is any babyfaces in the match. Trinity hits a leg scissors takedown and when she runs the ropes, Kash drops her by the hair, tagging himself in.

Kash goes after Tracy, who he beats relentlessly, like stiff chops and stuff, with Young just looking. Suddenly, the lights dim, and we got the mysterious luchador that has been messing with Kash on the tron. He says that next week he'll reveal who he is, but the distraction is enough for Tracy to hit Kash with a chair and a spinebuster by David Young for the win. Couldn't give the win to Tracy.

I'm having trouble rating this match, the action when they tried was great, all 4 did good stuff in the ring, but when it came to the inter-gender stuff, the match planning, the psychology, it all sucked soo bad.

AJ Styles and D'Lo Brown Interview - D'Lo uses the live mic to talk trash to Jeff Jarrett, claiming that he put both AJ and himself in this tournament in order to escape them both since they're both No 1 Contender's to his title.

Raven Calls out Jarrett...Again - This time he attacked Jeremy Borash. Mortimer Plumtree will do introductions from now on.

Asylum Alliance Tournament Qualification Match
America's Most Wanted vs AJ Styles & D'Lo Brown - 7/10

Note that this is a qualifier to the tournament, not a quarter finals, so yeah, two of the 3 best teams in the promotion are in a qualifier, the third being the champions themselves.

Match started with Storm and Styles pairing up with fast paced action, they tagged in D'Lo and Harris and they also kept the fast paced wrestling going. Soon after, AMW cut off Styles and worked over him for a while with quick tags. Styles made a comeback and got the tag on D'Lo who ran wild. Storm hit a Swinging Inverted DDT for a near fall before Styles broke it up. Styles went for the Phenomenon, but Harris speared him midair for a near fall. All four men are fighting in the ring, and Storm went for a an Enziguiri on Styles, but AJ dodged and the kick caught Harris. Styles hit a Styles Clash on Storm, but the David Young and Triple X attacked the ring looking for a Double DQ. Styles tried to fend them off allowing D'Lo to go for the Frog Splash, but Daniels and Skipper attacked him, and among the chaos, Storm rolled up D'Lo for the pin. Great match that didn't even make it to 10 minutes, with a slightly bad finish that was more chaotic than bad.

Glenn Gilbertti Interview - He says that TNA doesn't need Russo and that they should drop NWA since it doesn't mean anything. He wants to change the name of the show to S.E.X. Presents TNA. He talked trash about Raven and Jarrett.

Raven's Clockwork Orange House Of Fun Match
Special Guest Referee: Raven
Sonny Siaki vs. The Sandman - Dud

Sandman, as usual, took forever to make it to the ring, he drank about 3-4 beers and busted himself open until Siaki got bored and just went and attacked him. They hit each other with all type of weapons. Both men bleed early on, with Siaki working Sandman's balls for a while there. It all built to Siaki taking out Sandman with a kendo stick, but Raven, who had been sitting in the corner all match didn't count the pin, hinting siding with Sandman, but then Sandman got the pin, and Raven didn't move at all either. Sandman and Siaki kept hitting each other regardless with just garbage wrestling.

Eventually, Sandman hits the Singapore Stick Leg Sweep and Raven counts to two, breaks the count, grabs Sandman, hits the Evenflow DDT on him. Hits the Evenflow on Siaki, and leaves. No contest.

Post-match - New Jack and a bunch of guys came to brawl into the ring while Raven walked to the outside looking for Jarrett, but instead, he found a pissed off Amazing Red who attacked Raven and brought him back to the ring. Red took out Raven with a DDT, fended off Julio and Alexis, and then tried putting Raven through a table, failing at first, hurting himself when the table didn't break, but then he did it again for good's sake, this time breaking the table. Red looked great here.


After recapping a million segments, my inner battery is drained. These old NWA/TNA shows make a two hour show feel like a 5 hour one. There's just soo much stuff going on and it's 90% bad, and at least in this one we got a lot of wrestling, bad wrestling, but a lot of it. This was a one match show really that it's not even worth watching.

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